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2015+ Underrated Song Battle


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Both pro and con choose one song, it must be less than 5 million views on youtube and released in 2015 or after. We will argue about the messages, lyrics, melody, so on and so forth, to try convincing the voters that their chosen song is the superior one.

Round 1
I choose the song It's Raining After All by Tuyu (

This Japanese rock song is about a break-up. For anyone who needs the English translation, please see The message is sad but the tune is quite joyful and contradicts it, with “show don’t the tell” one liner phrases like “I crouch down”, “I grieved it”, or “my tears overflow”.

The song was initially confusing to me since she hinted at some happiness with the sun smiling, like “see you again”, along with her own smile, but it seems she’s do forcing herself through the problems. The question “whose fault is that” also has three different interpretations: she might blame it on herself (“I’m such a fool”), or the guy (his face is covered with hydrangea, the Japanese symbolism for apology) or she genuinely doesn’t know (“the weather report is wrong” inferring these things are unpredictable). Not to mention it’s a little strange how he can offer an umbrella with a “weird sense” or how his “enthusiasm cuts through any moments of earnestly”.
What is clear, though, is that the guy (if it is a guy, I assumed so from the chivalrous acts of the love interest) she loved is kind, but their relation has worsened— with the clear first phrase “our parallel lines are growing distant”.

Even so, “it’s not so bad under here (the umbrella)” And “clings to me” which infers she enjoys being around him even as friends (“my heart doesn’t flutter anymore”). Unfortunately she also says “this is goodbye”, even if the song doesn’t end there and she “smiles like ‘see you again’”. Clearly it’s a little bittersweet and hard to get over. There’s also nice touches like the contrast between her being an honor student yet saying she must be a fool with how she acts in the relation, or how her voice “dances in the sky” yet is embarrassing (possibly because she is quite emotional). Very catchy tune, too, especially with the jazzy guitar interludes. If you listen carefully, it seems like the rain is only a temporary new beginning, especially with the crucial contrast, “I thought you’d go far away, BUT it’s raining after all”

Helpful summary list:
Sad: 1,2,3. the one liner phrases 4. don’t call by first name 5. don’t remember height 6. face covered with hydrangea 7. “this is goodbye” 8. Weather forecast (desired result) is wrong 9. erasing your voice
Happy: 1. the overall melody 2. the serene blue sky 3. offered umbrella 4 handed eraser 5. sun smiled 6. singer smiled 7. not so bad under umbrella 8. song doesn’t end after “goodbye” 9. my voice is dancing
Unfeeling: 1. heart doesn’t flutter 2. it would be okay if I just drowned in this right now 3. the interlude after “my tears overflowed” 4. “I can’t even think” 5. head is full and she is an idiot (even though she prepared for rain) 6. “It’s Raining After All” (she thinks it would be okay, and she prays it would start raining now)

So overall I think the unpredictable "sad message with happy sound" and clever subtle symbolism will likely prove this to be the underrated song champion. Many people can potentially sympathize with how their crush is like a sun to them, but "it's raining after all" when their relation has gotten awry. 

I hope my opponent doesn't immediately refute me the first round, since I don't know which song he has chosen, and rather merely analyze his song to begin with, such that we can start arguing whose song is "better" in the second and third round
Round 2
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
Round 3
It's raining after all