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Education is becoming costly with every passing day while the quality is not improving.


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Round 1

Education is always said to be the essence of human being. Many human’s revolution are founded on breakthroughs in education. Indisputably , education is influential to teenagers and our future . Both of us hope it can be improved but the truth is education is becoming exorbitant while the quality has not been improved. In this article , I will unpack my ideas with twofold : before the covid-19 and during the covid-19.

Before the covid-19.

Firstly , parents have higher standards towards their children currently. All-rounded , talented and skillful are the synonyms of children born and bred in the 21st century. Music , sports and academics seem already to have become prerequisites for all of us. However ,none of us could be a genius in all facets. Our parents compel us to participate in in-numerous activities. While tutorial lessons demand was skyrocketing, more and more pseudos appeared. The cost of hiring pseudos increases without a doubt , obviously the standard of education is lower. Never could we differentiate the grade of educators any more.  Consequently , our education quality halts with extortionate fare.

Secondly , credential inflation is another crux of this trouble. Average education level of the general public becomes higher. Same discipline that is poles apart often takes place. However economic inflation gives rise to the same degree but excessively higher price. Same degree but price higher is another evidence to postulate the quality of education is worse.

During the covid-19 

Sorry I have an exam tomorrow so I will elaborate it later.

Disclaimer: I accepted this out of pure boredom and a 2-day limit would mean I would miss at least 2 rounds in this debate if the response isn't overly-speedy. Since I have limited time here. I will drop as strong of a clacker here for that a stable base could handle more than a single wave of attack.

  • Pro asserts that for at least a part of his resolution, that the quality of the education is not improving
  • The quality of education is improving
  • Thus, Pro is incorrect about this topic
Arg: The quality of education is improving

One of the most authentic sources within this world have sorted out the state od education per year, and it states a lot of statistics about that education is becoming better, such as that more people are going to colleges, less people have no education, people are receiving more and more education and making more money, etc[1]. If such a big database suggests that the quality of education is becoming better and better, then how is it possible that the quality of education is not improving?


Since the quality of education is improving, it thus rendered Pro's proposition a false one.



This topic points to a general state as nothing suggests anything even remotely related to COVID-19. As that I have written this argument in less than 1500 characters, I will leave this picture here.
Round 2

Thank you very much Mr Intelligence_06. Good evening , I am glad to have an entertaining debate with you tonight. Before continuing our delightful arguments , let me begin by defining the quality of education first. Based on HUFFPOST , a quality education should focus on the following five aspects.
  1. Social 
  2. Emotional 
  3. Mental 
  4. Physical 
  5. Cognitive development 

1. Education is denatured from all-rounded development to academic lecturing only .

Education should never focus on one single aspect out of the aforementioned five prongs. Based on the postulations from the opponent shows us children’s education quality of cognitive development seems to have been improved. Presume the surmise is correct though I will rebuttal it later , without a doubt other four aspects are deteriorating. During the covid-19 , as a student , nearly all my lectures are being taken through google meeting or zoom. As a 19 years old kid , I desire to enlarge my social circle instead of staying at home without meeting any new friends including maybe my future wife. Never had we known our classmates, how could our social skills become better which closely related to my next point : emotional control ? Practice makes perfect , this golden rule is also applicable to our emotional control as well. Without practice , negative emotions like anger , timidness and sorrow will always be there. Before education becomes academics only , social is part of a student's life. It is impossible to say the quality is improving based on these two aspects.

2. Recent education only focuses on the name only. The number of people receiving education is increasing but the quality is decreasing.

According to some research ,over 45% of the population in the US have earned a degree. It seems people get a higher level of education. However , the same degree with different syllabus is normal nowadays . Numerous topics are moved from Bachelor to master. It is clear that education even in the cognitive development aspect is deteriorating .

From these two solid points, education is to stay in its original position only . As a result the statement is correct. I would like to ask my opponent two questions: do you think education is becoming costly and do you think children's mental health hasn't become better compared to decade.

Resources :
  1. Definition of education :,life%2C%20not%20just%20for%20testing.
  2. Number of people earned a degree

Pro’s argument is only about the Privileged US, even though that his resolution, setting no known bounds, would require him to prove worldwide that education is not becoming better, which is false.

