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Round 1
Forgot about this so here we go
I'm a legend on Toonami crashing down like a Tsunami feeling like Johnny Bravo
Cracking critics like sticks smashing and hard lashing on your lard, PETA mad at the pro though
Lyrics are fascinating, unlike your mentality, fading out of reality
Salty shorty is angry when set free from the cage going on a rampage of pure tragedy
Mock suicide your so funny, shock is a flock when battling with anxiety so bloody
Hall of fame but fall of shame is engraved and slaved like a delirious genius
Climbing walls since I played with baseballs, while you stuck bricking threes like Kobe's weakness
I prefer melodies for remedies, but I'll own you lyrically deviating from my anomaly
Honestly your hungry, but you plead for me to feed you with battles 'bout scandals constantly
I'll keep it short, fuck the ELO, I'm worth a kilo to your final blow in the metric like Kendrick
Pick your battles, lose it like Derrick's Rose's ankles, triangles, like you believing in click
Well clack back, there ain't no click, you just mad like a disappointed dad talking to his kid getting heated
Mordecai touched the sky with creativity, you're lucky to make it rock bottom so please be seated


When I walk in the room, I get seen real clear,
Everyone stares right at me with hate or fear,
When you walk in the room, how'd I put this, dear?
Even as the head mod on Discord, barely anybody knows you're here,
I'm the dude that makes the ladies wanna read my fanfic, and the gentlemen to hold my beer,
I aint got an episode out, and already Annie's ready to cheer,
Yeah, yeah, I know I barely got anything out and you've done more, but know what's weird?
The fact that on a new mod welcome where I said I should've got it, even those who have me blocked agreed this vehicle's one that I should steer.

You raps are like Communism or the Kardashian show on TV,
Could please a shallow-minded audience but mostly's only good in theory,
What are you talking about with your 'injured' lines? The rapper with the handicap is undoubtely you, severely,
I mean this with complete honesty, like genuinely sincerely; I could get brain damage and poetically decay three times less than I and you still wouldn't come near me,
You need help, Dudz, if think your PETA line is clear at all, even knowing the lard's from an animal, what the hell was your point exactly? You'll eat me?
I'll make more than PETA mad, I'll make my haters sad and make it clear what a mistake your dad made for not using that condom when I spit so elegantly, superiorly,
If you gon' step to a king, then you'd better bring more than that half-assed attempt, so dreary,
Nothing you said even dissed me, I can't say it missed me 'cause the aim clearly was to simply talk 'bout how you want to be better than me so fiercely,
The issue with the rap is the itty bitty fact that just like an 'anomaly' isn't the thing that an 'anomaly' deviates from, the entirety of your Round 1 was merely a series of nonsense where you can keep in tact your conscience 'cause if explosions were puns, you're an annual relic, firing super dudz on a real G, yearly.
Round 2
King Matador gonna score smiling at my kill for a thrill cause your chopped liver
Sinister rhymes make your enzymes rumble for a sliver of being a winner
Denying allegations like nations on a war crime, causing gore everytime
Try hard scarred by greatness on a daily basis putting up fuss bumping threads just to chime
Valedictorian, your a has been looking for attention to bring without an invite
I ignite passion, you ignite mansions, crazy arsonist who too scared to fight
Lacking empathy, attacking your legacy, never hesistate to hate will ya might
Masturbation is your nation of knowledge and your taking homage of education
Your education is fantasies, life passes you a breeze these days, embrace your destination
Personification is what your preach, frustration is what you teach for escalation
Narcissism consumes you while your wisdom is in flumes claiming victim of dedication
This system is my bitch, rhythm master in my chapter, one day will make me rich
Crazy lazy stuck being dazy, fake feelings like Drake emotions of sins making you glitch
Generations root for the hero, you shoot for the zero in a real life sitch
I'm making tuitions seeing big visions, you sitting making an online refutation
Comprehensible hustle is all of my muscle while you rap drill, no skill is what your talkin


I don't who told you that 'talkin' rhymes in a scheme of 'XY-ation')
You can try and change your spots in how you rap, you tame-ass dalmation,
Rapping drill would be me saying I'll kill you but why slaughter entertainment?
I'm gon' pick your rhyme scheme in the tattered state it was left in and perfect what you have tainted.
Am I liver? Am I lard? Cannibalism in your veins, snitch, you the type to rip up the parking ticket and get your mother jailed for not payin' it,
Showin' off how you prey on your own aint really sayin' shit, only preyin' here's your whinin' vs Goliath but you aint David, you aint savin' shit,
I'm gon' show what a god is, aint no heaven, fuck a haven, this holy father of the house'll turns your whole family Pagan,
Education, destination, African and Asian, type some random words that rhyme and spit some flow dry like a raisin,
I'm Poseiden making waves here, unrest in this ocean's basin, If ocean waves were muscle moves you're a fasciculation,
Never ever call my knowledge something close to fantasised fascination,
You were taught you stood a chance, but your opponent aint some mumble rapper workin' for freemasons,
You're a sinner to this God, petty demon to this Satan, you came, you saw, wrote nonsense, now don't test my fucking patience.
Round 3

Your religion justifies cannibalism, driven by a Pagan invasion of lies
Victim about to become dumb trying to shout mistakes with hot takes to trot with being wise
Medusa ascending into the setting getting ready to empty your soul
Hallelujah the fake buddha like Judah is defeated, good riddance to the troll
I'm the resistance preserving existence with millions to support the cause for the galaxy
Reality striking you down, sanity hiding behind the designed shell of your fantasy
Assassination of frustration with idiotic logic spewing losing accusations
Outta Chips bombed like James Bond, never beyond the preface, lost taste and crowd patience
Mine shined cause people wanted a sequel of reading material needing content to comment
Go on and cry about moderation, swallow your pride and sigh instead of going on a vent
The thread don't need toxicity, sunday is holy and your ruined improvement
You run away and get lucky feeling lonely reeling fluent fallacies to tease a student
Line after line, its spine breaking that shaking you lost your divine bars with prudent scars
I multiply like a supply of your worst nightmare, I'm everywhere, even in the stars


Lil bitch talkin', lil snitch talkin', smart motherfucker in the audience gawking,
'Cause aint no crowd impatient for my story, and what's even more important is that you're here tryna kill your dad, all the way from botched abortion through to a wannabe orphan,
Little fish up in these waters, you aint Bond with any logic, you're getting swallowed by a dolphin,
Here to feed me wins, this warlock's applauded while you're chopped up in his cauldron,
You couldn't even fathom what it means to be this awesome,
Your flow is broken, you've been chokin' from the moment that you saw an opportunity in what was honestly your coffin,
You aint got a story out what you got's a writer's block there, poor thing,
When's the next episode out? Never? Storyline's got more plotholes than cartoon shows that you've been watchin',
Every rhyme you hit is poor but you corrupt the scheme so often that your rhyme scheme sucking blends in like the cuckold in an MMFF foursome.