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Flow, rhythm, disses, rhymes. feel like I'm leaving out something.

Round 1
Note to voters: Ransom is a song by Lil Tecca, Shotta Flow is a song by NLE Choppa, Pop Out is a song by Polo G , Sad's by X, Walk's by Comethazine, and Fade is a song by Kanye West (All Supa's favorite rappers)
Yeah, let's fucking get it...
Yeah, ay, yeah, ay
Asking me to challenge you to a rap battle is like asking for suicide,
I dodged all your bullets, ran up to you then threw you inside,
This ain't Logan Paul, no boxing ring, no KSI,
You think you're a god, but you're Jesus, you just got crucified.
In one of your first rap battles, you lost to an ALT,
Calling him Lil Pump, but all your setting are set to default,
You're flow is comfy, but mine is rock hard,
Your rap is as slow, as a garden snail, mine's set to warp speed, Picard.
Like my dick's the size of 2 King Hershies, but your name makes your's half a Milk Dud,
You watch so many Disney, bet you've never seen real blood.
Like Lil Tecca, Ima take you for ransom
I already Shotta'd your Flow, and made you Pop Out in a phantom,
Sorry if you're Sad, just go take a Walk,
But you're Fading away like the hands of a clock,
Band Wagon, just look at the score instead of the game,
NBA, bet you can't name a player besides Lebron James,
Greek origins, then worship me like Zeus,
If you fuck with the MadMan, his ego's as high as Mount Olympus, can't take a critique, can't take some abuse,
My life is like a perfectly amazing role model, that always tell the truth,
Your life is masturbation, teen hormones, and a ruse.
No... lemme me switch to the SupaDudz Flow

I fucked yo bih aye
She suck my dick aye
You smell like shit aye,
I lick her clit, aye

Yeah, yeh, yeh, yeh, ohh, I like her pussy,
It makes my dick get sticky,
Where's my lean I need it, to get high,
I am fancy wear Armani, I need a tie,

Yeah Lil' Gatorade & Lil' Avoid Death, drive foreign cars,
I also flex money, I flex my arm,
I flex my house, and I flex my shit,
I flex my jewelry and I flex my dick

Tryin' to act tough but it's gonna be rough without your daddy RM to guide your lines
Your a wannabe albino emo that can't be bothered to read the guidelines and rather pay fines
Slurred words like the hieroglyphics, you're lyrics are weaker than DDO's capcha
I'm a truth seaker, not a lie leaker like you who starts beef with random people hope you get karma
Go throw a tantrum and cry like a women after a queef because you're guilty
Of incompetence and nonsense, thinking inadequately cause you must be real dizzy
Baloney lookin bitch don't fuck with your superior, know your place
Phony snitch what the fuck is up inferior, show your face
Copy me my style and my profile, yet you still diss me
You hate me, I don't care what you say, fucking pay the fee
I'm the tax collecter in biblical times, taking your money and your pride
I'm so cynical but I come clutch in the critical like the crutch by your side
Failed mock, what a shock, not suprised you stunk the shitter yet again
Bailed out like Meek Mill, I did a kill on your verse cause it was worse, it got out with a bargain
Hide and seek cause you're scared of fire and you can't admire brilliance
Wash your mouth like Tide, aired one time then you died of irrelevance
You're a washed-up joke of folk lore like Teen Titans Go, a shitty show
If you diss a cartoon anytime soon, you're balls haven't hung low

Not be petty, but you can barely string some lines like Mom's Spaghetti
Especially when a dagger did you dirty cause your flirty
I died of laughter kid cause you try to be edgy
Cried satirically cause you are joke, gonna poke til you burst
You live for the drama and forgive my language mama but you're the fuckin worst
I regurgitate at every line, I guess it's a sign that I deteriorate listening to clowns
I can't help but frown and confess how weak that sounds like a uncordinated town
You wear a virtual crown when you own nothing your name cause you got no game
All you rapped are same delusional unconstitutional bullshit you proclaim
I snapped back and you lack the puns like a elementary teacher
I'm from secondary, I know what to do to get a fucking feature
I'm in my teens and want to look for greens and cook up cash
Don't bash and crash cause you don't have an itch for a stash
Most likely a pedo with a weird mustache and a shaved beard
What a weirdo do, he creep and peep at little girls, then he cum smeared
Vulgar not my thing, sorry about that
Feel the thunder getting louder like a KO in Mortal Combat

Round 2
Intro- Yeehaw, woah, ayy, yeah yeah yeah
You're nothing SupaDudz, can't win a debate, so you hide in Discord,
I'm the grim reaper, slashing scythes and slashing swords,
Talking shit, 'bout DDO but he makes a living there, by low key dealing,
I already lowered my hook, you're the bait and I'm reeling,
I hurled at your lyrics, took a look and I said:
"Copied RM's flow, took Speedrace's rhymes" But now I'll tear you to shreds,
You're a fucking ogre bitch, you got a Donkey?
Dropping an F bomb on you like Nagasaki,
Didn't copy your profile, was making you stare at yourself, regret it, then hang yourself on a noose
Fucking gay ass bitch, your lyric's a lie, got no proof.
You a tax collector, but I'm fucking Samuel Adams, bitch.
Tarring you, fucking you up like a chicken, when you try to diss.
Rapped for half a year, to be half as good as me,
This ain't fake shit, this real, bsh1, like cumming to gay pornography.

