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Round 1
I thank RationalMadman for accepting this debate. Per the rules, I waive this round.
Beat to the rap (to help with slower paced reading, play on repeat by right clicking and choosing 'Loop' option):

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I write in British English but read the rap in Trump's accent.


This be the Dee-onald T, here to save USA,
Here pave the way to the greatness like way way back in the day,
Back when the walls didn't save natives from enslavement,
When they were raped as they prayed a wall strong enough were there from times ancient,
'Cause I'm living proof, and so are all of my kind that illegal immigration is a nightmare to which we are blind,
It's time to remind you, of bullshit from before, of stories so old, they don't have relevance anymore,
Of rapists, of thieves and other lies you believe, anything to get the crowd roaring "Crooked Clinton" on repeat,
And when the stampede dies down, they'll forget the lies that I spread,
That the Mexican's'd pay for it and that I'd make the working class put the blood, sweat and tears in order to increase while having abused those working class adults and chi-ldren leaving the nation $21.7 Tri-llion in debt.

All these broken promises, yet the one I gotta keep is the fence, I mean 'defence' of the sheep, 
FAAAAYKNeeeewz if you spit the truth every week, send bombs to your mailbox, read 'em and weep,
CNN the REAL ENEMY of the PEOPLE, send subliminal death threats by tweets, never let the left sleep,
When I said I'd make Mexico pay for a wall built for the sake our nation, I clearly meant it as an exaggeration,
That's why the moment I was President, it was very evident I'd go back on everything I promised, China's a real GREAT NATION,
Sorry I meant to say they're GREAT at currency manipulation, oh wait not that's a left-wing-thing, I take it back thanks for your consideration,
So this wall, oh yes the wall, that's the topic at hand, The wall that'll separate the shithole nations from this land,
Oh wait no, shithole nations are Africa and Haiti(hay-tee), I may have blonde hair but I aint Slim Shady,
So where was I again? Remind me, my friend? One, two, six, seven, nine, three, ten,
Oh yes, I was saying, I'm considering a 'buffet o' options', like how I'll ignore the ~620 billion dollars worth of trade wi' Meheeco and add ways to evade tax, no consequences if you got no conscience,
See, not enough people know about Destination Based Sales Factor, so nonsense can replace the truth as I sit back and strongly consider deals that make our nation an auction, Putin is my Daddy and I don't mean gay adoption.

So, about that wall, yes that wall's the topic, yes about that 'uge wall, I say once Mexico says 'Si, señor Trump we'll pay' none can stop it.
Because the realest politician to hit the scene keeps promises, or at least he aims at the toilet but er... Fox News? Faux News please some news say 'Trump never misses'
Oh yes, back to the point, back to the wall, I think if we build it it's gotta be tall, I mean 'uge, I mean magnificently tall, it's easy right? The cost is so small... Oh wait... I never said that, because even amongst the crap I spew a lie like that is too low for me to stoop to 'n' fall,
Wait a minute, have a sense of humour, I was only kidding, please just blame Chuck Schumer, I never said I'd build this way or that at all...
Well Pink Floyd'd be proud, you can't really be that appalled, I'm paying homage, after all, I'm just another prick... with no wall!

I don't hate all Latinos, I do adore those Dominicans why can't all of their kind be more like Brazilians?
I love Mexican Americans, well I tolerate their people, I just hate if they're rapists, or the kind of immigrant that's illegal,
So before you bastardise me with fake news 'n' that lot, how about we sit and deal with big issues and really evil people,
I'm not horrible at all, I'm just a hero for y'all, and I'm the realest politician to take on Wall Street in a brawl,
So before fake news bores a hole in my reputation let this nation stand tall and proud as it worship my metaphorical wall.
I've been fighting for $1.6 billion since last July and goodbye to it since it got rejected that summer, and yet again in the fall.

What are the benefits of wasting money on the wall you may ask? Zero, it's just not worth it end of story, kiss my ass.
Round 2
My rap is inferior but I hope people enjoy it. Note: I wasn’t writing this with any particular beat, but pretty much any beat will work if you play it the whole time.

This rabid leftist think illegal immigration’s no problem
I might be wrong but I have a hunch that’s he’s an alcoholic
Scratch that, I don’t hunch, I know that he’s jobless
Be licking my a** like chocolate
I’m sipping my goblet in solace while he hobbles

12 million aliens [1] in our beautiful country
And to put it bluntly
Many of them are grungy like chutney
“Go back to your third world countries!”
Trump says, puts every Democrat on ends
And they pretend they befriend
Every illegal that they tend

And so, to build a wall is not an outrageous idea
You really wanna end up like Crimea?
Or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?
Your lies are like a case of limp diarrhea
Gotta say myself an Ave Maria
Wanna drown in Diego Garcia [2]

Either we’ll pay for it and it will be worth it
Or Mexico will pay for it or it will be split
Or we quit Obamacare [3], that’s a base hit
Any way we do it it will be lit


#4 - play on replay if you wish. I'd suggest to. :)
Dum Diggity, Um, didn't he just spit it weak?
I don't know, y'know? I don't see this vividly,
I just speak what's writ for me, Tweedle Dumb,
Donald J. T... Wait, there's a debate, oh Jeez,
Wall be finer than the one in China, I'm a wise man call me Socrates,
I Appease Athenians, Sacrifice Spartan minios, OKAY PRO you Played hoe (Plato) get on ya knees...

