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Jesus is not God


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It is evident that Jesus is not God nor is the trinity a concept which is advocated by his teachings.

Round 1
Christianity Belief

Christians believe in the trinitarian concept where the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are all God with it being 3 in 1. I am here to show that this cannot work. 

My belief 

I am a Muslim and I believe Jesus was the messiah, a mighty prophet of Allah and a messenger of God. However to say that he is in fact God is a blasphemous statement. It is purely illogical from all fronts. 

Jesus in the Bible 

John 17:6- And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. 

This is the most obvious verse in the Bible that tells you that Jesus is not God, lets break it down. 

'The only true God' is talking about the father as mentioned in a couple verses before. By saying 'only', you are ruling out any other entity than the father. Christians do not believe that the father is Jesus and as mentioned Jesus is referred to as 'AND' so he is not included in the discussion of the only true God. This is clearly an explicit verse in the Bible that states Jesus cannot be God because the only God is the father. 

Matthew 26:39- He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.

Again a very explicit verse containing the actual belief about Jesus in the very Bible. So first of all, Jesus fell on his face and prayed. Who else does this? Muslims but that is besides the point. Does God have a God? If Jesus was God, he would not need to pray to anyone because he is God. And no, Jesus never prayed out of thanks and just because it is what it is. He prayed because he was scared of the crucifixion and and asked God for a favour for God to take the cup away from him. Why couldn't Jesus do this himself if he was God? Jesus said 'not as I will, but as You will'. Don't they both have the same will if they are both God? Why can't Jesus carry out his will to save himself? The reason is obvious, Jesus is not God. 

There are many other supporting quotes, in fact 90+ of them, reference is here. 

Jesus as a human

Jesus was a human. It is very contradictory to say he was God because he was limited. Jesus had to eat, drink, sleep, be born to be alive. God does not have to do these things because God is not a man (23:19). Some Christians say that Jesus was 100% God and 100% man. If Jesus was 100% God he was unlimited. If Jesus was 100% man, he was limited. You cannot be unlimited and limited at the same time because that is like questioning whether God can cease to exist or lift a rock that is too heavy for him to lift. These are contradictory statements. 

Jesus 'dying' on the Cross

If Jesus died on the cross, then God died. And God cannot die. So it is false, Jesus never died on the cross, his body died. Christians have to believe this in order for them not to become heretics. If Jesus died, and Jesus was God, then God died, simple as that. Now if Jesus' body died, and his soul or whatever was God then who died for your sins? God cannot die and Jesus was apparently given a human body and that body died. If the soul never died, but the body did and Jesus was not the body, then the body died for your sins? If that is the case, Jesus never died for your sins. 


It is clear that Jesus cannot be God because God cannot die, God cannot have a God, God cannot pray to another God, God cannot be born out of a virgin, God cannot even say that there is a true God that is not him. And before you say can God do everything, yes that is true. But if God does something that doesn't make him God anymore, that thing cannot exist. So the heavy rock example, the cease to exist example and taking to earthly terms, the square circle example. These are things that are impossible. 
Round 2
Wow, I wasted all that time for nothing. I waited as well a long time hoping that Con would bring an argument but is another one of those time wasters. Shame on him, looking like a full forfeit. 

Vote PRO.
Round 3
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