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Can America's White Domestic Terrorists Ever Clear Their Violent Image?


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As we all are aware of in 2019, the White-Domestic Terrorist is reaping havoc on society. White people, in general, seem to can't suppress their deviant mind-state and the Dark Age behavior has resurfaced at an all-time high. Today, a white supremacist's plan to blow up a synagogue was thwarted by the FBI. A few days ago, a White-Domestic terrorist threw acid in the face of an Hispanic man for no apparent reason.

To make matters worse, Politician Katie Hill of California (a White woman) has resigned for affairs with men/women, fornication with goats & white supremacy tattoo. To add insult to injury, a number of white-female teachers have continued their sexually deviant interactions with underage boys around the country...At this point in time, there is no hope for the White-Domestic Terrorist...Anyone who thinks otherwise can definitely take debate.

Round 1
First and foremost, thanks to my challenger for taking this debate.

On the other hand, it's quite impossible at this point in time to put up any kind of sound argument to redeem the White-Domestic Terrorist. Just with the few examples that I've given, how are you going to justify this behavior? Caucasians have earned the title of domestic terrorists and your track record proves it. Your violence has forced America's Homeland Security to officially label white people as domestic terrorists. 

I and millions of people don't think that your image can be restored because the white race comes from a culture of violence in your homeland of Europe. Historians and scholars have even stated that Europeans are a "war-like" people. Instead of trying to justify your actions, maybe you should start taking some accountability for your actions.

I'm simply speaking on real-world topics so don't "shoot the messenger"... literally and figuratively... We all know how a simple reflection in the mirror tends to spark that European rage.


This debate is about 'can they ever do it' not have they done it or will they do it soon.
Round 2
It's quite obvious that my opponent shouldn't have taken this debate.

This debate is about if they ever can clear their violent image. Con's case of 'inherent barbarian violence' in European blood is negated by the fact that over time, European societies have come to have the most politically serence social democracies of all time.

To clear their image, they (and/or their offspring) need only to apologise for acts, prove over time that they're not violent and cruel and then the news cycle will move onto villainising some other group.
Round 3
My opponent speaks of a social democrat but it's clear that he doesn't even know what that means. Definition of Social Democracy: a commitment to policies aimed at curbing inequality, oppression of underprivileged groups and poverty, including support for universally accessible public services like care for the elderly, child care, education, health care and workers' compensation.

If this is true, then why are people still fighting for equality? Case in Point: Why is the American government in favor of Illegal Immigration while neglecting its own citizens?...Why is the US gov. complicit with predatory lending and red lining black communities? Doesn't the US have a shi*** healthcare system?  

If what you're saying is factually true, then European-democratic societies wouldn't have the massive amounts of problems that they are dealing with today. America & Parts of Europe were built from the revenue of slavery. Wouldn't slavery be considered, as you say, "Barbarism Violence?" 

My opponent doesn't have a leg to stand on, and he shot himself in the foot with his own mentioning of a social-democratic society.

The facts is simply that the white-domestic terrorist will never be able to clear his/her name as a group because they've committed so much "barbarism" throughout history...……..If you think not, then state your reasons instead of trying to change the narrative of this debate.
I didn't shoot anything. Their image of slavery is nothing to do with the white terrorists Pro is speaking of. I said that clearly there's not some inherent 'barbarian gene' in white people, since they have ended up making the most pleasant, caring and just societies known today in Western Europe, Australia, Canada and such. 
Round 4
My opponent isn't making any sense because he can't refute with any type of logical argument to prove his case.

His silence speaks volumes. 
I love you.