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There should not be rap battles in Dart


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Round 1
I would let my opponent prove why rap battles are debates. Yeah, speeches aren't debates, and there is no evidence shown other than assumptions that usually rhymes with some kind of stink-crammed insult. 

Now, what is a debate anyways? This is Dart, Successor of DDO, a site for people sharing ideas through debating.
Definition from a dictionary: "a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward."

Most rap battles on Dart are not debating consider it is not formal and there are no sides(well they make it up and there is no clear objective), and there is no opposition, just competition that is either unrelated or insult-wise, which is not formal.

Also, using an alternating definition, there should not be rap battles on a dart you throw consider, what's the purpose? It is optional to answer this question because this is for lols. If you can't defeat my points above, then come here and try.
I should start by pointing out a few things. Firstly my opponent claims that I need to prove that rap battles are debates. Due to what the resolution of this debate is I am forced to conclude based on my opponents argument against rap battles being debates that my opponents line of reasoning is something akin to the following:

1) Rap battles are not debates
2) Things that are not debates should not be allowed on DART
3) Therefore rap battles should not be allowed on DART.

If my opponent has some line of reasoning other than the one above then I advise they lay it out clearly in the next round. So far however the only statement they have made is "rap battles are not debates".

My opponent seems to assume that I must disagree with point one and so they have defended point one extensively during their first round, to the exclusion of any other point or argument on their part. However, dear voter, I will say that I actually agree that point one is correct. It is point two that I have a problem with.

If we agree with point two then we are forced to do away with many things that make DART great. Debates, you see, are indeed the core of DART but they are not the only thing DART has to offer. The forums of DART also include a community of forum gamers, non-formal discussion on a variety of topics, people that just like hanging out in general, etc. These things are done away with if we agree that anything not a debate should not be allowed (such as the above syllogism implies).

There are of course a variety of things that do not qualify as debates and also should not be allowed on DART. Many of these things in fact are specifically outlined in the code of conduct. This includes harassment, doxxing, etc.

I would agree that such things should not be allowed on DART. However the reason for disallowing such things should not be "because it isn't debate" as my opponent implies above, for the reasons I have already given. Therefore I propose the following line of reasoning:

1) Rap battles are not debates.
2) Things that are not debates should be either allowed or disallowed based on some established criteria other than whether it is a debate or not.
3) Therefore rap battles should be either allowed or disallowed based on some criteria other than whether it is a debate or not.

As the only argument my opponent has made thusfar is "rap battles aren't debates" I am left without any criteria to make the judgement of whether rap battles should be allowed. I will therefore end my current round and allow my opponent to establish such a judgement criteria for us to use.
Round 2
I accept your forfeit.