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Eurocentric Disinformation Should Be Abolished Immediately: Prove Me Wrong


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As of 2021, the world's history has been destroyed and rebranded by Europeans across the globe. These false teaching and massive amounts of disinformation has been a major problem to societies around the globe. Europeans have literally built an entire educational system that spreads these lies on a continuous basis. In the process, authentic history has been either removed, hidden or completely destroyed to keep this charade operating at full capacity. Not only has the Eurocentric lies made its way into mainstream society; these lies have made their way into religion. From American history to ancient's time to expose and eradicate this ridiculous system of deceit.

If you can prove that European culture isn't built on lies, then they're welcome to take this debate. I only deal with facts/evidence, so please leave your emotions at the door.

Round 1
The title pretty much speaks volumes. The European way of telling history is completely nonsense in the US and around the globe. Eurocentric lies can be found in America's education system all the way to the Holy Bible. We all know that Jesus wasn't white, but the Euro lies have plastered this facade all over the globe. This is one of the reasons why foreign academia doesn't even respect half of the information that's coming out the US. The mainstream news is Eurocentric heavy and is used to push propaganda on a daily basis. Case in Point: This COVID issue has been propagated to say that Latinos and Blacks are now getting COVID more than other race. In reality, Whites are getting this man-made disease more than every other race and the numbers prove it.

The Eurocentric lies of Christopher Columbus discovering America to Europeans being the ancient Egyptians is downright hilarious despite the fact that Egyptians are Black. Half of the information for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade is bogus, especially when it come to the number of people that were involved and transported. Holidays are some of the biggest Eurocentric lies in history... Don't get me started on the "Jewish" scam that's been perpetrated for all most a century. Even when you look at a number of inventions; the real information is purposely hidden. 

The inception for many of today's diseases aren't even true. Europeans have purposely given diseases around the globe while hiding this action under the cloak of missionary. Of course, the conqueror get to tell their side of history, but unfortunately most of this history is false. If you think that what I've proposed is false, then you can give it your best shot to try and debunk it...

Disclaimer: I'm well versed in this topic. I have years of experience in Anthropology, writing etc.     Good Luck.
Round 2
I didn't realize the time limit on this was so short. Well, we both forfeited a round so we'll just consider those to be canceled out.

let's get started. First, he makes a lot of claims but presents absolutely nothing to back them up. For someone allegedly well versed in anthropology he doesn't seem to know about very many source materials. 

Moving on to his claims about Jesus. As someone well-versed in anthropology would know, we don't actually know what the residents of Judea at the time looked like. It's in a strange region of the world where various ethnicites exist and have existed at the same time. It is worth noting that even the earliest depictions of christ at most give him olive colored skin. Beyond that point, the color of Christs skin is the least improtant aspect of his character and to use this as one of your main points as to why all of European culture is based on lies makes little sense as the color of christ is insignificant to his impact on European culture.

Next he claims that foreign academia doesn't respect "half" of the information coming out of the U.S. What foreign academia? Where did you come up with the half figure? Do you have a source? 

He claims that whites are getting covid-19 more than any other race and the "numbers prove it." What numbers? you still have no sources. Even if that's true, how is the claim that blacks and hispanics are getting covid more often in any way eurocentric?

If you don't believe that Columbus discovered America then who did? Leif Eriksson? It doesn't get any whiter than Scandinavia so I'm confused as to what your argument is here. Even if Columbus wasn't the first European to discover America, he is certainly the first to spread the knowledge of the Americas to Europe at large.

He provides no evidence for his claims that the numbers around the slave trade are "bogus." Nor does he provide evidence or a warrant for his claim that holidays are "Eurocentric lies."

I've never heard of a claim that Ancient Egyptians were Europeans. Pretty sure they were Egyptians. Perhaps he means that they are depicted as having light skin because he then claims that Egyptians are black. Again, Egypt is in a part of the world that the color of your skin depends on where you are in the country. Consider this image of Egyptian actor Amr Waked He was born in Cairo, Egypt and is clearly not black. Again, I'm confused as to why the superficial appearance of Egyptians is relevant to European culture being "built on lies."

He briefly mentions the "Jewish scam." Potential antisemitism aside, he makes no attempt to define the "jewish scam" or relate it to Eurocentrism.

He claims that the real information behind inventions are kept purposely hidden. What information behind what inventions? Do you have examples? Who's hiding this information?

He has provided no evidence for his claims that global European missionary work was actually a devious plot to spread disease to non-European cultures. There are examples of this happening in history such as the famous smallpox blankets case, but that's the thing. Famous. Everyone knows about it. It isn't hidden. History hasn't been erased. This makes his argument fall flat.

Round 3
Extend my arguments.
Round 4
My Fault. I completely forgot...I'll have to redo this debate and send you an invitation if you're still interested. 
All right. You can go ahead and send an invitation. We'll just copy and paste our arguments into the first round. It's too easy.