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Unrated rap song clash, just choose 1 per round, voters vote, can use from debates before but voters can punish the lack of originality if you do so.


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if you actually debate, you're a sucker

Round 1
Disclaimer: This time I am competing to win, I don't care if I actually post what I see as a phenomenal rap piece or not, I am posting what I predict the regular voters of this will like. I'm not posting anything I think is bad necessarily but I'm not posting what I see as close to 'the best' of the artist necessarily.

Rap Artist: Sa-Roc 
Song Name: Wild Seeds

Given that there would be too many options if I don't restrict my focus a little, I will take the opposite approach. I won't be posting songs that I think appeal strongly to the average listener, but I will post songs that I consider to have very high artistic quality. That's not to say that I'll only be posting weird underground music, or even restricting my focus to non-famous rappers; the only condition is that the aspects of the song that make it great lie at least a little below the surface. A certain artist may feature in my selections more than once. We'll see. 

Starting with TorcH by ScHoolboy Q, the first song off of his 2016 album The Blank Face LP

Even if I post a link directing you to a specific place to listen to the song, I think that you should be able to listen to all of the songs in this debate through the medium that is the best for you, as long as the song itself is the same.
Round 2
My opponent tried to explain why to vote him, which I know some voters care about so I'll say that you should vote for my songs because I am going for songs with very solid flow, ear-pleasure and annunciation. I found these things are major factors for voters here.

In my past 2 recent clashes of this style, I realised that there's things people consider mumble/weak rap and annoying that I find 0% either and the cause I think is lack of exposure to rap vs what I have. I am so 'fluent' in rap that I hear the annunciation and bars where some hear lazy mumbling.

So, I will stick to raps that have strong annunciation and hope those voters vote on this.

More interestingly, I found that there are delivery styles that could be difficult to comprehend that the voters find 0% mumbling or annoying, which has opened my mind on this.

Rap Artist: K-Rino
Song Name: I Aint Bitter

"Grief" by Earl Sweatshirt.

Round 3
Eminem's "Low Down, Dirty". Very interesting song since you're watching a rapper who is about to go on one of the greatest runs in the history of the genre figure it all out. Some elements of Eminem's future greatness are present here, but there are others that haven't quite hit the mark yet. Some random, unknown white guy is about to change everything.

Round 4
I don't get it are we debating? I don't need to explain the poetry of my raps because if they aren't conveyed well enough, they're still enjoyable and it's up to the rapper to present it well.

If you want to stick to poetic-as-fuck stuff let's do it. All-in poetry, deep topics, good flow regardless.

Rap Artist: Jelani Blackman
Song Name: Tricky

I'm not going to address what my opponent said last round since I don't want to get into an argument over whether I can contextualize the songs that I post or make brief remarks on their quality, especially since he already made a direct appeal to the voters in R2. That said, I probably won't need to do any of that for these next two songs. 

"Lactose & Lecithin" by Viktor Vaughn:

Round 5
Rap Artist: Eminem
Vocal Artist: X Ambassadors
Song Name: Bad Husband