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This debate is about abortion.

Meriam Webster's definition of abortion:
the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus: such as
a: spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation
b: induced expulsion of a human fetus
c: expulsion of a fetus by a domestic animal often due to infection at any time before completion of pregnancy [1]

As of this debate, only human abortion is to be debated. As a result, the (c) definition is irrelevant.

For Burden of Proof:

To be decided with-in the debate.

10,000 (ten thousand) characters are allowed in each round. Loopholes to violate the character limit, like writing your case in a word (or alike) file and posting its screenshot (or image file or something like that) are not allowed. Such attempts will result in automatic disqualification - voters should penalize the violaters (if any occurs).

Good luck

Round 1
Hello dear readers. I thank @Rohit7664 for contesting. I hope I will be able to provide a case that is worth your time andI hope you will not regret reading it later.

I want to state that my aim hereis to have this debate in a dialectic method and socratic method. That is,disputing something with the intention of finding out what is true, what isrational, instead of attempting to be right at all costs. That is not my aimhere. I hope the contender will also have similar or same intention.
We are to debate abortion here. My position is that of PRO. Which means, I am going to assert and advocate that abortion should not be prevented in any way.

The very first thing we have to address in this debate is to assess who has theburden of in  this debate. Before my challenge was accepted, I and theusers Novice_II and Bones have disputed the burden of proof part. I assertedthat in this debate, PRO does not (and should not) have burden of proof. Butthey opposed me stating that it should either be shared or disputed with-in thedebate. I accepted it and that is the very first thing I am going to presentyou:
1. PRO does not have any burden of proof in this debate:
a) If you noticed, this debate is not about any specificcountry or state-like entities, like the European Union. So, as a result, we donot have legal and de facto "status quo" in this case.
If this debate was based on Madagaskar for example, whereabortion is illegal(without any exception), the status quo would have been that"abortion is illegal" and I would have been arguing to change thestatus quo. Thus, in that case I would have burden of proof.
b) These is a philosophical maxim on the philosophy of law,philosophy of politics and the philosophy of society, the maxim which states:1) "That which is not prohibited is allowed".
c) Humans were initially conventional lawless animals, wedid not have social contracts up to certian point in human history. We createdthese laws, law enforcement entities. We created state and governments.
In a state of lawless environment, which many philosophersof politics like Plato, Rousseau and John Locke called "chaoticstate", no action was prohibited: There were no laws and law enforcementexecutive bodies to prohibit and enfore it.People were completely free to doany action, like abortion or slaying or drinking water. In this debate, we are evaluating how abortion should be treated in our social contract: should we interfere with woman who wants to have abortion or should we just mind our business just like we think we ought to do when a woman is drinking water.
In regard to that, PRO's position is the default position inthis debate. CON is arguing that we should prohibit abortion, thus, CON has topersuade us to agree with his proposal. All the PRO needs to do is to rebutthis assertions and to dissuade you from accepting his assertions and proposal.
CON may dispute this presentation of mine, he is welcome todo it. After all, we are here to debate it.
There are many things related to abortion which I thinkshould be addressed but I am going to do them in case CON raises them or incase a need be for them. As of now, I am not going to touch anything as long asit is not put forth by CON, because, as I argued and I think I demonstrated, PROdoes not have burden of proof in this debate.
I wish CON good luck, in case he manages to persuade me tothink PRO should have burden of proof in this debate, I am going to present myarguments in the forthcoming rounds. As CON and contender, he always has around to respond back. On the other hand, I would request him to not raise anynew argument[s] in his last round presentation, as that would mean I am nolonger able to respond back. Of course, CON may argue that “it was not writtenin the rules of the debate I accepted”, it is something I neglected to checkwhen I was negotiating it with @Novice_II and @Bones. The current opponent,Rohit7664, caught us un-prepared: he accepted the challenge when we 3 wasnegotiating the format and the rules of the debate. I was thinking to stillpresent them the format and the rules, then to update as we agree and then tostart the debate. So, dear readers, keep this in mind when you give yourverdicts.

Round 2
Pro has forfeited 1st round.

If I offered something more, PRO could be in handicap in the next round: he may have 2 rounds vs my 3 in overall, while also needing to counter my presentation of two rounds in 1 round. Thus, I shall pass this round.
Round 3
Unfortunately, the adversary forfeited again and I will have to ask you, juries (readers and voters), to consider it a forfeiture of debate because in case s/he comes with an argument and/or rebuttal in this next round, which is last, we are no longer dispute, point out and clarify the points each side brings.

Anyway, I hope the presentation I made in my first round speech offered you something worthy.

Have a good day!
Dude I am so sorry I thought was pro abortion while accepting this debete. I am new to this site and did not see the rules properly.
I completely support abortion. I am extremely sorry for wasting your valuable time. But I personally think your argument lacks good points and like to give you some ideas. When con says that abortion is killing fetus, its wrong. Abortion is not killing fetus because a fetus does not have life of its own till 24 weeks and abortion is not possible after 24 weeks. So abortion before 24 weeks is just removing a non living thing from body. So there is noting morally wrong in abortion.

Again I apologize for not reading rules and participating as con. I support abortion.