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Wyoming is a Greater State than Vermont, as of now.


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Greater definition that must be agreed on

"of a more excellent or effective type or quality."

BoP shared.

My opponent must argue that Vermont is greater.

Round 1
Wyoming is a freer state, ranking 38th nation-wide while Vermont ranked 46th. 

When it comes to virtuosity, Wyoming ranks 8th for charitable giving and 8th for volunteer work, putting Wyoming 4th nation-wide. Vermont is 19th and 46th for both topics, putting them 33rd nationwide. So Wyoming is more virtuous.


Wyoming is the 10th biggest state with the 37th most water. Vermont has the 45th most land and the 46th most water


Wyoming has a bigger GDP. Actually, Vermont has the smallest GDP in the United States. As for GDP per capita, Wyoming still comes ahead with the 9th

highest nationally. 

Obviously GDP isn’t everything, but if we look at average income, Wyoming beats Vermont by $3,130.

Wyoming is better at managing it’s budget


Wyoming has superior infrastructure.

Quality of Life

Wyoming has the 11th highest quality of life, while Vermont ranks 26th. Also, Vermont ranks lower than Wyoming under the human development index. 


Wyoming has more tourism. To continue, Vermont has the least amount of tourism currently.

Natural Resources

Water--Wyoming has more water.

Clean air--6 of Wyoming’s major cities have an A grade, 5 score a B, and only 1 scores a C for air quality.

Coal--Wyoming is the #1 coal producing state.

Oil--Wyoming produces more oil.

Natural Gas--Wyoming produces more natural gas.


By economic innovation, Wyoming comes ahead.

 you can quote all the statistics you want but when it boils down to it what is important is what sort of place is Vermont to live in what sort of place is Wyoming to raise a family, which has better schools, hospitals housing entertainment?   The United States is one of the world's most prosperous economies, with a gross domestic product that exceeded that of any other country last year. However, a vibrant economy alone does not ensure all residents are well off. In a recent study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), U.S. states under-performed their regional counterparts in other countries in a number of important metrics that gauge well-being.

The OECD's newly released study, "How's Life in Your Region?: Measuring Regional and Local Well-Being for Policy Making," compares nine important factors that contribute to well-being. Applying an equal weight to each of these factors, 24/7 Wall St. rated New Hampshire as the best state for quality of life.
Monica Brezzi, author of the report and head of regional statistics at the OECD, told 24/7 Wall St. considering different dimensions of well-being at the regional level provides a way to identify "where are the major needs where policies can intervene." Brezzi said that, in some cases, correcting one truly deficient measure can, in turn, lead to better results in others.

In order to review well-being at the regional level, the OECD used only objective data in its report, rather than existing survey data. Brezzi noted that current international studies that ask people for their opinion on important measures of well-being often do not have enough data to be broken down by region.
For example, one of the nine measures, health, is based on the mortality rate and life expectancy in each region, rather than on asking people if they feel well. Similarly, another determinant of well-being, safety, is measured by the homicide rate rather than personal responses as to whether people feel safe where they live.

Based on her analysis, Brezzi identified one area where American states are exceptionally strong. "All the American states rank in the top 20% of OECD regions in income," Brezzi said. Massachusetts — one of 24/7 Wall St.'s highest-rated states — had the second-highest per capita disposable household income in the nation, at $38,620. This also placed the state among the top 4% of regions in all OECD countries.
24/7 WALL ST.: See the states with the worst quality of life

3. Vermont
> Employment rate: 79.0% (3rd highest)
> Household disposable income per capita: $30,102 (21st highest)
> Homicide rate: 1.39 per 100,000 people (3rd lowest)
> Voter turnout: 63.3% (22nd highest)Vermont is among the nation's leaders in several well-being measures. State residents are exceptionally well-educated. Nearly 92% of Vermont's workforce had completed at least secondary school last year, nearly the highest rate nationwide. Vermont was one of a handful of states to receive a close to perfect score for housing. With more than three rooms per person, homes tend to be more spacious than those in any other state. Additionally, just 7.2% of residents lacked health care last year, less than half the rate for all Americans, and lower than all but one other state.
Round 2
My opponents whole case just copy and pasted with no quotes. My opponent opts to argue quality of life, but the measurements are very faulty. Voter turnout isn't valid for example and I've already proven that Wyoming has superior quality of life in R1.
In what way is quality of life not the penultimate index of greatness i have copied and pasted from reliable sources proving data from credible sources that Vermont quality of life is better tha every other state but two, i have mt my burden of proof, i need say no more
Round 3
In what way is quality of life not the penultimate index of greatness i have copied and pasted from reliable sources proving data from credible sources that Vermont quality of life is better tha every other state but two, i have mt my burden of proof, i need say no more
I do think that quality of life is important, but you can't copy and past other peoples work and pass it on as your own without quoting the text. My opponent's only argument has been quality of life, not addressing any of my other contentions. As far as you proving Vermont has a superior quality of life, I have proven the contrary in R1.

"CNBC reports that "the Green Mountain State has America's second-lowest violent-crime rate, a healthy population, a pristine environment and strong antidiscrimination laws to make sure all can enjoy the place."
Nearly 77 percent of those surveyed said they feel "active and productive" -- the highest rate in the nation.
CNBC scored the quality of life in Vermont at 268 out of 300 possible points.
The Green Mountain State ranked second in last year's report.
It ranked 32nd in CNBC's "Top States for Business" report.
New Hampshire scored 225 out of 300 and was dinged by possible poor air quality." depending on whose study or whose values you can find vermont at the top of quality of life lists and wyoming at the bottom