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Steven Crowder by associating with racists and white supremacists has endorsed those views


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This is about whether or not Steven Crowder is a racist and white supremacist by allowing them on his show and not challenging said views.

Racist: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another (implied that discrimination and prejudice is based on race. It doesn't have to be intentional to be racist).

White supremacist: White supremacy or white supremacism is the racist belief that white people are superior to people of other races and therefore should be dominant over them.

No forfeits.

I take Pro stance of Steven Crowder being a racist and white supremacist.

The instigator has the sole burden of proof so the contender requires only to rebut the claims brought forward.

Round 1
My arguments is as follows:

  • Crowder by not challenging white supremacy or racism he has allowed people who support that gain a new audience. Indoctrinate them into that thinking if they do decide to follow those people. Crowder should have made a good faith effort to make sure his guests are challenged if not it will lead to them believing things Crowder personally states he does not associate with. If he did not associate with views he considers abhorrent why does he not challenge them or why does he allow people with those views gain a new platform which can lead to them following them on their ideas.
Here I will be listing people who he has on his show but didn't mention the controversial sides of them. With a large following like Crowder I can't even fathom not knowing about their views. 
Owen Benjamin

Just looking at the wiki even they call him alt-right. Mainly using this as a background for him guess it isn't hidden about his views:
"Owen Benjamin is an American comedian, actor, and alt-right political commentator" 

If it wasn't clear already. Owen doesn't like Jews. He made a gross generalization on entire race over 1 person who he thinks is a Jew. This is of course racism and doubtful this would be your contention. If it is I'll respond to it in the next Round.

Here is the many shows Owen has been on that Steven has yet to call him out for these views: (Crowder stereotyping Chinese people)
There is more but you I think would get the point. You or Crowder can't use the excuse that his person was only a guest for a short while instead he has been on there for many occurrences dating to when Crowder stereotyped Chinese people to Owen Benjamin airing the Louder with Crowder show. By Crowder not challenging Owen he has left people to think he can be trusted with his views of Jewish people which is racist.

Gavin Mcinnes

Gavin McInnes is a Canadian writer and far-right political commentator. He is the co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine and host of Get Off My Lawn, formerly on Conservative Review Television.

Here is Gavin platforming Jared Taylor on his show. If you don't know who Jared Taylor is. Here are his views:

"Taylor is a proponent of scientific racism and voluntary racial segregation.[8][31][32][33] Taylor also asserts that there are racial differences in intelligence among the various ethno-racial groups across the world.[34] Taylor argues that Blacks are generally less intelligent than Hispanics, while Hispanics are generally less intelligent than whites, and whites are generally less intelligent than East Asians: "I think Asians are objectively superior to Whites by just about any measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients for a successful society. This doesn't mean that I want America to become Asian. I think every people has a right to be itself, and this becomes clear whether we're talking about Irian Jaya or Tibet, for that matter".[35][36][34]"

Here is Gavin on the Steven Crowder show without of course Steven Crowder addressing Jared Taylor's appearance. This is as close as 4 months ago and he has yet to challenge him or even address. 

I do have more examples but I didn't realize I started this debate until wouldn't you know it. DA sent me a message that this was due an hour away. Sorry about the less detailed response but my points are clear enough and substantial for me to have a case that Steven Crowder by associating with racists and white supremacists has endorsed those views.
Round 2
I'll wait then. 
Round 3