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Rap battles should not be on DArt


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Round 1
I will present why Rap Battles are not being debated in this round.

First, rap battles aren't debates and should not be judged the same way as debates.
I will straight up quote a sentence.
Battle rap (also known as rap battling)[1] is a type of rapping that includes bragging, insults and boasting content.
So, in Rap Battles, especially on DArt(Or formerly on DDO), cannot be judged by the conduct section of the rubric because "Bragging, Insults and Boasting content" are bad conduct in normal debating but aren't in Rap battle pseudo debates. Also, Sources cannot be judged properly and most likely it will stay tied because sources are never needed in this kind of debate. 

"where MCs will perform on the same stage to see who has the better verses"
That is not debating.


  1. a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.
  2. argue about (a subject), especially in a formal manner.

Conclusion: Rap battles mess with the voting system and they aren't debates. If Rap battles are allowed then lectures should be allowed too. 
RAP Battles can be the form of debate on DART.

I accept my opponent's definition of a Rap Battle.  I also accept the assumption that a rap battle by its nature will include a derogatory or insulting narrative.

Therefore the only issue is if the nature of a rap battle can be argued on DART based on the current Code of Conduct and related policies.   My opponent says that said policies prohibit conduct that would form a necessary element of the rap debate corpus.  I disagree.

When a debate is set up, the rules of the debate are either set out unilaterally by the instigator or negotiated between the parties in comments and or private message/question systems.

How the participants decide to operate the debate is a cornerstone of the judging process.  

The code of conduct provides latitude in the assessment of abusive, insulting, and derogatory content. 

The abusive, insulting, or derogatory nature of a comment will be judged based on how a reasonable individual would interpret it. It is not based upon the intentions of speaker, unless those intentions were stated clearly and explicitly prior to the offending remark. Reasonableness is interpreted solely by the mods. The "just kidding" argument is not a valid excuse for actions which can reasonably be interpreted as personal attacks.
If the nature of the debate was agreed at the outset by the participants to be a "rap battle", with all expected literary component options available, the judges are not forced to condemn the conduct.

Therefore rap battles would be permitted under the following circumstances,

1.  The nature of the debate being a rap battle is agreed in advance
2.  The intentions of any  rap battle insults are qualified in the first round, and ideally at the beginning of each following round
3.  The rap battle is not intended to be a personal attack, rather it is an argument style, and that style is part of the agreement of the parties.

While sources can be referenced in a rap battle, they are not needed for judging.  If the parties agree to no sources, then that part of the 7 point system will not be allocated, nor will the lack thereof be used punitively in a single point system.

Round 2

Well, the name is the name. You failed to prove that rap battles are debates. 

2. "Should" doesn't equal to "Should be allowed"

You gave evidence of how rap battles could be allowed on this site, however, you failed to prove why they are beneficial to the site. Remember the title is "Should". 
My opponent appears to be a little confused.

  1.  My opponent leveraged the Policy of DART as evidence that the narrative of a rap battle would not be permitted.  I clearly refuted that.
  2. My opponent appears to this the title is "Rap Battles SHOULD be allowed". unfortunately, that is not the debate title.  My opponent has a BOP to demonstrate why they should not be allowed.
  3. My opponent believes that a rap battle is not a debate.  I disagree.  It would be unfair to provide new evidence at this stage so I shall call to the reader's sensibilities.  A rap battle is a type of argument.  It is a type of debate.  Each party has their opportunity to say what they are going to say, and the crowd judges.  Rap battles could absolutely be a debate. It is a style of argument.
  4.  My opponent is under the misinterpretation that they should be permitted.  I reference my previous statements.  Rap battles are a type of debate, and if done properly are permitted under the current terms.

My opponent has not met the burden of proof to demonstrate that rap battles should not be permitted.

The resolution thus fails, and a vote for Con is the result.