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Luigi is better than Mario


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Round 1
I shall start my first argument. The opponent will decide whether he/she will open up new points, refute, or forfeit. 

1. LUIGI is financially smarter than MARIO
  • Luigi has 2 mansions, one of them which was converted from a haunted house. Mario had only 1 house, in which it was too small for someone in the wealth level of Mario.
  • Luigi, unlike Mario who throws parties every few years and ends up having his money in ashes and his house the size of a single truck, knows how to invest, and ends up having his money multiply and eventually able to own 2 giant mansions.
  • Luigi has a more stable occupation than Mario. Mario's jobs are way too risky, his job save his girlfriend from a giant evil turtle once in a couple of years, and maybe grabbing some coins in the thin air. Those are his only payments unless Mario had met a toad in a shack giving him some extras. Mario had so much money over the few years, but he somehow spent it on, let's say, race tracks, challenge parties, etc, instead of buying a security team for Princess Peach or anything useful for him such as a mansion. Luigi went on less of the trips that Mario did, so it is safe to assume that he earned less money collecting coins in the way to Bowser. A more stable job must come, and since he earned at most the same amount as Mario did, he would be financially smarter than Mario since Luigi had two mansions for living.
  • Speaking of racecourses, let's just dig into the tracks both people funded for. 
  • Luigi's purpose-built circuits are the first races of the cups, making it a great strategy for people to come to it. Mario's circuits may have done this in the SNES era, but because he built FOUR of them, it is still a waste consider most people don't even know how Mario Circuit 4 looks like, or that all four tracks look about the same with little variation.
  • Luigi's tracks are short and sweet, it also gets the job done for a quick race around the laps. One other track owned by Luigi is the Mansion-converted track in the DS era. Putting his house for not only tourism but car racing! Saves money, saves himself.
  • After the SNES era, Mario built more tracks, all of them in front of Peach's castle. in 2013, he even cut INTO peach's castle, copying Luigi's style of cutting into his own house(But Luigi's house is his asset, and Peach's castle is not Mario's). This shows that Mario is using someone else's assets as his own, an act almost determined as theft. Mario dared to put a Chain Chomp on his racetrack, that's dangerous! Luigi did not, at most putting walking trees as obstacles. Mario had repeatedly use risky moves of technology that in 2014 through 2020, his track is a reversed Mobius strip by the over usage of antigravity. He even made Peach's castle floating! If the antigravity stopped working, his track, along with the headquarter of the entire nation, will go to waste. Mario is financially dumb.
2. LUIGI is socially smarter than MARIO
  • Instead of having a girlfriend that was unable to defend herself and requires Mario himself to do all the tiring work, Luigi picked someone else that could defend herself and is more independent. Princess Daisy.
  • Luigi never goes missing as often as that it deserves a headline for an entire video game. 
  • Luigi knows how to use a vacuum cleaner, and how to build it or even how to convert it into a racecar.
That is all I have for the first round. The next is for you!

Round 2
Since that I am in fear that CON will bring up an argument exceeding mine of R1, I will attempt to back up my previous argument with effort.

3. LUIGI is PHYSICALLY more fit than MARIO
  • Luigi jumps higher in almost all the games in which the characters have actual body differences. In the most recent mainline Mario game in which Luigi is playable, Mario 3d Land, Luigi is taller, jumps higher, and is overall the better character to use. Since we go with the most recent game almost all the time, Luigi is just more fit physically.
  • Luigi is taller, easier to smash blocks, smash POWs, etc.
  • Luigi is also less obese than Mario in which he is better at operating Balloons in Super Mario Odyssey. That either means he is less fat than Mario or that he is more skilled at operating this one sport.
  • Luigi first appeared in Mario Bros and Mario 1, being nothing more than a Green Mario. He was the double of Mario back then. However, as the story progresses, Luigi is now MUCH more stable in the economy and his relationships compared to Mario. Mario was meant to be the main character in the 1980s, but Luigi made a comeback as equal to Mario, or even superior in some fields.
  • Luigi has an actual personality. Luigi is mostly acting the deuteragonist of all games, making him a person with an actual personality that supports Mario. This may be debunked in the Luigi's Mansion games, in which you can play him however you want, however, in Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's reputation is fixed as the cowardly brave little man we've loved. In Mario games, Mario could be the "Hump-n-Wall-Jump" Mario or the "Roller-coaster-riding" Mario from the beginning of the level to the end of the level. Mario is so "omnipotent" from the user's input and move set, that he is so all-round he is lacking personality. Luigi not only can do all of them but his experience of personality makes him a much 3D person than Mario.
5. Backing up LUIGI is socially smarter than MARIO
  • Luigi has a crazy scientist on his back. The one that made a vacuum cleaner a racecar and a ghostbuster. Mario's partners aren't ever this helpful.
  • Mario has a worse taste in women. Mario's 2 ex-girlfriends consist of a diligent politician and a literal angel, but instead, he chose an irresponsible spoiled little princess because he is dependent to save this girl. What this means is that Mario is actually SPOILING Peach by saving her instead of teaching her a lesson/buying a security team with all the coins he had gathered from the 1980s. 
  • Luigi is more loyal(He has no ex-girlfriends whereas Mario has 2-3).
6. What does GOOD mean?
Since my opponent has forfeited the last round, I will define it for him. I am honestly surprised that my opponent had not defined the term, or at least inquired of it.
My definition for "good" is: Having any desired value.
Presumably, knowing how to invest, having good girls, being strong, more friendly, etc... are all characteristics that make a person good. I challenge my opponent disproving at least one point here. My opponent in R2 can either inquire and challenge my definition of "good", or disproving all 4 points made in the 2 rounds previously. It is for you.

Also, vote PRO! He hadn't missed a single round in this debate!