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Genshin Impact is a better Game Than Fortnite


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In this debate we will argue what makes a game good. I will argue that Genshin is a better game than Fortnite, while Con argues Fortnite is better than Genshin.

Burden of proof is shared.

Round 1
There have been comparisons to Breath of the Wild, with the similarly astounding landscape and beautiful soundtrack (in addition to story). Now BoTW is one of the hallmark standards of fantasy RPG and already one of the best games of all time. (  To be compared to the best and come out on top proves Genshin's worth. As one review notes, "The fights ... are much more fun in 'Genshin Impact' than they are in 'Breath of the Wild,' and that's the biggest difference between the two games.". Indeed, with multiple different abilities and characters to use, it's definitive that the fighting system in Genshin would at least be on par with Link's abilities. 

Next, even PC Gamer is forced to reckon Genshin as one of the best free-to-play games of all time ( though there are some stiff competitors, Genshin still arguably comes out on top with its countless hours of play and enjoyable characters. Genshin offers at least 43 hours of game play, and even more if you are a completionist ( I'd like Con to offer a free-to-play game that lasts you 80+ hours and onwards. 

Genshin is so great that it walked away with Google Play's Best game of the year award. ('s%20best%20games%20of%202020%20%E2%80%94%20Genshin%20Impact%20is%20the%20big%20winner&text=As%20part%20of%20its%20annual,of%20Best%20Game%20of%202020.) That's saying something. It still earns up to 6$ million dollars per day despite its free nature, out-beating the vast majority of other f2p games. ( In terms of people who are willing to compensate, this game highlights that it is the best of the best. After all, if someone offers you services to you for free, but you still give them money, well, that's a true testament to skill. Combined with more than 10 million players, it's evident that Genshin is incredibly popular and well received.

Review geek further bolsters Genshin's game aspects. Not only are the fantastic unique places of the world mentioned, the real time elemental system based fighting is praised. Even though it has merely two out of seven finished areas, the surface only hints at what Genshin is truly capable of. Imagine we multiplied the playtime by 3.5 times. The combination of the fun puzzles and fighting would stretch on to give players the max value for their time. (

Not only is the gameplay hailed, the music is also wondrous. From a very well respected composer, ( Genshin's soundtrack accompanies the game incredibly well. ( You will find very few free to play soundtracks that have the atmosphere of an entire orchestra assisting your character. 

The Genshin Universe doesn't just stop at the game. The creators plan for widespread influence with comics, toys, and perhaps even a movie -- “We will continue to expand the Genshin universe by creating a line of comics, toys and maybe even a movie,” says Jin. Liu chimes in: “we want to create our own Marvel universe.” ( clearly, the game is not only ambitious but also has extensive impact on the people that goes beyond your regular free-to-play game. 

Game Informer summarizes the game quite well. With a big open fantasy world, great art and sound, and incredible replay able nature, Genshin is unrivaled by the vast majority of free games. ( Even though it is slightly hampered by money transactions, none of these are necessary to win the game, and the similarities to Breath of the Wild do not prove that it is a copy cat. It goes beyond, with different puzzles, story, and elemental interaction to prove that it is not just a free copy of Link's adventure. 

Fornite has noted to be frustratingly especially due to the RNG factor. While genshin has consistent improvement of character the idea of building a giant wooden tower to win feels clunky and counter intuitive. The story isn’t next to none and henceforth has less motivation to continue for smarter players. Genshins limited quests allow for perfect amount of gameplay per day, while Fornite endlessly encourages young children to become addicted. In recent news, they have even snuck out of bed at 2 am to play. (Source in comments) hence Genshin encourages more healthy game play. It’s micro transaction might not be great, but fortnite dances are downright silly. Not to mention Genshin soundtrack completely beats out fornite.

First off, as a BotW fan and a former Fortnite hater, I am obviously playing devil's advocate here, as I believe that this will give me a good challenge arguing a stand I do not hold.

I will use GI as Genshin Impact, and FT as Fortnite in this argument. BotW is Breath of the Wild, a game that inspired GI and comparisons will be made throughout the debate.

Unsupported points of Pro:
  • GI is more fun than BotW
  • GI has enjoyable characters
  • The fact GI has hours of gameplay makes it good
  • The future updates of GI will make it more fun
  • FT is frustrating and bad
Argument: Ratings of the Internet

Playing Hours

According to the same site, FT has over 70 hours of gameplay at just the basic route[1]. Which one is better, huh? It is either that my opponent accept FT is the better one or he will drop this unsupported "More hours = better" thing because there is no offered correlation. Mostly the atter.


