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Description ( is a leading online Debate platform which has 4 Debating formats including Casual Debating, "Persuade Me" Debating, Formalish Debating, and Formal Debating.

1) Large Civil Community
2) Tournaments
3) Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Modern Design
4) Artifical Intelligence (Debra AI) functionality
5) 4 Debating Formats
6) Spam Filter (No spam)
7) Actively developed - constantly releasing new updates

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Round 1
From DebateArt to DebateIsland:

Administrative and Moderation-Team Transparency

The first point raised is: 1) Large Civil Community... Okay, so DI's community says it's larger but is this actually true? Debate Island has easily amassed more overall members due to being around from as early as April 30, 2016 the, then 12, now 15, year-old Aaron Golbin made Debate Island.[] Since then to now, sure they easily have had more overall members than DebateArt which was released by the Admin at April 5th 2018 both announced on FB and DDO. [] []. The question of 'big userbase' is brought into question because while putting far more effort into poaching from DDO (observe the following as recent as last week: there appears to be no real benefit for them. Many have complained about the looks of the site, the overly brutal moderation and the irritating frequency with which one is asked to be a Premium member. I know these complaints off-by-heart because unless the idiot Aaron Golbin who decided to go Guerrilla and just shoot out 'debateisland' spam like this debate right here to get people to join his site, I actually did real shit to get people to join and put blood sweat and tears into stopping the most idiotic idea ever to move over to Civid (RIP amirite?). I was DebateIsland's diehard supporter in the death of DDO and what did Aaron do? Nothing. He didn't thank me, he didn't work with me no he spat in my face denying the spammer was him or affiliated with him and has removed every single thread anyone makes that remotely questions the moderation of Debate Island, the quality of it or even the question of who Aaron is to the team. You will not find the threads because they're removed. The entire site is a corrupt scheme of censorship and opaque moderation that is so opaque you can't even admit it happened. On DA you can not only insult the head-mod, question the admin who posts bi-daily and advertise another debating site like this debate is doing but you can make the following threads:


When you get punished on DI, you don't get warned. I know this from personal experience on the site. He will silently delete your posts, deny he did it and treat you like a joke. This has caused users on CD that I encouraged to try out DI to become enraged and quit the site.

Not to mention that the admin himself is the person advertising the website using illicit means to do so. (Political1 is him, I guarantee it).

"Tournaments... LOL!"

Oh please, I was the first place of the first tournament there and I didn't even have to try, the only people to beat me (whiteflame and blamonkey) did so either because voters didn't understand how burden of proof works or because I literally fell asleep while typing my Round 3 (and that cancels voting as one debate-round forfeited is whole debate/tournament forfeited there).

I will show you the quality of these tournaments and how much effort the admin puts into his topic choices.

So, the only reason I won the first tournament was sweet-talking my Round-1 opponent into admitting I was amazing in handling such an unwinnable topic:

LOL Proudest moment of my debating career that whole month tbph.

Now, to be fair, Aaron improved his topic choices and vote moderating (yeah seriously look at the votes of that debate) by the other 2 tournaments but here's the issue. The way he does it is to blackmail you into 5 choices, there's no way to host a casual tourney of your own running and if you don't like his topics he will genuinely tell you to shut up and pick in kinder words.

He will, if feeling generous, give you 5 more topics but won't let you pick your own unless it's really politically correct and something he thinks will get revenue... To a site that has $0 in backing according to Indiegogo

I am also going to reveal something he has hidden from people which I proved by winning 3 months in total free Premium thanks to good recruiting of people to the site and thanks to winning a tournament (I didn't know I'd get it so you cannot accuse me of having monetary motive):

YOU GET MORE POINTS PER FEW POSTS IF YOU ARE PREMIUM THAN NOT.This is listed nowhere on the entire site and is the sole way you are ranked as is (his ranking system is broken in the 'elo' sense and doesn't even count your Tournament debates in it). He also readily preys on you having just lost a tournament and thus losing your shot at 2 months free premium by messaging you the moment you lose 'do you want to buy more' he did this to me even when I won. He says 'do you want to pay and gold premium free'? When the only benefit of doing that is that he tells you updates in advance (which he doesn't do, I already know that's a lie).

3) Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Modern Design ????????????????????

AHAHAHAHAHAHA the autocorrect will correct on Android to something totally different to what it says. He's designed it solely for iPhone and the only reason phone users aren't forced to click ads against their will to navigate the site is I brought up the topic in such a way he couldn't delete it without others seeing (I had my ways, oh yes I did). 

4) Artifical Intelligence (Debra AI) functionality

This AI is not terrible but it's nowhere near brilliant. He wasted a lot of money on complete nonsense. Go to the website and look at how it ranks the different criteria, it's not terrible but it's totally wrong often enough for there to be an issue with what its purpose it and how it's serving it.

5) 4 Debating Formats
One of the formats is literally making a forum topic AKA casual... This is already on DA in a much better-organised manner.

Then we have 'persuade me' which is able to be done via forum topics but, sure, is funky I'll admit.

I think Formalish is quite stupid, I mean just look at what Formal is and what casual is and ask 'why do we need Formalish'? There's nothing gained by it, really. It's designed terribly too, you can't just 'join in' for a Round, it counts as a forfeit which affects your nonsensical broken rating xD.

6) Spam Filter (No spam)
7) Actively developed - constantly releasing new updates