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Rap Battle (Magira VS Seldiora)


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Round 1
this rap is an act of radical terror
I'm so savage I'll tear your throat out right on the capital square, per-
-sonally buy your casket and contract the pallbearer
just cause' you make so many grammatical errors

I really think you "should" wear a dunce cap and a cape for
all your SUPER dumb tactics, you're unmatched in the paper-
-tiger category, cause' you suck baskets of wankers
But have the nerve to say you're  an "above average debater"
your mother should have aborted your punk ass with a hanger
these are just facts, I'm no hater
bust raps with a flavor
so delectable your bitch would give sexual favors
that is, if you could GET the hoe, player!

His Chinese dick the size of a pea, so short he
can't quite pee, yet he wonders "why radies no pork me?"
then he makes a thread listing reasons he so horny
he's like the chinese version of a hikikomori (  hikikomori is a japanese term for a social outcast/recluse and these people are typically young adult males who don't get any pussy)

yo this is such ass trash, you call this an "attack"?
splicin' word turds that I shoot back, rat-a-ta-tat
thinkin this a coffin dance, it is I who got you in a trance,
you got no romance, no chance, such poor stance

Yeah, you thinking of me poor but
I got you shrinking and fleeing, such a bore
Oh, what's stinking, your asshole sore?
I'm the supreme being, with infinite grandeur

Scorchin' you through and down with burns,
Torchin' you clown, make your stomach churn
Each word making you doubt, have concern
Reach got you shaking, pass out, low born
Boy's insecure, already screwed, past no return
My poison's brewed, this session is adjourned
Round 2
when your butts kicked you don't look poised
one diss and you're dus-troyed
you a dumb shit with no good points
you a punk bitch, you a puss boi

I'm what you'd get from crossin' a river gator
with the sonic manipulator
I got body parts I chopped into bits and saved for
later, plus pics of my victims on the refrigerator
you ain't hypnotic you fibber, faker
I'll throw your coffin in an atomic incinerator
you're talkin' brewed poison, I'm toxic with bitter flavor
a human cloud of anthrax, launched in a fit of anger

I'm from a Chinese bio-weapons facility
Covid is my homie, he comes over and chills with me
everybody knows you'll never be as ill as me
all you'll ever have is acute lack of skill disease

Lookie here, even he knows he's a germ
When I walk near, he's come to terms
With his uselessness, losing awareness
His "meat" is juiceless, even fruitless

He's clueless, I'm an opportunist
draw you splattered like a cartoonist
saw you open on a platter 
while you peein out of your bladder

Think you're so bold, all's been said and told
Not an inkling of your rap's sold, 
As if you been drinking, vomiting some mold
while from the beginning my income's been gold

Round 3
when it comes to swag you all know I'm leakin' juice
he can't even tell the difference between meat and fruit
they're in a different freakin' group
 on the food pyramid
and when it comes to the grouping of "true lyricist"
only he disputes that we all know who's tier it is
I'm at the peak, its true
but its an inverted scheme thats used cause' I don't do tyranny
he sounds like a buffoon lyrically, he should shut up his mouth and keep it mute

he's given up, living's too tough, 
can't get even a little rough
I was goin easy against you sleazy 
breaking your knees, be making you wheeze

Now I'm overwhelmin', how overbearin'
lucky clover helpin', never errin'
Like paper I'm tearin' you apart, 
into the scraper, I'm unsparin'

Spittin you into the sewer, lifespan's over
Splitting your heart to pieces, old man I'm newer
Incalculable, unfathomable, I'm high above you
Against your babble, this ain't even a battle
stop your prattle, I've got you tamed like a cattle