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No one is better at rhyming than Eminem, A-F-R-O, Kool G Rap, Anilyst and Percee P


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Round 1
I will start with an example of each rapper (con concedes Eminem)


His rhyme ability speaks for itself, he rhymes entire sentences at a time.

Kool G Rap

He's only like one or two levels below Eminem. 


Skip to 1:08 for the part where his skill really kicks in


Skip to 1:40 for Percee P's verse.


Eminem is the only one better at rhyming than these 5.Even K-Rino can't rhyme like them and he's literally the best rapper in general on earth.

I do not 'concede Eminem' but I do admit he's 'up there' with the best. The resolution reads 'and' so Pro needs to prove all five are the best five at rhyming.

Since not lyrics in-depth analysis has occured yet, I am up against nothing for now. I will ask you to look through A-F-R-O's songs and see in the lyrics (or hear if you're a fast rap-adept listener) the amount of times he cheats in repeating the same word as he said before (or somthing like rhyming 'another' with 'other' with 'each other' which is semi cheating but even rhyming words with themselves frequently is commonplace for him to do. He also will barely ever try to construct even a half-sentence and purely 'spews rhyme' and one must ask themselves this: Is the best rhymer the one who rhymes the most while being totally bad at all other elements of rap or is it the one who, while sacrificing a lot in other departments, maintains extremely good flow, delivery, sentence-structure and lack of repetition as well as not altering how words are correctly pronounced (Eminem's biggest sin is saying words wrong to cheat and rhyme them)?

Anilyst and Eminem are brilliant rhymers but because they cheat so much by saying words wrong, stretching out the way they say a word to make it cut in half or a third syllable-wise to false-rhyme and how Anilyst will say nonsense at times and we have to take it that it's acceptable slang is all strange and on top of that, Anilyst merely is a stylistic syllable slider. This means he specialises in making all syllables of a line rhyme with that of other lines meanign in all his raps he ends up with less actual rhyme consistency since he can't possibly (and blatantly doesn't) rhyme as much as others in terms of the same rhyme scheme. His rigidity is his very downfall.

Percee P is alright at rhyming but not at all special, he has literally 40% of any of his raps that's the 'filler' in the rhyme scheme and as for Kool G rap... He's among the worst rhymers I've ever come across. He's what you call severe old-school where the mechanics of rapping were not yet admired and he wasn't part of the vinnie paz or afro off-shoot nor the tech n9ne offshoot (the former focused on delivery and quality of rhyme scheme, yes afro does focus but he is over the top and is a terrible 'rhymer' in terms of not cheating or making any sense) and the tech n9ne off-shoot inspired Eminem's evolution later in his career which is the flow-focused type.

I am now going to show you the single best rhymer ever, a student of the Tech N9ne school of rap... Rittz. Before that let's just get to the official list (one is a rapper I just came across 2 days ago, thanks fate).

TOP 10 RHYMERS (1 is best):

  1. Rittz (undisputed champion in my eyes)
  2. Devlin (British-London-accent but the best at actually rhyming without cheating beyond using that accent to make rhymes that Americans can't)
  3. Vinnie Paz (just listen)
  4. Tech N9ne - the father of flow-focused rap and only one in the flow-focused school beneath Rittz in capacity to rhyme with perfect flow.
  5. Tom McDonald (phenomenal flow and capacity to maintain severely solid sentence structure while rhyming almost as much as Anilyst does consistency-wise.
  6. Eminem - God tier word-bender but this is why he's below the other 5, he has to alter the way to say or pace words frequently to make anything properly rhyme with the consistency that he does.
  7. RA the Rugged Man
  8. Chris Webby
  9. UBI better known as one of the two of the duo Ces Cru
  10. Anilyst
AFRO isn't near the top, he's a pseudo-rhymer who basically is actually one of the WORST rhymers because of how he purely spews out a ton of syllables or words that sound the same but mean nothing much in the way he's saying them, he's literally taking rap as a joke with his style.

Rittz is a monster of rhyming, I'll do what Pro did and just post it since Pro has not analysed any lyrics, I am entitled to be as lazy.

^ 5 of MANY, will give 5 of the finest rhyme-pieces for all the rappers I mention.

Devlin... The best of the British-Style Grime Artists < In this song he comes back later, don't exit when the other artist comes necessarily if you're interested. < same thing as above.

Something important to understand about Dev and Rittz is there's 3 layers to their rhyme schemes, something Tech N9ne taught Rittz but which Dev invented by himself as it was still a new concept when he was coming up.

This is also something to notice in the other top rappers I list and what deteriorates the more down you go, it's not just amount you rhyme or 'quality' alone it's about intricacy to the rhyme scheme itself and way you make it still make sense (what you're saying in the rap make grammatical sense).

Vinnie Paz - Just listen, Vinnie is the undisputed best overall rapper in all categories, I do not think anyone can equal Vinnie at actual skill as a rapper, he's beyond talent he's actually practised and skill so insanely high-tier without failure in any category of rap.

Tech N9ne - If you don't understand why he's not lower than this rank, you just don't comprehend rhyming. I can understand arguing he should be higher but you will notice lapses (like Tom McDonald has) that the top 3 don't. He is the KING OF RHYME SCHEME MANIPULATION but is just not consistent enough to be superior to those ranked above him.

Tom McDonald - The master of maintaining extremely consistent grammar  and sentence structure without failing to rhyme. He is possibly the second-best raw poet in the rap game after Watsky when it comes to comprehending the mechanics of poetry and emphasising metaphors and expressing raw emotion in a highly intellectual way. He is superior to Watsky at actually rhyming and delivering though.

Eminem is supported by my opponent and I will just leave it at that for this Round.

RA The Rugged Man [student of Vinnie as Rittz was to Tech] - Like Em, he compensates but instead of word-bending he compensates in making less sense etc. Still better than so many other rappers considering his rank.

Chris Webby - Semi-Taught both by Tech and Rittz as well as Apathy and Jarren Benton via collabs and good relations with them - In both 'making sense' and 'saying words correctly in terms of grammar' he and all rappers below him either bend the rules or rhyme worse (or both), Webby is brilliant but he's not better than those I ranked above him, it's about raw rhyme scheme mechanics and the execution of it.

UBI (he's the 'white guy' although possible part Jewish but definitely part italian member of the duo Ces Cru and most of his best stuff is under that name so when it says 'ces cru' it's still him just 50% so).

Round 3