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School Uniforms Should be Enforced in All Schools


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let this be my best debate yet. Ain't no one beating me now.

Round 1
in order for pro to win, he has to show that uniforms are *the best* option. However, this is extremely difficult. There are many ways for school to implement ways to prevent bullying (a common claimed cause for uniforms), especially with tackling the root of the problem. As you can see from this source (, nothing really suggests school uniforms can permanently solve this problem well. Uniforms are also very expensive, with poor families struggling to afford such costs (,supermarkets%20or%20high%2Dstreet%20chains.&text=For%20children%20themselves%2C%20the%20cost,can%20have%20a%20serious%20impact.) with 95% parents thinking they are too costly ( It would also cost the school a fortune, and need serious positive effects to outweigh the costs. Also I am a big supporter of freedom of expression, even if my opponent tried to say this is only a U.S. idea, he has to support that people don't deserve to show their personality and ideas through their clothes. It's inevitably stifled at least quite a bit especially since everyone is wearing the same thing. 
Thanks for the debate CON!
Case For Mandatory Uniforms
[A] Reduced MisbehaviorSchools with mandatory uniform requirements reported less cases of gang involvement, disciplinary action, and bullying according to researcher Jafeth Sanchez. Another study conducted by Brighton Young University showed that older students noticed a decrease in bullying within the school itself.

A I. Bullying is mental torture that leads to death. It’s consequences are so massive for a problem so widespread in America. Reduction in bullying can promote a safe environment for school so that kids do not have to fear when they come to school, and students perform better when not in fear at school

A II. This is a solution that help a wider problem in America with bullying, and promotes a safe environment where a student can learn without fear, and a step in the right direction for combatting bullying

CON states that it has no effect, however, his studies are pulled from the Patch, a website focused on a certain community, not the entirety of America. My sources are published by Universities, much more reliable than CON

[B] Unity and Equality
In a world where it is preached to judge people equally, uniforms promote the sense of unity. In fact, this unity allows teachers to expect higher of student and treat students better according to research 

Studies also show that uniforms prevent the sharp disparity in socio economic class. That same BYU research paper concluded that students of lower income did not feel as excluded than students at public schools. The logical conclusion is that this person had equal clothing to his counterparts, so they didn’t feel like they were poor

Removal of the social class in education is key to improving the education system. Instead of worrying about whether or not you will get called out, you are worried about school and doing well 

Rebuttal #1
My opponent claims that freedom of expression is oppressed. My case is that comfortivity is more important than individuality.

The impact of comfortivity and safety outweighs the impact of individuality. Comfortivity can REDUCE the rate of bullying, gangs, and misconduct due to the uniformity, as shown in my case. The safety of the student is more important than anything. 

Even so, there is still freedom of expression even without uniforms. Students need to be judge on the success the student has in class versus their appearance 

My impact should be preferred by the judge due to the fact that the impact much outweighs his impact, meaning if the safety of the student is in danger, there is a much greater calculus that can happen, example DEATH! Death as an impact is the worse impact that can happen. CON’s only true impact to this argument is loss of individuality, and even that is a shaky claim. I have shown that individually is not limited due to showing that creativity and individuality in your behavior, classes, and activities within school 

Rebuttal #2
My opponent claims that it is more expensive for uniforms but that simply isn’t true. A case study by NAESP showed that the cost of a school uniform is less that $150 per child

That same study also polled that 86% of parents believe uniforms to be much more cost effective. A pair of jeans and a shirt now a days cost around 30-60 dollars, which is expensive for clothes. 

Your source even says the government is looking for ways to reduce the price of uniforms, meaning there is a chance the prices will lower to make it more affordable. American uniforms are cheaper in general and are helping with these issues 

Round 2
A&B: There are other ways of preventing gang signs and rules to enforce. The idea of reducing bullying is also a double-edged uncertainty, other experts have done research and found no difference ( If we look into the reasons for bullying and being bullied (, if people want to bully, they will find a reason to. I feel like the explanation is just that teachers are noticing that people are being bullied and use school uniforms to show they mean business and take the school seriously, leading bullies to be less likely to take action. But other restrictive policies could also do the same, especially fixing the root of the problem as mentioned before.

