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Is Predictive Programming real


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This topic might require you to watch conspiracy YouTube video.They are fun to watch might require a bit of your time

Predictive programming is when the occult put there Evil plans in movies . To mentally prepare people for the tragedy. they might also believe it makes them more powerful in there magik if they tell you what there going to do before they do it.

The only rule is to have fun. this topic will get a little silly

Round 1
911 attack on the usa

during the fateful attack on the twin towers. Our commander and chief George bush was reading the book called The Pet Goat to a bunch of school children at a school. He was doing this for his program called no child left behind. The program needed endorsement. He got a bunch of hate by the media for doing this.

With titles like while our nation was under attack our president was to busy reading children's books.

"The Pet Goat," known for the book the President was reading to the children upon being informed by Andy Card that a second plane had struck the World Trade Center

this will be important later

Our president bush was so kind he was helping the students sound out words minutes before 911. the words were. Kite hit steal plane must. he had them chant this ritual over and over before 911 happened. He used the excuse that he was helping them sound out words as an excuse. Very scary video

this is the most clear ritual i have ever seen. Our president had the kids chant kite hit steal plane must over and  over and over again in a weird satanic ritual before the plane hit the world trade center

This is a must watch it is at 5:27. Very scary

Pls watch.

This is not an accident the reason why they are having the children chant kite hit steal plane must. over and over again is because 911 was an inside job. So the president having the children repeat kite hit steal plane must in a satanic ritual before the world trade center is hit by a plane was not an accident

The president doing this ritual on tv having the kids chant Kite hit steal plane must is predictive programming. weather it made there magic more powerful or not is  up for debate. But the fact that the president did this minutes before 911 shows that it is an inside job and that predictive programming is real and brainwashing is real.

this is not the  one time. This one guy has over 60 instances of predictive programming on 911 alone

very fun video to watch takes around 50 seconds to get started. Its not that there seeing the future but that they caused it.

I pet goat 2 is a satanic video that was made. It start off in George bush classroom pointing to dates on a calendar of future events like school shooting man made weather manipulation like harp etc. president trump becoming president. But i don't want to overload you right now. I want to focus on a certain prediction

 I pet goat 2 predicted the Notre dome burning down.

In My pet goat 2 at 5:56 the antichrist has flame eyes and then behind him you see the the Notre dome made out of snow and after the anti Christ gets flame eyes. the Notre dome which is made like an igloo melts away. If you look closely his feet are on fire to

The reason why the Notre-Dame is made out of ice in i pet goat 2 is because they plant to burn it down. Which is why it melts away.
This happened when the historic building burnt away in april 15 2019. They did not see the future. They knew because they did it.

alright so my arguments are

satanic ritual with president bush

This is a must watch it is at 5:27 if the link does not work. Very scary stop watching when she is done talking about ritual

911 predictive programming

Notre dome burning down

Have fun. you do not have to watch all the videos watch the first one at 5:27 for about a minute till she stops talking about the ritual

watch  start 1 minute in watch  5 minutes of the 911 programming

Watch the i pet goat 2 predicting Notre dome burning down for 10 seconds. pls  start at 5:56

Second one is just for details.

Thank you for your time

After much thought on the topic, I ask the following to be explained:

Why would the elite prepare you to accept what they clearly want you to be shocked by, such as 9/11? In all examples of events like that, the aim is to shock the populace and make them think it's not okay at all, right?

Wouldn't the anarchists have caught on by now, following the latest movies, speeches etc for the PP-tells?

I don't get it, nothing so far is explained in terms of motive or why this doesn't backfire.
Round 2

to mentally prepare people

20 years ago if a guy wore pink. people would have thought that was weird.

20 years if a man went out in public in a dress people would think that would be weird. He would probably be arrested.

after the TV promoted gay rights and stuff for the past 20 years people have accepted it as normal.

now we hold festival were thousands of men wear red dresses and run through entire towns

20 years ago these people would have been brought into a mental hospital. Or even arrested. The reason why they believe this to be normal is because they were conditioned.

Why would the elite prepare you to accept what they clearly want you to be shocked by, such as 9/11? In all examples of events like that, the aim is to shock the populace and make them think it's not okay at all, right?
Maybe they wanted people to be conditioned to think that this is normal. And could happen again. so they can more easily get people to give up there rights in the form of the patriot act.
Round 3
poor ratman. pls give victory to ratman
I concede this debate and am 'on holiday' from formal debating for as long as I please.
Round 4

When Nintendo was creating Pikachu the Pokemon character they made intelligent choices when designing pikachu.
The reason why Nintendo chose to design pikachu yellow was because lightning is yellow.
so Nintendo chose to color pikachu yellow to go with yellow lightning bolts. so the coloring was intelligently chosen
The weasel is white during the winter. but brown during the summer. God created the weasel white because the snow is white. so the coloring was intelligently chosen

God created the weasel to turn white during the winter to go with the white snow. That is an intelligent choice.

Nintendo created Pikachu yellow to go with yellow lightning bolts. That is an intelligent choice

Wrong debate, but take your win.