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Welcome to another awesome anime debate.

My opponent and I will be naming 2 anime fights per round. Whoever the voters think had the better fights will be the winner. The fights can be two equally matched people, a one-sided fight, a mental fight, anything under the sun as long as it's a fight. When sending links, please choose the shortened version of the fight if it happens to be a long fight. If you're unable to do that, then it's alright. Do the best you can. The same goes for me as well. But for shortened versions, it will be more efficient for voters. Perhaps edited fights.

Each fight you see, rate it 1 through 10 with me and Con and add up all the points in the end. Whoever has more points will be the winner. If our points are tied, you can choose "Tie" as the vote or choose either me or Con if you feel as though you had to edge one of us as winner that had better fights. If there is a fight that you know and already seen before, then you don't have to watch it. It's up to you.

Warning: May be spoilers if you haven't seen up to a certain point of a series.

Good luck to my opponent, have fun.

Round 1

I chose these based on their pivotal changes to their respective plot's tones in their aftermaths.

Note: I did see both Netero vs Meruem and Rock Lee vs Gaara before your submissions.
Round 2
I seen both of those you just put of course. I loved Light vs L's back & forth, it was a mental chess game! What was hilarious was their physical back and forth when Light punched L and L kicks him.

Both MC's reaching final form in their conclusive battles, then losing their powers as a result. Ichigo then regained them later on

There are many of Goku's fights which I could've named (e.g. vs. Cell, Buu, Omega Shenron, Jiren, etc.) I chose this one because it was probably the most "purposeful" fight Goku ever had. Frieza wiped out and destroyed his home planet. Goku, at the time, was seen as the last true Saiyan after Vegeta's death. Not to mention, that scene when Frieza was drowning Goku and Goku had flashbacks of Vegeta, King Vegeta, and his Bardock was a nice touch. Not to mention, it was Goku's first (on screen) transformation into a "Super Saiya-jin."

Kirei Kotomine v Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero) What more needs to be said. This one was particularly compelling because it involved no dialogue; it was a battle of wits, and the monologue added with each move was great.

Note: I have seen Kurosaki Ichigo vs Aizen Sosuke and Gon Freecs vs Pitou before your submissions.
Round 3
All Might vs All For One (My Hero Academia) I chose this because of it's being epic.

I chose this one because it's a fitting end to a series which focused on a character with dual personalities. Not to mention, it's the best duel of the series.
Round 4

Gennosuke (Kouga Clan Leader) vs The Iga Clan (Basilisk) [Must sign-in to watch as it contains some partial nudity and gore.]

This is probably one of the best anime series (if not the best) focusing on realistic ninja clan politics. I won't spoil it, but it's an entire episode. I pinpointed its start so the link will begin with the scene I selected. It's about four and a half minutes, so you only have to watch it for that long. (Of course, feel free to watch the entire episode if you want.)

Thank you to my opponent. Thank you to the onlooking readers. Vote well.