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Winter is better than summer.


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Winter is far superior as there are fewer insects, being cold is easier to deal with than being warm imo and other reasons.

Round 1
1. Winter has fewer insects such as mosquitoes which carry many deadly diseases such as Malaria and many insects are also pestering such as fly's

2. Dealing with the cold is easier than with heat. If you are hot you could eat things that could cool you down but many of the items on that list have high amounts of sugar and other unhealthy substances. Going to sources of water are also difficult as you might not be able to go to one. I found fans and AC the most effective. If you are cold however you could purchase a blanket, slippers, hats, gloves, jackets and many other items that are easy to obtain.  You could also use fire or electric heating.

3. Winter has many recreational activities that could not be done in the summer such as skiing, snow boarding, ice skating, snowball fight's, and many more. Events such as Christmas also occur in the winter. Things that you could do in summer can also be done in winter such as indoor waterparks.
I will argue that summer is better than winter.

In the summer, plants grow better and there is fresh fruit everywhere.
We can enjoy the taste, and we can even garden outside to care for plants. We can grow strawberries and pick cherries.

In the summer, wild animals are happier.
There is enough food for them. In the winter, they are hungry much more often. In the summer, food for them grows everywhere and they can eat and multiply.

In the summer, we can go to the beach and enjoy the sun. 
This might not seem like important, but people are happier if they can enjoy activities like these.

In the summer, it is easier to move around.
There is no snow for us to slip and fall. We can run. We dont have to watch out for ice. Its easier to drive. You can enjoy riding a bike or a motorcycle.

In the summer, you dont need to pay money for heating.
Heating can be very difficult and expensive in winter. In the summer, the temperatures are high and heating is not needed. Cooling is not difficult nor expensive. Its only in really hot days when it becomes trouble. But those days are not often. Summer for the most part has suitable temperature where you can be outside in the morning and evening when its cool.
Round 2
1. In winter the chances of getting allergies drastically decline such as an allergy to pollen.  Also many people enjoy staying at home and find warm clothes and items such as blankets, slippers, etc. and warm foods comforting.

2. Due to Christmas, New years, and other events many families and friends spend more time together in the winter with each other. A less important point but still one none the less, in winter people could wear more types of fashion as in summer if they wear to much they could get hot but in the winter wearing more is a benefit. 

3. Many people including myself prefer gloomy and cool days and while yes blizzards and freezing temperatures are less the desirable heatwaves and droughts aren't either. 

4. Circling back to part of my first point in the winter it is easier to just stay home rather than plan extravagant weekends. In the summer many people feel like they are wasting a beautiful day by staying inside and many people often brag about what they are doing which might feel embarrassing if you have nothing to do or annoying to constantly hear although in the winter it is more common to stay inside. 

5. If you prefer night winter is better as the nights are longer which some people enjoy but night vs day is a discussion for another time. Also winter has less humidity which some people prefer.
Thank you for the debate. I cant think of any more good arguments for summer. Still, I feel like my points in round 1 were good by themselves. Winter may bring some joy, but summer gives us more. Plants that grow are important for us and for animals.