Start begging YEAH BEGGING, will not marry you; no wedding,
I'm too busy embezzling, the next minute you step in this ring I'll fuck you up hard; no bedding,
Scream and shout? Spreading doubt? Misbehave, ref throws you out,
I rigged the rigging, done-did my bidding, bitch kiss my ring and gimme head down south,
Flow so liquid with the rhythm, now who in the fuck you kidding with telling me Obamacare's quitting was a hit on anybody but the poor and in addition their pet kittens and their children,
I don't admit to bein' a villain but the money to build this wall's disappearin' I mean it was there, I swear, I promise but the profit turn upside-down and killed itself by crumbling its ceiling...

It's just not worth it, you understand, yes? 8 out of 11.1 million illegal aliens payin' taxes,
Who in the hell would understand Individual Taxpayer Identification Number? Ignorance is bliss when you're deceiving the masses,
OH THEY'RE RAPISTS, THIEVES BAAAA BAAA SHEEP... All lies; these ali-ens be our farmers,
They're not taking, they're creating jobs, these folk aint here to harm us,
But it doesn't matter how infallible your arguments are, you may as well be Marxists,
'Cause all I gotta do is call 'em animals and these cannibals grab their guns and hand their minds over like 'please disarm us'...
Round 3
Who cares if they paying taxes if they don’t got citizenship?
If we stopped Obamacare they wouldn’t have to pay a tortilla chip
They are takin jobs from the people who were born here
Not including William Shakespeare
I’ll commandeer and they’ll disappear
I can’t endear

Who cares what Manafort did he’s not the government
Who cares what broken covenants
He made while on the campaign trail
Its not a coffin nail
Why should it impale and entail
A certain man’s emails
Oh while were talking about emails
What about Hillary oh she pulled a turn tail

Obamacare ain’t even helpin the poor
It just pilin up the sums they can’t ignore
Because of the democratic party’s delusions of grandeur
Yes they are takin jobs from american citizens
Teenagers can’t work summer jobs because of them
They’re innocent not carcinogens not militants


This rap I am not Donald Trump, I am Clinton. This time my opponent is being referred to as Trump (second-person references are me talking to Trump/my opponent).

Who cares if they paying taxes if they don’t got citizenship?
8 out of 1-1-point-1 funded the very Government calling them shit,
If we stopped Obamacare they wouldn’t have to pay a tortilla chip
Of course not, they'd be left unable to fix a single limb or organ get the picture? They'd be sick, having funded a regime that kicks out those needing it most, with cancer or epileptic fits.
They are takin jobs from the people who were born here
And creatin' more here, opening business, upholding farms, how can I make myself more clear?
You're bastardising the needy, worshipping rich you should abhor and would if you had been born poor, dear,
I’ll commandeer and they’ll disappear
You'll wreck the Fed, proceed to spread the fear, grab the wheel and steer the nation's abomination none other than you it makes my blue eyes tear.

Who cares what Manafort did he’s not the government
Who cares what broken covenants
Who cares what you put this country through, who cares what immigrant under went,
In all departments 'cept space-science, you're unaware you've under-spent,
Oh while were talking about emails
What about Hillary oh she pulled a turn tail
Boy, you can play corruption like me but watch as what hurl fails,
I got a vagina, but like China Imma make you fear me, turn pale,
You spread shit 'bout immigrants, coverin' up your grandpa's dirt-trail,
Descendant of immigrants 2-generations back and that is not your worst tale,
You're queasy from the ease we smear-campaign you, think your campaign run was close to mine? You're miles behind; I'll put you in the dirt, snail.

Obamacare ain’t even helpin the poor
It just pilin up the sums they can’t ignore
Single-payer's the solution, yawn, snore; you're a bore,
Haven't you realised me and Bernie came up with this shit long before?
Yes they are takin jobs from american citizens
Teenagers can’t work summer jobs because of them
They’re innocent not carcinogens not militants
It's funny how you worded it, 'they' could mean the immigrants,
That would be a Biblical-tier 'dmission of your ignorance,
So remind me again where the funding is at?
What's an idea that can't work? Too ugly and fat.
Round 4
Yeh you keep using the 8 out of 11.1 figure
But the short story is that I’m getting sicker
They’re still illegal, that’s the problem, mister
Why don’t you reconfigure its bitter

If they’d be unable to fix their arm or leg
I think they would beg
To go back to Mexico
This issue ain’t a powder keg

What don’t you get? who cares
If they making farms, it’s NOT FAIR
Americans ain’t getting their share
So say a prayer

What the h*ll does the space force have to do with the wall?
Is you brain okay mister, or do you wanna brawl
Boy the russians are up there doin sh*t we cant see
Do you want the Reds to invade or do you wanna stay free?

If single payers the solution why wasn’t that the case a long time ago
Instead you democrats have been running to and fro
So how about this plan, lo and behold
PRIVATIZE the companies, it’s just a stone’s throw

Yeah my grandpa may be illegal but it was a bad time then
We didn’t have a government, yeah we didnt have the feds
But then we made a country and laws and all that crap
And now immigrants come in LEGALLY, so let me recap

It’s turning into a feud
But you point of view is skewed
So I conclude
You delude
Your brain is screwed

Check first few in the Comments section for corrections that matter.

I waive this Round as per debate structure.