Writing emo shit, Juice WRLD, XXXTentacion like
"I'm sad, I'm depressed" Well guess what nobody's perfect, except for me, like the Third Reich-
Ragnaroked your homeland, snapped away your legacy,
Took your planet (ego), whipped your ass, fuck the monstrosity,
Can't get a pussy to save your life,
40 year old virgin, homeless, no wife.
Laughed in PE Class, oh shit your still in school,
Tryna be popular, vaping, but you're being used like a tool.
Rapping be my hobby, but could fucking destroy, you like One Punch Man,
I'm the sun burned you down, your a fat-ass (abominable snowman)
Threw a turtle at your car, cannoned all the way from number 12,
Mario Kart shit, everytime you burn me, mitosis, fuck yeah cells.
Wild west, I'm a cowboy, you're an indian,
I'm a god, like you're from Greece, a fucking Olympian.

Switch back to SupaDudz flow, YEAH YEAH YEAH,


ayy, I got my cocaine in my bih, why she lace it
ima fuck her, yea da dumb bitch basic,
she taste like a fukin bad bih,
she smells like cheep cologne, and weed bih.
I'm tryna survive, but she gives me potions like a witch,
But ima switch back to god flow, now don't give shit

Fucking wonder why you even give a shit,
When your life's finally not a joke, I'll switch from Verizon to sprint,
But actually, you're not like the others trolls,
Don't got a huge dick like 12 inch, not from Neptune like seden, you're not an adult like bill. You're trying to rap yourself, but you got nothing, you're not in control.
Did I fucking ask? Beat you up in the streets, no Mortal Kombat,
Told you I didn't need a boxing ring, cause you're already in the trash.

What bars to have besides Klondike*, fap your dick to the dyke Pornstars
Imma beast of east cause I feast on ravages and savages, here are my scars
I can name more NBA Players than you have forum posts, you're a bum hater
You're sore from the same shit you rap about like a basketball player
DeAndre with the rebounds everyday, holding the ground for the shooter
I'll skyhook and hook up with Lolo like Steve Smith touching a fat hooter
Hoe is tripping and skipping bars like Hopscotch, so I sat down and watch
Motherfucker can't type and has no hunger, just grabbing his crotch
Mumble rapping lines like he's capping cause he can't stay humble
Kendrick would pop a cap and stop the fool and make him stumble
Rick and Morty with the drool cause I went into a new dimension
Beating me is gonna be Death's next obsession
Treating me to free wins is the stealth of my upbringing
The story of dishonesty is your whole mentality you're giving
I'm Heartless with a Mixed Personality when I become Stronger
Ruthless maniac in the midst of a dare to fuck your rap longer
Clueless bruises like your the *GabbyShow faking scratches for the flashes, to set off matches
Breaking news your out of clues like a lost detective that's infective madness

I guess you gotta go *Marcarelli, unless you a bitch, probably
I got crazy monkey powers like Ron Stoppable, easy insanity constantly
Sour patch cause you're a latch and moodier than a female on menopause
You trail so far behind and you're so blind to the fact like a child's belief in Santa Claus
You probably Lucid Dream stupid hentai because your all like Fuck Love
Depressed emo shit by request, get upset and fly away like a dove
Your quest is for clout, my quest is to sprout in knowledge to go to college
I rap the deep shit, you fap to the creep shit, time for you to acknowledge
I'm a fucking Olympian cause I run miles that you can't handle
I'm a champion, I have fun looking at you lose and making you an example
You got more issues than *Jessi's parents, its apparent you ain't independent
Monosyllabic maniac that can't win like Kobe as a defendent

*Klondike=ice cream bar
*Lolo like Steve Smith=refering to the American Dad episode where Steve Smith kisses Lolo Fuentes
Heartless, Mixed Personitites, and Stronger are all Kanye West songs
*GabbyShow=YouTuber with millions of subs. Known for faking abuse and assault on RiceGum
Lucid Dream and Fuck Love are all songs used by him countering his R1
*Jessi=character from Big Mouth who's parents get divorced cause mom is a cheating lesbian and dad is a pot smoker
*Marcarelli= guy who switched from Verizon to Sprint
Round 3
I don't have enough time to write another verse. I'm very time constrained at the moment. Thanks for the amazing rap battle! peace out.
I’ll respectfully concede a R3 so it’s a fair 2v2 battle