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Socialism of some sort is on the horizon in the USA


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"Generation Z has a more positive view of the word "socialism" than previous generations, and — along with millennials — are more likely to embrace socialistic policies and principles than past generations, according to a new Harris Poll given exclusively to Axios."

Round 1
My point is simple. I am not saying Socialism is this or that. I am not saying that it a better system. I am not trying to deny that in the past people who called themselves socialist committed horrific crimes trying to perfect humanity.. not what this debate is about

My point is very simple if you look at all the polls the kids generation y and z are both down with this Socialism groove , dig? I became a Socialist in 1977 at 18 kinda that thing were i had a heart but no brain , but by 1992 it was fairly obvious to the world that history had ended , and capitalism and liberal democracy, in some form or other, and all debates now would be about the fine tuning

by 2010 that whole paradigm had fallen to dust as capitalism did what it always does , it went bust, it had a flat tire , it blew a gasket, it had been rolling along like a steam engine and then just pow , back in the repair shop. personally I think if people had stuck to Keynes ideas we would not be in this mess , but hey the dumb asses on the right decided the market could do no wrong and here we are again 

actually what kids like isnt the USSR China or Cuba , the want Sweden or Denmark which and i admit this 100%  a market friendly welfare state,  actually we moved so far to the right  the welfare state which was created in the first place to take appeal away from the Socialist system Social Democracy might qualify as ethical socialism but it ain't the Soviet Union yet every one wants to difg up that silly boogey man 

my point is young kids wants to adopt the nordic model which works fairly well with Northern European ethno states will it owrk here i dunno i dont claim it will but what i am claiming is tht you need to bend over and pucker up butter cup because the kids are alright with it
We see so far no evidence whatsoever the Socialism is on the rise in the US. The US fought on the Capitalist side of the Cold War and has shown no signs of ridding itself of private ownership. In fact it has voted in Trump, showing signs of moving even further away from Socialism than under Obama.
Round 2
"Most young Americans prefer socialism to capitalism, new report finds.". ..How is that not proof??? You wait till old people start to die out.. you gonna have plenty of prove dude

Wanting Socialism amongst young people (not all young people are 'old enough' to vote or care enough to: is hardly a genuine indicator that Socialism is on the rise in the US. You see, it isn't simply a case that all of a sudden young people like Socialism and old people do not, it rather is a natural process in life for most selfish citizens to prefer Socialism while they depend on it for cheaper student loans, with parents giving them a roof over their head or government giving handouts that helps them in some shape or form and then hating it later on when they're the older person having to pay the taxes for it.

Round 3
The good news is America contains antibodies against socialism. As Seymour Martin Lipset and Gary Marks wrote in 2000, “Features of the United States that Tocqueville, and many others since, have focused on include its relatively high levels of social egalitarianism, economic productivity, and social mobility (particularly into elite strata), alongside the strength of religion, the weakness of the central state, the earlier timing of electoral democracy, ethnic and racial diversity, and the absence of feudal remnants, especially fixed social classes.” The title of Lipset and Marks’s book is It Didn’t Happen Here. And as long as we uphold and defend the political and cultural elements that make America exceptional, it won’t.