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Rap Battle Part 3


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***Rules for my opponent***
Spit 16 bars for each round. It's okay if it is a little more or a little less but try your best to make it at least 16. This rap battle will be judged off of 4 criteria: Rhymes, flow, syllabic pattern, and creativity.
Rhymes - Who had better and more rhymes.
Flow - Who had better flow.
Syllabic pattern - When the syllables are perfectly in sync each line, especially the last word of each bar.
Creativity - Which opponent had more creative bars.

***Rules for voters***
Since this is a rap battle, I'd like to take a different approach and make the judging more accurate and fair. As I've said before, 4 of each criteria will be voted for. You must vote in this fashion below:
Arguments - Better Rhymes.
Sources - Better Flow.
Spelling & Grammar - Better Syllabic pattern.
Conduct - Which opponent was more creative.

If you don't follow the voting method above, your vote will be insufficient.

I will explain my bars in the comments if need be, so the voters (and perhaps my opponent) can understand them.

No forfeits. If you accept the rap battle, then participate.

Round 1
I'm hungry (Hungary) for this money so this Turkey could wait for peace
But I ran (Iran) for a rack (Iraq) of lamb and left nothing but grease (Greece)
And I ain't tryna (China) rush ya' (Russia) but trust, the hype is real (Isreal)
Your girl hop on my pole and (Poland) she likes the feel

Creative King using countries in my bars, my lyrics are crazy
I'm embarrassing you bad here in the net like the lunch lady
Your little elementary school bars will never faze me 
You think you got the upper hand? Yes, no or maybe

I heard you out here snitching, you been a teller
Well what I'm toting will knock you a** to Venezuela
Y'all ain't seen a pump this special since Cinderella
Act tough, I'll leave you in a raw state like salmonella

But since you want to step on toes, Ima tag it
Have your earth tilting from going rounds, that's an axis
This gone be my second win here, getting the W2 like taxes
As far as rapping goes, we're in totally different brackets
It's King_8, he always brings the heat
You were my first battle but were easily beat
Be home by dark, you don't wanna see me in the street
If you wanna keep your arms, hands, legs, and feet

You can't rhyme, going "lady" with "crazy?"
That's just a sign of someone who's lazy
Who won our first battle? My memory's hazy
Psyche, it was me! Fresh like a daisy

You've done 9 debates and only won 4
And can bet you that you won't get anymore
I see you on the ground while I can fly and soar
You try to leave the house but catch your fingers in the door

It is pretty clear who the superior is
You're like a padawan, I'm the rapping whiz
You're failing this like you didn't study for a quiz
I'm just super mystical, call me the wiz!
Round 2
Your style too bland, while I got all the flavor
Need help with bars? I got all the tips like a proud waiter
One tray coming your way to serve you, I'll cater
And everything I write is the bomb I'm Al Qaeda 

Using daisies in your raps? This ain't a bouquet
I'll start dunking over your head like a game of 2K
I stay fly and too quick, I'm like a blue jay
You stepping up to me again will be doomsday

I got the same damn strategy, same mentality
Same sh-t apply to any lame tryna battle me
Couple shots sent your way for even @'ing me
Keep acting charged up, and Ima catch a battery

That red dot will make him pause like a stop light
You don't own heat so I know you don't hold the glock right
You walking straight to your death, you not too bright
My bars are locked security, b*tch I'm top flight

Your bars are flopping like a fish out the sea
Learn how to swim, you’re just treading currently
You’re tuna for a shark, I’ll get you with my teeth
You wanna win this battle? Then you’ll have to go through me

Rhyming “flavor” and “waiter?” Someone needs sleep
Stretching that line must’ve been quite a leap!
This’ll be easy, with you, the floor I’ll sweep
And please prepare your eyes because they are about to weep

You gon’ catch a battery? I’m pure electricity
I’m your new master, so please learn some complicity
I win AP battles all day long, doesn’t matter your ethnicity
I do it succinctly, all about that simplicity!