My opponent says that the uniforms are "cheap" but this is still extra money that poor families can't afford, from the poorest families still struggle to keep up with this demand, and states that some families even go into debt as a result of the costly clothes. You have to realize that you desire "equality" when admitting there is inequality in the first place; not every family will spend that much money, and be very sparse when spending money to buy clothes. Your idea doesn't work well with everyone.
Thank you opponent

My opponent drops the following contentions

1. Remove of Social Class
My opponent fails to contest these argument on my case about uniforms promote equality with social class.

The impact of the case is that student do not feel belittled by the little clothes they own and the cost, because they wear the same thing, promoting equality and non judgement based on the amount of money you owe, which can prevent a form of bullying, which impact of reducing bullying is a humans own life.

2. Individualism < Safety
My opponent fails to contest the impact calc that he presents. Extend the fact that safety has a much larger impact on the student. Individualism is not destroyed by wearing uniforms and therefore has less of an impact to safety

Dropped arguments can not be brought up in the debate and therefore, the judge should take these points as victories for PRO
Onto my rebuttals

[A] Bullying Will Happen
My opponent misinterprets the case I make in R1. I don't claim that bullying will cease to exist. I state in my R1 "This is a solution that help a wider problem in America with bullying, and promotes a safe environment where a student can learn without fear, and a step in the right direction for combatting bullying."

This claim suggests that this is a step to helping the issue with bullying. Yes, bullying will still occur, however less bullying will occur. Bullies are unable to bully on social class in America. Here is more evidence to support my claims. You can not be bullied from your social status, taking away a key part of being bullied. In fact, a recent study suggested that lower SES people are more likely to become victims of bullying and higher SES people are more likely to be aggressors. If someone has a more expansive brand of shoes versus a cheaper brand of shoes and is made fun of, that is social economic bullying. That whole sphere of bullying is removed if uniforms are enforced.

This a key step into solving bullying and slowing down the rate of bullying. Any form of reduction in bullying is a positive. 

Also note that opponent dropped everything related to social class on my end, therefore making these statements valid

[B] Affordability

My opponent keeps claiming that uniforms are expensive, but that is the same thing with purchasing regular clothes. Uniforms can cost $300 per year while actual clothes cost $600 per year. It is much better fiscally for families. In the UK, the average cost is 88.05. There are also effective strategies that you can do so that purchases can be cheaper for people as well

You say that people don't have the money for uniforms, but what makes it easier to buy good clothes as well. If someone does not have these types of clothes, they get bullied and tormented because of their social class. Having one uniform and cheaper clothes can prevent bullying in school. I have proven in my argument that bullying from social status occurs. You can also pass on the uniforms on to siblings as well

There is also financial aid in many parts of America for school supplies and such. There can be policies that can help relieve the burden that happens to show that equality can exist within a school environment.

Even so, my opponent still claims school uniforms are more expensive. My sources provided are reliable and are ways to decrease that burden occurring. With regular clothes, there is no way of lowering that burden for clothes

My opponent conceded the impact, therefore making all my impacts outweigh his and the calculus of these impacts substantial. My opponent also fails to talk about social class being a factor

My opponent falsely claims that uniforms will stop bullying, when my claim was that they will take away an aspect of bullying that is proven to be substantial

My opponent argument for expensiveness uses sources out of date. My sources I use prove uniforms can be much cheaper, and there also ways that uniforms can be cheaper with proper legislation and assistance. There is no room for this assistance with clothing at a retail store

Awaiting R3!

Round 3
I concede.
Extend case. I thank my opponent for debate. Vote PRO