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Reverse Rap Battle: Supadudz (represented by RM) and RM (represented by Supadudz)


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RM represents Supdudz and Supadudz represents RM.

Round 1
Vote on who you believe won the battle, not on who you believe was represented best (obviously).

I = Supadudz when I say it and 'you' if it isn't a general 'you' is referring to RM in second person as my opponent is representing him.

One-two, son you do wanna lose, challenging me to this scene's an arena where just by who you are the whole crowd boos,
Down-vote me on a battle hadn't you thought through your strategy? Madman through-and-through you're too confused,
Got my revenge with a vote but I aint one gloat, I aint a self-cock-sucking monofucker that'll never put that cock to use,
Hot damn, madman, you're an angry lookin' goose, get yourself banned here, there, everywhere natural prisoner on the loose,
Who the fuck you think you kidding with that faux-confidence you ooze? It aint swagger, it's just blabber you regurgitate, reuse, recycle, if we're colours you're irrelevant like chartreuse, you're erratic, far from static lacking concentration. ooh I think there's a camp for people needing it, go take a visit, you'll be hanging out with Jews.

Let's get on with this whippin' of the ass of a flat-earther who'd pass any test for schizophrenia and narcissism if he was honest to what was asked,
And the fact is you're so adamant to be the asshole of this class, it's like you prod and prod until the people react and they prod back sick of bein' harassed,
You're a classic disaster, coward runnin' fast... Pick on easy opponents to seem a high-rated debater but your facade aint gonna last,
You're a thorn in our side, you're a nasty ass-based rash, Is rashy mad? Progressive-fascist-fad, you don't stand for anything other than the passing of gas that you amass and portray as worthwhile rants for the dumbfucks who can't see through your disguise made of glass.

"I'm the best" you said well I confess, your head produces the finest comedic material I've read,
Paranoid, egomaniac, autistic what is next? Wanna add some more that we must all stare in awe at 'til you're dead?
You're old news, RM, and though it may seem that people still knew who you were on DDO as RMTheSupreme,
The fact is most of us were too confused to a thing when you strolled in like the king to our queen,
You think you're hot-shit but obv-iously you're 4-losses deep, losin' sleep, Mr. Bean (i barely pronounced in obv-iously)
Stay around, I have found you be comic relief for us, take one-two, son, just take a ton for the team.
So I is referring to RM and You is referring to me as SupaDudz

Rational is back; to break the the ice
Talking with this kid because he thinks he's real nice
He's a fucking random, lemme put him in his place
My rhymes are so convaluded that it breaks the worlds pace
Has a Mordecai picture cause his legs really wimpy
All he posts on here is his dream hook up fantasy
Too shy to talk so he stares from a far
More polluted than carbon emissions from a NASCAR
And just like a crab he stays in his hollow shell
I'm a fucking eagle I just soared from the gates of hell
And I got the more talent and I got a more developed brain
So he should sit his 15year old ass down in the drain
Cause this fire will eat him up like a hungry hungry shark
Because Beast Boy can't save him from the dark
Obsession with anything remotely related to hypebeast
But you doesn't got a dime to your name in the bank account
Half the things you said is more shit than facts
And only try to rap me when you get a job and make some racks
Even though I had it tough I'm still gonna kick your ass
So hard that the shatter proof glass
Will send you flying
Your inferior to the rap culture
While I feed your dead body to the Aussie vulture
And watch them feast on your dead carcass
Did Greece make you too shy to start some ruckus
Your a pussy boy bitch that wouldn't make a stitch
You would get dropped so hard that you would be my baby bitch
And then the entire town will go and see you cry
And then they cry out tooting and hollering too see you die
I'm the king of this site
Your a dog with no bite
So step off my turf and I'll think about lettin you go
OK but If you say the word bro
I'll snatch you off the street like a pedophile
Yes I can be the most vile---
And I won't get the hammer cause the admins love my presence
Because they love my story of endurance
Cause they use it as fuel to the fire
So you will be skirted off like a loose tire 
Tired this and tired that but your just really lazy
You would rather be picking a daisy
But you horny so you want to fuck some Daisy bun
But you ain't getting none
Cause that shit is fake hun

Round 2
R1 corrections/clarifications:

  • too confused to say a thing*
  • monofucker is correct pun, not meant to be motherfucker.
  • but i aint one to gloat* not one gloat.

God damn madman, that's some bad, truly poor representation,
"Convaluded"'s not a true word, truth bouta hit you like spit-in-your-face; very wet revelation,
I'm only fifteen and your bitchass wants an easy fight,
So you challenge a kid to a spar, you're the sleazy type,
You wait 'til I'm riled up so I suck, pedo-but-you're-my-slut,
I'm what your mind considers deluxe; fine-cut.
You wanna taste of the champ? Wanna race; get a cramp?
Let's go old man, hope you planned for your heart seizing, pirate-tramp, (Rm profile pic is Captain Hector Barbossa)
'Cause imma stay immortal; vampire, Greek-born but these Italian Stallions, let me ride 'em as they stampede so fast that your face trampled on, use that big Barbossa beer-belly as a ramp.
My Profile speaks valid pride, raw stats, your facts better get up-to-date, 'cause we're tied of reading non-inspirin' quotes that are as whack as your raps,
And perhaps, while you're at it, don't come back here telling us how you're a vigiilante 'scumbag fighting scumbags' you're no man with the bats,
Your profile description quotin' fiction isn't coincidence; it's bullcrap and Bruce Lee's soul's here to sue you for quoting him, truth police demandin' that you pay tax.