According to Metacritic, there is close to zero differences to GI and FT, with the former being 84[2a] and the latter 85[2b]. FT is still slightly better at the eyes of the metacritic. FT also has the top rating of the two, with some dude(or girl, or even nonbinary person) commenting that it deserves a 96%, while GI has only 93%.

These are game-playing professionals. The professionals show rather that GI is not better than FT.

I generally disregard comments made by the average players, especially on FT, because apparently they leave a 0% and say random BS like "Don't say it is bad in school, you will get bullied", etc.


Another video-game organization! This time, FT is 9.6/10[3a] and GI is 9/10[3b]. Based on the logic of "higher number is better", we can see which one is better for them.


FT is rated as an 8[4a] while GI is rated as a 7[4b].

Argument: Better customizations

While GI wants you to buy stuff unnecessary to the game, Fortnite also makes you buy stuff unrelated to the completion to the game(In fact, it may even be "worse" to the survival of the player as it is more flashy in a hide-and-seek game). The differences are that FT has Much more choice to offer for the player. This here is just maybe everything Fortnite has to offer to the players[5]. Can GI match even 1/5 of that?

Sure, people can say that the decals and the dances are silly, but the popularity of those items would scream otherwise.

The characters are essentially and relatively more "able-bodied" than they are in GI. In GI, you would need to switch characters to use a bow! This is compared to in FT where everyone can do the same things, built wood planks and destroy them because they can. The fact I need to switch characters just to do something is absurd, and it is better to make everyone to do the same thing, or better, just make a jack-of-all trades like Link in BotW!

Eventually, you would only use a part of the entire roster in Genshin Impact, leaving a whole bunch of characters clogged in your possession and useless for their own sakes.

Argument: So that is why Fortnite is more "fun"?

According to a source[6], Genshin Impact literally becomes boring after the main quests become completed. Collecting resin becomes unfun after some time and it is the thing blocking you from HAVING REWARDS. To exaggerate, this is LITERALLY EA. Some chests require 60 resins just to open and you can only hold 120 resins per day. Essentially, what comes is money, and you would probably spend money at one point of time because you want to OPEN A SINGLE CHEST. Guys, this is the complete opposite motive to FT's money-making system, as FT wants you to look cool and things that cost money to buy would grant you stuff, boosting your ego. In GI, dollars and cents aren't even directly contributional to something you can make yourself look cool, instead it is just some requirement to OPEN CHESTS, which would make you just want to get it over with.

Fortnite is more addicting and those who interrupt their life to play it, it is their fault, not the game's. A game is better when no matter how you play it it remains interesting, compared to when it quickly becomes boring after 43 hours. 

Also, Genshin impact is only available on PC, so good luck when your gaming rig consists of a PS5, Xbox and a Switch. The gaming platforms are narrowed, and so is the community, obviously.

In the end, I would rather play a game more unpredictable so that every game could keep the fun-ness it has, than a game that isn't even fully complete and requires your wealth just to open a chest.

  • The general consensus of video game experts(Metacritic, IGN, Gamespot) concludes that Fortnite is slightly better than Genshin Impact
  • The roster of Fortnite is more interesting, consisting of more interesting stuff and more cultural references with the same abilities, while the roster of Genshin Impact isn't even "able-bodied" to the standard of the average game as you would need to switch to another character to use a bow!
  • The resin system makes Genshin Impact uninteresting after 43 hours because you need resin to open a chest with no reasonable means relating to the plot.
  • The fact Fortnite is unpredictable keeps the game fun, and it doesn't become boring because it doesn't have anything like the resin system that is just annoying to deal with. Fortnite purchases make the players think they look cool, instead of just a nuisance.
  • Genshin Impact is available only on PC, while Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch.

Round 2
I concede. I guess I'm just mostly a sucker for anime, soundtrack, and nice story.

Pro has conceded. That is good conduct. I advise voters to vote Con for Args and vote Pro for Conduct.
Round 3
Verdict on Victor

Pro has conceded this debate and refuted none of my points in the later rounds. As a result, it is just to vote CON overall for args. Conceding is of good merit and it is just to vote PRO on conduct.

Recap of my arguments
  1. Fortnite is reviewed by experts and said experts say it is a bit better than Genshin Impact
  2. Fortnite has more pop-cultural customizations and the unpredictability keeps it fun, whereas Genshin Impact becomes boring when you go to the collecting-resin stage
  3. Fortnite characters at least can do everything by themselves; while some Genshin Impact characters can't even use a bow, an important function
  4. Fortnite is available on PC and various consoles, whereas Genshin Impact is only available on PC.
  5. My opponent has conceded, it is proven that Fortnite is better than Genshin impact in this debate.