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BLARGGH - Should this be allowed?


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BLARGGH is a very dangerous substance for public health. Dr Anthony Fauci has said BLARGGH is the number one leading cause of death in the US. BLARGGH is involved in norad and haarp machines. BLARGGH is almost as bad as black beans which supply 85% of the protein in BLARGGH. The question: should blarggh be allowed?

What is BLARGGH? - it’s up to you
BoP - shared because BLARGGH

This is an actual debate. I’m supplying a few prompts for the contender to build off of. I thought it would be fun having an argument about something we know nothing about. I might do this in the future with a rated debate.

Round 1
Blarrgh is very dangerous for public health. Blarrgh can cause stomach irritation and heart disease but that’s not the worst part. It can also cause a fatal addiction to mayonaise. Blarggh infiltrates it’s victim’s skin through their Microsoft support mechanism. This is why blarggh should not be allowed. Just think about one of your family members dying from mayonaise. All because of blarggh, which we could prevent.
Blarrgh has shown amazing effects when curing diseases such as LARGH and ZARGH. I believe that some of it's nastier side effects is worth it as LARGH has a 100% death rate without Blarrgh. My opponent may bring up uterrly false facts such as addiction to mayonaise, but BLARRGH also supplies Apple, Google, and even the US Government with several technologies. Yes, families may die, but many more millions more suffer from LARGH. Thank you.
Round 2
Ah hah, and that is your own demise. Because so many people have been exposed to BLARGGH, they have not realized it contains a nasty chemical that in fact causes LARGH and ZARGH, which then forces people to take more BLARGGH, which makes a looping supply chain. In fact, bill gates says that there is only one disease, which is in fact called BLEP. BLEP is treatable with BLIP, so why legalize BLARGGH?
See you have shot your one foot, I'm afraid my friend. BLEP is treatable with BLIP. Yes, yes, I agree. But, what is BLIP made of?

Correct, none other than BLARGGH.

As to your other points about the chemicals that contain both LARGH and ZARGH. Well, that is curable with BLIP, which needs BLARGGH in the first place. I have proved that BLARGGH is crucial in the supply chain of the earth as well as beyond. This is because, rockets made by SpaceX use BLARGGH, and as I stated, so does Apple and Google.
Thank you.
Round 3
Please tell me why the Taiwanese company that makes BLIP would collaborate with the Chinese company that makes BLARGGH. It makes absolutely no sense. China is trying to get you to believe this. Support Taiwan, like you said in your other debate! If we legalize BLARGGH, China will make 5G towers out of it and then there will actually be side effects of 5G. China wants to make this all muddled in a web of conspiracy.
The Chinese Government wants you to believe that in the first place. Both companies are located in Taiwan. The one that makes BLARRGH and BLIP. BLARRGH is amazing, and the Chinese government wants it.. The Chinese government said that the BLARRGH company is located in China to get more leverage on the world overall, and the company that makes BLARRGH is too scared to act. As to the 5G points, BLARRGH has shown no signs of being able to build 5G towers; China is trying to reverse engineer it. Thank you

Round 4
BLARGGH laid in the sun for two weeks becomes harder than steel.
That is science.
I want you to refute that.
See my friend, I can easily refute that. 

BLARRGH is the sun. According to BLARRGH makes up the sun. BLARRGH IS the Sun. All stars have BLARRGH. We are here because of BLARRGH. The little singularity that started the universe was BLARRGH. God is BLARRGH. That, is science. That is the truth. This small blue planet was brought to you by BLARRGH. Thank you.
Round 5
#9 is a far-right website funded by the Chinese government to make you think BLARGGH is good. I’m telling you, if BLARGGH is legalized, China will BAN Bart Simpson, which is a violation of free speech. BLARGGH enters the body through the nose and infiltrates the brain stem where it modifies the information coming from nerves in the limbs. If 5G towers are made of that stuff, we’ll be mind controlled.

But not just says this. Many other news sources including and communism.orgyz say the same thing. 

Who cares about 5G towers, when we are here because of BLARRGH. Your phone is made of BLARRGH. Everything is BLARRGH. We are BLARRGH. BLARRGH is essential. Bart Simpson is the creator of BLARRGH.