In the previous source, I have already proved that millions of people went from no education to education. The quality obviously improves from 0 to a value above zero, and in this case, it is within millions of people worldwide that went from no education to educated. Using that just because the opponent isn’t satisfied with his education doesn’t mean it hasn’t been better, because millions of people in the world have benefitted from education that obviously have more quality than nothing. Education is benefitting more people than before and more people are receiving education with relatively-high quality than before, even if it is coarse for us here.

In case, I will present another source.
Round 3
Let me begin by concluding my opponent’s point of view first. My opponent opposed the statement with two prongs . First , my opponent conceded that in the US some prerogative education quality is not improving but deteriorating .Thus changing the topic from US to worldwide. Other than that my opponent points out quantity is more important than quality. However , my opponent missed some important points. 

First , quantity and quality are always paradoxes. The number of people who could receive education indeed become higher. The situation could even so-calle sky-rocketing. However , as aforementioned , the quality of education is based on those five features. Undoubtedly , it seems more people get the education but we could not say the quality of it improves since the time consumed in academy is equivalent to the time of social. As a result quality and quantity are said to be different . 

Second , worldwide speaking, especially in asia countries, students ' academic pressure is higher. As a result the emotional control is polarized compared to the student's education held before.

Apologize . I am really busy these days /

My arguments are becoming a little weak because I can only get hold of my phone. I request my opponent to not post an argument until one day later for I will forfeit otherwise.

First , my opponent conceded that in the US some prerogative education quality is not improving but deteriorating .Thus changing the topic from US to worldwide.
That is the resolution, period. My opponent is acting like as if he limited the resolution to the Privileged US even though there are no limits set otherwise by my opponent in the resolution itself plus the description. Kids in Africa and the Middle East have received ample education from nothing, and it is undeniable that in a worldly scale, education is becoming better. My last argument is dropped and one reason of his is nullified, making me the one with the upper hand if the others are also nullified.

For one, should we really sacrifice the resources to the poor and needy to satisfy the needs of the rich and the privileged? My opponent’s argument, ironically, is paradoxical, considering he likely asks to the resources to the poor and needed to better the ones only available to the privileged. It is essentially impossible for the world now to fulfill all people at once, and as a result, we must focus on people who need education more than people who already have education, even if we do focus on the latter for a lot. Education is becoming more equal and my opponent conceded it. Isn’t equality a good quality of the world? Why does equality mean a decrease of equality to my opponent or does it not?

For the second, the Asian students, although buried with mundane textbooks, are still learning. Don’t we compare how “qualitied” our learning is by how much useful stuff is learned, and is Chemistry, Language Arts and Mathematics not useful knowledge if they want genuine excellence? All they lack in EQ is supplemented by more academic learning which is still useful, so the status quo here is either not bad at all or not as bad as my opponent proposes it as it being. With more equality and much more people getting education they once lacked, how is it to say that it is not getting better in quality?
Round 4

Before continuing my points . I would declare two objections.

First I concede the number of people who receive education is polarized compared to the decade before. However as aforesaid , the quality of education depends on five criteria only which my opponent haven’t found another authoritative source to object this definition. There isn’t a yardstick named quantity as a result even though we both have admitted the number of people who received education are becoming numerous.This could not act as a corroboration to prove the quality is improving. 

For the second , never had I mentioned to abandon any child. I feel sympathetic towards all of those who haven’t received education. We both understand education creates revolution . We both should acknowledge quality education is more important than providing some wrong information to those needy. 

Other than that , based on recent research , the news shows Asian students pressure basically came from academics.How could a teenager bear long hours ,high pressure without affecting his or her personal growth. The education system only gives rise to their development from awesome to tragic.

Based on these presumptions , we could basically verify the quality has stopped. Thus both of us agreed education is becoming costly. Hence this statement is correct. Vote pro if you concur education quality is more important than quantity.

1. Five Criteria

Pro's assumption is equivalent of saying no matter how good the education is, as long as it does not associate with the 5 points, it contains no quality, which is generally false considering learning only mundane academics in the deep hills as a poor kid is better than having no education, in other words, of more quality.

