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1) Vote: Disses, puns, flow, rhymes

Round 1
NOTE: The italics are not meant to be read in rap tone, but in a storytelling and an introduction to a rap, like a music video in iSpy or such

*a baby cries in the background*
SupaDudz: Ahhh shit, gotta deal with the baby again...
*appears to the baby crying*
SupaDudz: Hush, child, today we are going to tell the story about the little fuckin bitch cried all day long...cause he...was...inferior
I'll tell the story of horny pagan with ambitions of Ronald Reagan
But McDonald is all I see, a clown ready to drown about to get a stun
Shed a frown, like Joker, a fucker with a loaded gun out in the sun, crazy
Obsessed with power cause I got more, depressed feelings leaving a sour taste lately
Marco Diaz, I make moves than these betas don't understand, higher than Jamaica
God disapproves of this fiasco like the Taliban in Malaysia
You're a shadow of your former glory, that's his horror story of failure
No haters but he's got wack behavior, maniac that leaves the site in danger
Ignite the war to start the fire, this is a real cipher with alliteration of Peter Piper
Information is the insomniac cause I ball inside and out, ill will, I'm IPER
Your whereabouts misguided in life, excited to expose and do ten stanzas of fatal blows
Amen, more liberal than ESPN, and greasier than a pan of pizza that you smell with your nose
Going in like Katrina to flood this club and the section with mention's of W's with nice views
Smoking on the false lies to take down reputation is one of the key issues
Jealousy homie, you got balls to that, Discord cries upon me as their hometown savior
Don't need a Genius to decipher the writer in order to succeed as a creator
Post Malone, no good at goodbyes, should have wen't offline, I fine dine
Deep sighs cause I bombed the bitch like Baghdad, so sad, itch of violence on the incline

Choppy flow is what you copy with long sentences and you being cocky
Messages of hate you send to me, venomous lies of my integrity to make me a nobody
I'm fucking sick of it dumb cunt to be blunt, I'll ash you out like gyro stick and good flow
Cutting you deep like daddy did, nasty scars, I had em to like lungs from the smoke that cigars flow
You haven't seen the worse of bullying you stuck up ass, it's my family curse, bleeding hate for fate
I'm keen on mockery, it's worthy for my energy, I'll read havoc and then celebrate
Karate kicks to the heart, eating away like a zombie, pricks make me wanna press restart
I need coffee like Charlie to get the adrenalin runnin' with a loud fart

Times up, crimes out, suns up, shed a light on sight cause we partyin' tonight
Sleepin' vividly, free as the wild like a sweet child, grandmas tucked her in tight
See the man saw defeat from his elite class of sass when typically a dumbass
Quickly saw his delusion that was proven as an illusion and a flaw given a pass
Fusion of love should've helped him exempt his want, but he couldn't help but taunt
It was about to haunt on the route to the hammer and an end to the chapter to his flaunt
Boyfriend dumps the girlfriend type drama, would've been better wint a handle of vodka
Lead by example, karma struck hard and he regretted his choices as he rushed for sympathy
"Hero of the town, an intro to greatness and that's just the basis with a man on the mission for the industry"
Led a great life, with a nice looking wife from Athens, while RM became a has-been
The loser of the cruiser of the future that could've something big within
But ended up failing and not prevailing cause of ego
Hit this rap out of the park, in the dark, that's a wrap like an exit v-lo
*the babies stops crying and falls fast asleep*
SupaDudz: Goodnight child. Don't let the bed bugs bite
*SupaDudz smirks thinking of that true story

Beat to Loop (right-click and click Loop works on computers and phones if you got upgraded YT or something):

Well, well the boy tried to go hard and kill shit,
Like a rose that's wilting, his prose flows so stilted,
Vote for the kingpin RM, unvote Virtuoso; oh no, too slow with the stick-shift,
Virt got hurt, the dirt filled his mouth; feeling jilted,
'Cause this pristine teen just turned a bit too old for Wylted,
So the friendzone made him salty, burden on his shoulders never lifted,
Wylted tried to repay his faggot-ex with a win but got site-evicted; Discord-chat restricted.