You're whack man, your passion for actual facts is an act man, your 'style' of debating's 'bout picking easy targets or dishin' out as much crap as you can, Stan,
Eminem-worshipping fool, all you gotta say 'bout' my raps is you can't stand the mumblin' why you stumblin' over your ego? You freakshow, cry and quit this like Hangman, (he never did his turn for over a month since the last Round he won)
Blam-blam hit your face, this young ninja slays pirates; guess that my Sensei(sen-say) was Van Damme,
When they clap hands, that Round of Applause's celebrating that you're no longer round for a single Round more, this site's more than the Internet's trash can,
You're not just garbage, arbitrarily, you're specialised filth, who the fuck you get to represent you here? Oh its me but of course I aint tryin' I want to show everyone you're nothin' short o' unskilled unrefine steel; a little heat and you'll melt(said as 'meelt').

So when I represent you sayin' you're the king o' this site, I'm mockin', cock-blockin' and stoppin' your right to feel pride in the bullshit exhaled from your windpipe,
I assume you truly wanna zoom through this, 'cause you'll exhume this puny skeleton you undead excuse of a human, just sit tight,
I'll introduce you to pure-skill-rappers that you will like but you aint ever gon' be clever or practised enough to equate with what you write,
It's time SupaDudz put you with the scrubs you belong with, ill-mannered unfashionablesadman nighty night...
Everyone talking about the boy Rational like I'm going insane that I'm pretty tilted
But your gonna get dropped so hard that your whole body gonna be so damn wilted
Your like Machine Gun Kelly because I hit the target like a mother fucking deadeye
But the comprehension of your brain is so pathetic, and more grainy than fresh rye
And while I'm cooking up rhymes and living my life you sit on your computer
Looking up some good porn, so stay your habits while I be the next persecutor
To destroy our rhymes and convince the judge that your guilty of the crime
So if can do the crime in rapping all that hot shit, I guess you should do the time
And your contagious than a sexual transmitted disease
But some of them are cureable so it doesn't live with me
But these raps give me HIV to the point where I'd go and cry
And if your the ultimate super sayan, I guess that my life was lie
And why don't you go and clout chase on RiceGum's shit
Before you come on to this site and start messing shit, might as well get a lift
So your a fucking squeaky pubescence adolescent
That sits on his fat ass everyday listening to Fortnite and listen to mumble rap about Molly and Perkisets
Mask off and mask on, but you need to get your A game Going
Cause rap is so serious, but you take it so wrong is what are you showing
So why don't you go and complain about losing the battle
And report votes that can not be reported anymore and set stone on the mantle  
Wah wah bitch I'm Lil Baby so feed me some shit to start
Going a list from the start cause my rhymes were the damn fart
So let's gather around the campfire and have a talk
When is the first time you lost virginity, or are you the person to stalk...
A girls Instagram and fap to her flap titties like Mia Khalifa
And your more irrevelant than 2018 Wizzzz Khalifa

Round 3

Who in the fuck you kidding this tip-top flip-flop rhyme scheme? Khalifa-khalifa that's your representation's crop's cream?
Mia and Wiz still better than you'll ever be, maniac debating facts except against them heavily,
You're the type of twisted surgeon invite friends, drug and hurt them, and at the end of the party have created Human Centipede,
You're arbitrary royalty, this champion tied against me last time, this time he's gonna find what happens when one annoys me,
I may not sit all day debating, masturbating to the fact that even the most insidious, hideous-looking females avoid me,
But the beauty of your rating being so high, my plaything, is that the rise I get outta you's gona multiply when I win, finishing you off, you'll learn not to annoy me,
'Cause you may be the Bar-boss-a of this ship-wreck but I'm a Sparrow, and my flow's oily, seagulls sinkin' in the sea know who the real Boss-a is you insolent employee.

This is SupaDupaWhointheTrulyShitPoorSouls is the next prey you'll make your competitor? Need some fake news with an editor?
I'm betting your headline'll be 'Apex Debatitor' but what the hell will you say when you realise the term bird-of-prey means predator? (SupaDudz has an image of a cartoon bird for now)
You think this beaks for squawking, you're the one typing here all day, like a wannabe rebirth of a debate-oriented Stephen Hawking,
You're a faulty-spermed worm whos 'snake's as dysfunctional as himself, filthy vermin,
Let me eat you up for dinner, time is up I'm the winner and this winged assassin's flyin' high ready to crucify, don't scream too much you're burnin'.

Let me go in so I pull it out as hard as a headlight
Bitch I be looking so hard into the future with my eyesight
Everyone talking about your bars but I saw was a pile of nothing
But all you can focus on doing in fiending(f-een-ing)(e-vaping)
But the smoke you smoke is real wack I be hitting that shit like big doink
You wanna be hard you wanna be edgy so go an yoink
Your fucking meat that you claim to be clean
But you already had to use your free nut pass for a queen
Because you couldn't keep your hands your own body
Your own because you can''t get own girl to go howdy
On your little peepee so why don't you go and fantasize
About your crush and you wanna hook up faster than a Buggatti
But she's got the the bigger prize
On her mind, even bigger than Lil Yachty
Production on music videos because she just wants the money
But you ain't got your money your already looking for a job
So why you don't you cry to mommy and be a little rich white snob
Your more cancerous than malignant
But my rhymes are so sticky to you call em magnetic pulliant
And I bed in one line I steal yo girl
She go on my dick and lick it up like an ice cream swirl 
And she be like (squeaky white girl voice) "Oh my god lemme get it so juicy"
"and make you cum so much that the guy is so sorry"
So love is so fake, as it treating you hard?
Oh stop complaining you pubescent adolescence, your bombs go only 1 yard
So this is the end of the song, make sure you like and subscribe
Because the L you about it to get is the way I will inscribe 

Good Luck