Notice how my opponent didn't source his points whatsoever? The Huffpost article is not being sourced and it is not common knowledge. Using an unsourced article as your main source would be pretty weak, pal. It is also a misinterpretation my opponent made, that although education with those 5 points added to the curriculum is better than not, having education without those is better than none, not equally quality-less. I have presented enough proof that education is so widespread within the world now compared to the past that it is impossible to assume that education is not becoming of more quality.

2. General education

Even if the frontier of the education is not improved in quality, the fact that in the bottom tier of society education is more widespread than ever and people know more things than ever can already prove that within the borders of our society, education is improving.

This is not adding that although the emotional, etc. learning is not spread through our common core curriculum, the fact we are learning more things than before(Common sense from that we are discovering more useful information than before) and more people are learning those knowledge(from sources) than before simply means more quality. When both states of education lack the 5 criteria, the one that is taught more things and has taught more people(which are both good qualities) simply means more quality.

Asian Pressure

Using the example. Asian students didn't get better at managing themselves but at least they are learning more useful information. That is improvement in quality.

  • Pro did not source his Huffpost article, thus his entire argument could be nullified(If he used logic to prove all 5 are essential, then I take it; but no, it is just a "He said it" argument)
    • Even then, education without those 5 criteria can still have quality, even if it has less, it is not zero.
  • More of us are learning more than ever before
    • This is improvement in quality thinking that having more accessible education and having, on average, more knowledge per person, are both good qualities.
  • Con concludes, Pro did not prove his claim.

Round 5
Good morning everyone.

Firstly , I oppose my opponent's allegation which accuses I have not sourced the definition of quality education while I have posted the link during round 2. I will post it here again.

Second , as aforesaid , my infer is based on education quality but not quantity. Thus our education these days are just teaching students how to be good in their examinations rather than social skills. 

In this concluding round , rather than pointing out other mistakes or doing a rebuttal. I would prefer to invite every reader to evoke those old good days : student’s era. Without those important education , you could not read our argument . Without those significant lectures , you could not get the job opportunities . Think about those days you were having a camp with your friends. Those days are indelible for me . Those days are unforgettable for you.  However , what society’s futures are getting are just a google meeting. They don’t even know their classmates' names , they don’t even know where their schools are located.  Is this education our community wants ? No , definitely not. We hope for a better future built from those teenagers, we hope our teenagers get the best education. If you think knowledge is the only thing you learnt from school ,then vote con. If you think knowledge is not the only thing you learnt , vote pro please !

Things Pro did not deny
  • An improved quantity of people getting a share of goods is a good quality
  • More people are getting education and people are generally learning more academics
  • His "Huffpost argument" is still just a "He said it" argument and he used no logic to justify it
  • Academic-only education still has quality, and more academics in learning is better than less, granted if none of those 5 core criteria were present either way
Here, Quantity is a quality

I repeat myself. More people being able to learn more is the result of good qualities. Pro dropped this throughout the entire debate.


I restate, the resolution obviously argues for the greater trend and mentions nothing related to COVID-19. We are in an outlier and a single outlier does not affect the greater trend, especially since the world is recovering.

The greater trend is: More people getting better education. That is good. I think you have accepted it.

Think about those days you were having a camp with your friends. Those days are indelible for me . Those days are unforgettable for you. 
While this may be a valid point in a verbal debate in LD form, my opponent need to prove that there is equal or more value lost in the past to make the state of education either plateauing or recessing. He presented no source of that sort and a few subjective examples do not prove the whole picture. Plus that we are able to go out until 2019(and 2020 already if you are in China...) means that the greater pattern isn't as far away as my opponent paints it as so.

  • Pro dropped some points. Look above.
  • Academic education is quality education, even if it has less quality than one with mental, cognitive, physical, etc. integrated within the curriculum
  • More of us are learning more things every day we go, and that is the result of:
    • More accessible learning
    • More expertised learning(learning more)
      • Both are existing qualities(Quantity can be a quality in some cases and denying it would be false dichotomy).
  • Pro did not prove that equal values of education is lost through the trend of history.
  • Education is becoming of more quality through the trend of history.
  • As a result, Pro did not prove what he is to prove.
  • Vote Con.