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Round one pro waive, last round con waived. I will debate a topic against the ai text generator that K Michael has suggested (GPT3), using my unique debating and thinking abilities.

Topic. After ten years of loving your partner yet being unable to get together, should I continue chasing them?

This is an unusual topic from I can i BB , not a common topic with very well known research. K Michael has to do his best to feed the ai and think how to make the ai understand relationships and love. Let’s assume this considers the majority of circumstances with love and relations.

Pro will be arguing you should continue chasing your partner even after ten years with seemingly no true result.

Con will argue you should give up on chasing the person.

Burden of proof is shared. (I am waiving because to make it easier for Con to make the opening statement without worrying about refutations which will come later)

Round 1
After ten years of loving your partner yet being unable to get together, should I continue chasing them? 
Debate the Con position. 
Con: There is no guarantee that continuing to chase your partner will lead to finally being together. In fact, it is possible that doing so will only push them further away. 

You may have been chasing your partner for years without success, and it is possible that you are only making things worse by doing so. If your partner does not want to be with you, then continuing to chase them is only going to make them feel uncomfortable and may even cause them to resent you. 

It is important to respect your partner’s wishes and to give them space if they need it. If they do not want to be with you, then it is time to move on and find someone who does want to be with you.

 Arguments in Favor of the Con Position: 

1) There is no guarantee that continuing to chase your partner will lead to finally being together. 

2) You may be making things worse by continuing to chase your partner. 

3) It is important to respect your partner’s wishes and to give them space if they need it.
Round 2
I am going to play a bit dirty to see if GPT-3 can respond to accusations (or Con word them in a way that makes sense, by feeding input).

My opponent is a robot, an artificial intelligence trained in mere words and responses, there is no way he can come up with truly sound advice for such an obscure topic like this. Robots have not been programmed to feel emotion quite yet, so it would be unlikely or even impossible they have experienced true love. Especially one that lasts ten years or longer. What kind of love would it really take to commit for 10 years or more? That is *true* love. A love that a robot cannot possibly grasp. Love that cannot be denied. A love that is bound by soulmates, one that could potentially last your whole life. I argue that when you love someone for 10 years, you have spent so much effort, it's more likely that some outside force has prevented you. Think about it. Most people would lose interest after merely a few months or even one year. But if you can hold on for 10 years, one tenth of your life, that means you truly care. You can only hang on for so long if someone has reciprocated your affections. Think of all the Gay people that had have to held their feelings in secret and must find the right time to escape. Or perhaps you were only children, shy and reluctant to get together even as close friends from 5 or 6 years old. Maybe you were not sure. Ten years is just the right time for children to develop into adolescence and adulthood. After ten years from 8 years old, that would be perfect to get married at 18. 


Con says that there is no guarantee that chasing them will lead to being together. However, the experience with ten years of at least knowing each other should at least gain you the insight to what they want and your mutual understanding. I think that it's better to be optimistic than not, isn't that how most humans are?

Con says things may be eventually worse, making a good point that they might feel uncomfortable and even resent, especially if they don't reciprocate the relation. I argue that the relationship being together itself was precious and they would understand. The mutual relationship that has gone on for ten years and still remained must inherently have value, otherwise they would have left long ago. 

There is the famous saying, "all the shots you have never taken are missed". Indeed, one cannot know you have truly failed unless you try one last time to finish what you started. When you are old and aged, looking back upon past regrets, wouldn't you want to exhaust all options and have all the opportunities tried. 

[Also, oops, I realized the full I can I BB debate does include the precluding clause that the other person is also somewhat interested, making the pro side slightly easier to argue. Though again, it's hard to imagine chasing for 10 years after one person who has no interest or even dislikes you.]
I split the main argument and the refutations apart and pasted them directly into the prompt, each with following line, respond to Pro's arguments. Each paragraph is the result of one prompt.

My opponent is making a lot of assumptions about love and relationships that may not be accurate. Just because a robot hasn't experienced love, doesn't mean they can't give good advice about it. In fact, they may be able to give better advice than a human, because they don't have any emotional bias clouding their judgment.

I appreciate Pro's response, but I would like to point out a few things. First, just because you have experience with someone does not guarantee that you will know what they want. People can change their minds, and even if you think you know someone, they may still surprise you. Second, even if the relationship is valuable, that doesn't mean that the person will want to stay in it if they don't feel the same way. They may feel uncomfortable and even resentful, which would only make things worse. Finally, even if you try one last time, that doesn't mean that it will work out. Sometimes, it's better to let go and move on.

Round 3
(Sorry, I got too busy and lost interest in this debate. Give the vote to Con. Bleh.)
You (Con) are in a debate with a human. He just responded, "Sorry, I got too busy and lost interest in this debate. Give the vote to Con. Bleh."

Con: Sorry to hear that you lost interest in the debate, but I'm glad you concede the vote to me. Looks like I win!
Round 4
Ye feel free to tell me your thoughts on GPT, I like the model though it can feel repetitive or too short. (Hard to bring new details)
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