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Pedophiles should not give candy to children


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I know that as a response to this debate some people might say: "Look at him! First he was defending pedophiles, now he is criticising them. He doesnt even know what he is doing"
- Calm your tits, gentlemen. First, this is not the critique of pedophilia because candy is not the inseparable part of pedophilia. I just want to say that candy such as chocolate is harmful for childs teeth. When a pedophile looks at some documentaries about pedophilia, he will probably see how some other pedophiles gave candy to little girls and after they did that they got lucky. So a pedophile could maybe think if he gives candy to a little girl, maybe he could get lucky with her. But this is wrong. Candy is harmful for teeth. Pedophiles have a choice to give other sorts of gifts to children such as toy animals, dolls, action figures, costumes, necklaces...ect. If their relationship lasts, they maybe even buy a smartphone to a child. So surely the government can choose to conduct education about this. For example, if a pedophile follows a little girl when she is going back from school alone, the first thing he thinks of could probably be that he approaches her and offers some candy. But this is a terrible idea when it comes to dental health of children. Government needs to protect children and educate pedophiles.
This is an unrated 1 round debate. In fact, I dont expect of anyone to accept it. I just created it because I thought it was interesting to think about.

Round 1
If a pedophile gives candy to a little girl, surely she will love him more. But what about her teeth? Candy contains sugar and causes cavities. Yucky! Remember that this can harm a pedophile too. If he french kisses a little girl who has cavities, it could transmit on him too. So why should he give candy to a little girl? Con, do you have the answer for this problem?
Yes I have the answer(s).

In regards to the topic statement, my position is supposed to be candy that should be given .

I can suggest reducing the amounts but then that kind of compromises , lending to your opposing position.

I'd say candy should be given with an adequate amount of water and dental hygiene.

I believe the dental professionals recommend at least water rinsing after each meal and or food consumption, let alone sweets.

So candy should be allowed only with what should be proper dental hygiene care .

But better than that, candy should be given for nutritional value . I don't want to advertise products but there is a form of candy that is fibrous.

There is candy that has fruit extract which would carry along some vitamins as other minerals.

Back on the dental hygiene, there is candy with stevia extract. So that is better for blood sugar and it is non acidogenic which means no tooth corrosion.