Everything you ever do here's either 'revenge' or some emo poem or song that's pathetic,
But people are too nice to tell it to your face, so they say they get it; all empathetic,
Oh so poetic, yeah Dudz we get it, you're the type to post about a crush and then learn 'crush's' has the other meaning; blush more, get rekt kid,
You're a moderator of a 'discord' infested cesspit, where the addicts to projecting their psyche's complexes go to get their next hit,
Name me one regular user on it who posts anywhere other than 'games', what you gonna say Thett? Bitch please, he's your bench-sitters' best pick.

Choppy flow I copy? Well I emulate it grateful for all the greatest MCs that ever kept the rap game's plates full,
You copy Triple-X Tent-a-ci-on, Tekashi69 probably reminds you of Wylt with the 13-year-old skint; you copy paste everything wrong in rap it's distasteful,
Lil Pump's a good name for an idol who can't rhyme for more than 2-or-3 lines, I'll bet that's one per inch that guilt-tripping pedo Wylt gave you with his PP in your A-hole,
Fuck off if you tell me I'm wrong, man's admitted to doing shit like it's a joke; disgraceful and the next time you wanna be corrupt and win at something; make sure the Kingpin RM is on your payroll.
Round 2
Identity fraud cause I took pity like an African city, let's applaud
Masculinity is fake it took a break like your goodbye, nice try but it was flawed
My shit so deep, no shit you wouldn't get it, bullets hit, no one weep cause he's desperate
Bits of your body hang low like sour dough, so low cause he know he ain't legit
Talk shit on Discord cause of mod rejection, now you're in full oppression
That you need intervention like Kabul and then he morphs into aggression
Awards display nothing, swords drawn is great dismay for the lady in struggle
Unstoppable, no Ron, carry on the legacy of your daddy's syllable
Mike Tyson, I'm the head liaision instead of you and now you're screwed and chewed nude
Down to bare bones, everywhere I'm iconic like the flintstones, ironic you being rude
I'm the lovable uncle that gives all the kids an cuddable teddy, RM the cock block mom who disapproves
Oops, cause loops while I hoop making hundred like Lebron, a pro veteran with nothing to prove
Block me more, swallow your pride, take my side, its such a bore for the user of the computer
Audacity to ping me then sing to me, well damn that's a travesty to your ruler
Mad at me for facts that you lack, sad that you wack and react to try blackmail
I'm the butterfly that morphed from a caterpillar, figure honey wanted a divorce cause of bail
Crime against this site everytime you post text and boast your IQ you spew
I go blue in the face, true disgrace who have Einstein level's of genius view
My thesis is plain and sane, hypocrite, admit that you ain't Ghandi partly
But a wannabe quality man, who tried to be superman, but tried hardly
Admit it, you're a desperate poet trying to prove something to the youth
But I got my life figured out, ever considered that, go on and take a snooze

Momentum is welcome, I swing at the feeling and write the down lines
Singing and swinging to tall tales and details of your fall, I see signs
Bringing me down like an heir to the new crown while kissing the gown of death
God bless you're a mess rolling with the squad holding onto every mercy to impress
Virtuoso, to blow up, to become mod and play the drum of banning me
I see your game to shame me for my nickname and my writing, I heard worst probably
Profanity on a sunday is truly a tragedy, proving your insanity
Every diss you make is a myth, busted into a fifth like a comedian being funny
Then demons come in a sum to take their victim and break the horny forty year fucker
Shed a tear with the whip like an abusive relationship to strike a fucking fear
Eyes water more than Mississippi, taking the victory like Ulysees S Grant
Manslaughter per a dozen, all the sudden you lose oxygeon and get squashed like an ant
Washed up loser, just a junior with aspirations with patience for a bright future
And one day I'll say told you I got a good sense of humor :)

Correction to Round 1: Virt was hurt and got Supa murked** , the 'he' is referring to Supa after he hurt Virt and how Supa feels afterwards

Not just 'virt got hurt' I realise it is hard to decipher that I'm referring consistently to Supa in third person in my first Stanza there, but I hope I clarified it now.


'REF' just said as 'ref' 

What in the fuck did I just read? Doesn't flow or make sense at any variant of speed,
Honestly I wonder why he even brought up creed, guy's been praying to defeat me but his God's no steed,
His God's a wild stallion bearing the mark of the beast, He's been worshipping the Devil down on both his knees,
Tricked like the lil naive kid that he is, fucking moderator like a cop coming at me like 'snitch freeze!',
But this rat has a tale that's spun so slick like tight ass; teasing you to take a squeeze,
Smile for the camera Supa, vote for me and say che-aters never win when real G's want cheese.

