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THBT: People on the right are mentally and physically stronger than people on the left.


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Although I myself could be considered on the side of the left (generally speaking), I've had enough of bullshit such as: "health at every size." I've had enough of soy consumption by leftist men. This issue of "health at every size" is so bad that the right is literally said to have a monopoly on the fitness industry. Leftists are weak, frail, and possess a victim mentality. I say this as someone on the left. Prove me wrong.

I want this discussion to be US and EU centred, instead of bringing up places like china where I cannot find any studies or even know their views.

PRO: People on the left are generally physically and mentally weaker than those on the right (and arguably more socially inept too).
CON: People on the right are generally physically and mentally weaker than those on the left.

Round 1
Introduction: why communists are losers in life
Really, I'm unsure why I opened up this debate. I'm disappointed I didn't decide to open up a debate based more on the lines of metaphysics of epistemology. I imagine it had a lot to do with a discussion I had with a group of communists the other day who were ultimate skeptics. This group of communists literally denied everything. They even said to me that they're not even sure of their own existence. I then proceeded to ask them if they could empty a boot full of water with the instructions written on the bottom, yet all of them claimed they were certain of their capability to do this feat. Yet in the same breath, they don't know if they exist. huh, odd. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the mind of a loser communist. They don't believe in God, they don't believe in love, they don't even believe they exist. They blame the fact that they're either emancipated or obese with the idea of determinism. Everything is out of their control. A communist never takes responsibility for their problems. They believe all problems and all circumstances are created solely through capitalism and institutions; no one will (they don't even believe in will) have any role in someone's life outcomes.

The effects of political ideology and physical attractiveness
Scientific studies have proven that republicans are better looking than their democrat peers. This isn't even communists, but democrats. Imagine what the average communists look like. Evidently, as i will prove later on communists don't care for fitness (its out of their control to be healthy, determinism).

conservatives are physically healthier
There is Much evidence that exists suggesting that conservatives are on the whole healthier than liberals. For example, geographic areas that are primarily conservative in voting patterns have lower mortality rates, score higher on physical well-being, and have lower smoking rates than those that vote mainly liberal. this pattern of findings is not limited to the United States but can be found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and 29 other European nations. Once more this is liberals not even communists, those guys are as unhealthy as they look! one study isnt good enough? heres another.

Conservatives report greater meaning in life than leftists
Across five studies, conservatives reported greater meaning and purpose in life than liberals at each reporting period. This finding remained significant after adjusting for religiosity and was usually stronger than the relationships involving other well-being measures. Finally, meaning in life was more closely related to social conservatism than economic conservatism.

Communists are losers and geeks and have less self control because of their beliefs in free will
Evidence from three studies reveals a critical difference in self-control as a function of political ideology. Specifically, greater endorsement of political conservatism (versus liberalism) was associated with greater attention regulation and task persistence. Moreover, this relationship is shown to stem from varying beliefs in freewill; specifically, the association between political ideology and self-control is mediated by differences in the extent to which belief in freewill is endorsed, is independent of task performance or motivation, and is reversed when freewill is perceived to impede (rather than enhance) self-control.  Once more, this is democrats they're much more likely to believe in free will than a communist. Just picture it in your head, how sad it must be to be your everyday ultimate skeptic communist who believes all their problems are from capitalism, a lack of free will and in the same breathe also believing you don't even know if you exist.

Obese leftists are much more likely to blame genetics for being fat
Self-reported overweight people, if they were Democrats are more likely to believe genetic factors cause obesity, while Republicans who see themselves are overweight still assign eating habits and lifestyle choices as the cause, according to a new study. This is what "healthy at every weight" gets us. It makes people give up on themselves!

right wing men are physically stronger than left leaning men
Men who are strong are more likely to take a right-wing stance, while weaker men support the welfare state, researchers claim. Their study discovered a link between a man’s upper-body strength and their political views. Scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark collected data on bicep size, socio-economic status and support for economic redistribution from hundreds in America, Argentina and Denmark.

Intelligence, Thinking Style, & Problem-Solving
 research suggests that individuals who identified as Republican had greater probability knowledge, higher verbal reasoning ability, and better question comprehension. This demonstrates (as i suspected from anecdotal experience) conservatives are more socially aware and possess better social skills.

To further illustrate the lack of social awareness of leftists: On Twitter, liberals swear more (with ‘f**k’ and ‘sh*t’ in their top ten most used words).

People who are left wing are significantly more likely to be mentally ill
This chat is perfect, as it completely debunks any arguments rationalmadman can sling back at me, as liberals and conservatives have relatively similar levels of diagnosed mental illness. the far left however massively skew the figure, with over 40% of communists being mentally ill! As is evident to anyone who has talked to a group of communists. There is only a 10% divide between young democrats and young conservatives. This also means its impossible to pivot to differences in age creating the staggering 30% average difference in mental illness. Marxists are extremely sick in the head, as my study shows.

Round 2
RationalMadman is a based male, I must admit. His recent posts (although I may not fully agree) show he's still got some man left in him. 
I can't think of a way to compensate for the lost Round 1 here, I will be penalised for bringing up all constructive in final round.

The truth is that if we look at what strength really is, the left wing is stronger, since they admit they are weaker and get the right help much more readily than the right wing do, especially psychologically but also physically.

That's what I was going to show.

That said, this is too late to do anything and I'm not going to waste effort on a defeat where my arguments will all go to waste.

I completely forgot about this debate.