You made this battle, but I clicked accept
You must’ve been up all night, I really hope you slept!
Your world turned upside down when, on this stage, I stepped
So get out right now, the floor as been swept

Round 3
When it comes to which one of us has the better bars, it's not even debatable 
You rhymed "sea" and "currently", I analyzed your bars and I swear I hate you
Because you put words together like a 2nd grader do
But you swear nobody is as hot as you - how? When sh-t don't rhyme and it's not the truth
I used your bars as examples of what not to do cause it's just like you're getting assistance from Dr. Seuss

I have a set of people to kill, now God chose you 
But you won't be the last, other comp' gotta go too
Be alarmed, cause you got a prob if you in my scope, fool
I'm putting numbers in boxes without playing Sudoku

I got a team blue jerseys ready for action
Bullets surrounding you like a distraction
Pay attention I'm coaching now, got weapons off the bench
This gun I'm carrying, I blast it if I'm in a pinch

I tell em line up, this game will be easy, no sweat
We out the huddle with shotguns aiming at your chest
I'll have 5 dudes go right, and 6 dudes go left
And start to bang, I'm just saying, everybody I coach wrecks

You lost your rhythm and you still can’t rhyme
You think that you can beat me in my prime?
On our first battle you stole a whole line!
You were beaten so badly that you committed a crime! **

You’re not a king, change the name to peasant
That has a nice ring, I’m sure you’ll find it pleasant
You’re up against a hawk as a little tiny pheasant
I’ll always beat you, past, future, and present

I’ve never got anything against a black brother
But how can I respect someone who isn’t anything other
than a little boy who was coddled by his mother
I’ve already whipped you twice, do you really want another?

The only way you’ll win is from a vote bomb
So breath, stay quiet, and please stay calm
Just leave behind your pride, I think that’s a psalm
Concede me the win and I’ll have won this qualm

** that was true by the way

Round 4
You always post your round at the last minute;

You better be careful before it's too late
Or I'll put the steel in your mouth like an aftertaste 
Scared to rap cause you know I'm the wrong one to face
My flow is chemical compound heavy like toxic waste

I'll let that thing ring non stop like a missed call
I hit the bail, rip the scale and measure where this b*tch fall
Pissed off, clips toss, let off an explosion
And Ima send them shells back out to sea like erosion

It's real people and there's fake people, which side you on
Automatic or the revolver pick which firearm
Think you got this win in the bag? Nah, you wrong
When the K even with your heart, who gone ride along?

Our minds work differently, we in two separate places
No room for squares in my circle, we can't shape-shift 
The lyrics that I spit could make me famous
My bars are Kardashian surgeons they change faces
I post at the last minute 'cause I'm busy climbing higher
Can't say the same for you because your situation's dire
Your covered in my burns; can't escape my rap fire
You wanna leave this alive? Get on a knee and say "sire"

Your bars are surgeons? Then fix your beat
Without a tempo how can you expect to defeat
This flowing rhythm I so effortlessly excrete
I'm driving this debate, stay in the backseat

Talking about guns, is your mind in one place?
Always drifting to violence, you need to get a pace
If you expect to get away from me and my chase
But it's already too late, I always win the race

I don't need a gun to take you down
If you escape my fire then you'll simply drown
Can't live with my rules? Get out of my town
As long as I'm here, I'll always hold the crown
Round 5
You better watch your mouth or it'll get muzzled
If I exchange words with friends it'll be an end to your puzzle
Plus it boggles my mind how you think you can tussle
I get the word my team fingers move, but we not playing ruzzle

If it's war, I call my partner in crime, thats my PNC
Invite him in (vitamin) your house with the iron, no GNC
Keep up with the tough talk & your death will be on NBC
I'll show you how I incorporate punches, INC

Ima let my gun peek at you (Pikachu)
Bullets burn you to a char, man the (Charmander) outcome is lethal
That squirt'll (Squirtle) hit your people too
But I ain't tryna make em stretch and fall
Cause I'm airing pokemon clips I wanna see him catch em all

With this rap sh*t on this website, I'd say I'm the best
Every battle I flip, not one flop from me yet
My street status is good on every block they respect 
Thought you had your cards together but you got decked

Thanks for the rap battle

You’ve come all this way, can’t you take a hint?
You lack rhyme, rhythm, and simply talent
I get down, set go, take off at a sprint
When you leave this battle you’ll be in a splint

You say you’re the best, I say that’s subjective
Destroying you is my objective
You try a dragon move, but it’s defective
I go water to Charmander, super effective!

Always up for violence, what about the youth?
The way that you talk is really uncouth
Don’t get anyone into that booth
You’re creepy, please leave; it’s simply the truth

I was on DART for just months; already in top ten
You’ve been on for awhile, but what’s your rank again?
Oh, it’s lower than me? Well I’m scratching my chin
It’s simply not a question; you lose, I win