Falling head over heels with conspiracy, got an affinity for clicking me and wishing you could feel this free,
Cuffed by peer pressure to moderate and yet fight tyranny,
Slave to the agenda of hypocritical enemies who envy me, such jealousy,
Thett3 and the rest of REF and whoever dares to mess with me,
Tryna please they're every breath until there eventually comes a moment when you're posed to have backbone and start defending against everything you let them be,
One day you'll regret with sentiment the way you let the Devil free, you banned a demon there for seven days but you're scared and treading carefully.
You're a wretched case of energy turning into zealotry, running around telling tales of me swearing on Sundays like you're so heavenly,
The other six days of the week you're threatening Polytheist Witches with a weapon wielded by the actual moderators here; reputation assinated like Kennedy,
You're talk so contemptuously to a guy who didn't really ever need to collect the evidence that showed the mods you fucked up; he'd win no matter what, elegant and so pleasantly,
The problem is his sense of justice isn't blinded by his devilish greed, so who's the better Christian; the one who proudly lied with pride or the winner who was reverent to revealing truth with no discrepancy?
Round 3
I'm being crazy, Michael Myers these liars are worse than a right Hillary on her journey
I'm Curry with a myth to prove, you've got nothing but cutting and sucking out the sites energy
My heavenly father worked harder to conquer to foes that bring me down for a buck
Luck isn't on your side, it's distant like a long train ride dressed in white to hide yourself, cause you suck
Pain doesn't kill me cause creativity fills me cause my skill is worthy of recognition
You're based off of fictions, a freak like Rudolph, jew nose you know you lying like a bad Christian
Wait you're pagan, believing in Jason physique, replaced by Wylted and falling off a cliff
When you were so salty again over your glory story, damn he fear of becoming so stiff
My flows are superb, I'll curb stomp your want for a ghetto flow that I shine and show off like design
Resign from your ego, redefine your whole show cause you lost control like Chicago sunshine
You a bitch, heal dog, snitch get a stitch which he hit the killswitch like an analogue
Fraud man flying abroad to japan to film in sketchy forest that pissed off the local catalog
Dying to a sixteen, report me cause I'm so mean and then take me to court
York would've fallen under your command and lost French support while America screamed abort

King Kong banging on his gong, planning his attack to sack the village
Mack attack carrying your ashes like his burnt asses, he has the privilege
Preaching to gospel model of life, no knife fight is what god is teaching
Gave a nod while you dig your own grave, like a dirty pig in the street pleading
Ban, ban, oh man please, I'd be at ease with life and could eat red meat for elite
Wild Things here, child things there and then I square anywhere, say a prayer for your defeat
Load this didn't bode well for your cause like some paws making your life a living hell
I'm satan to you, hatin' on me cause I''m a real g, every person knows it well
Weak bars leave scars while I feast Greek at the least cause I haven't been released
Priest knows best, get some rest and pray for your soul cause I took control to make you deceased

Corrections to R2: 
  • You're talking* not You're talk
  • assassinated* not assinated

Oh is my nose Jew-like? What a vision; Christian Anti-Semitism,
Do you know where your religion even sprung from ign'rant shit-stain?
Let me give your disdain some discipline; bamboo bars spanking you, bitch sit and listen,
Saying you'll curbstomp and and kill me breaks basic commandments of your goddamn MORAL SYSTEM!
What you spit is vitriol, you mini-troll I'm the Pagan Philistine Giant known as Goliath reborn and christened,
You see your God demanded I grab your flow and flush down this website's cistern,
What you spew's as good as sewage; me I spit hydrogen FEEL THE IGNITION!

What you write's hysterical, just might need a miracle to make this life a living hell,
You tell stories fictional; I depict a Biblical beast that strings three million syllables and still after each and everyone's pulls in the listener; sexy, irresistible,
You take a bunch of 2-by-2 and Noah's Ark your miserable excuse of an abyss of abysmal lyrics that don't fit at all,
Like you'll hit me, give this snitch stiches, ridiciulous myths that fall the moment I come knocking on your thread you dread me PMing threats that don't amount to shit, you fool,
Hit me knock my ego? Kid, you're barely outta middle school, most rebellious thing you've done is sit in the female washrooms, pretty girl.