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There are more than two genders


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Round 1
There are more than two genders

Ladies, gentlemen and people of all kinds in this debate I am going to prove to you why there are not only two genders. Before I start with my arguments I would like to say that being transgender is not a mental illness and that trans people are real (proof for this is that the World Health Organization does not qualify transgenderism as mental illness).
I am going to have 2 arguments here, in the first one I will speak about the history of people that do not identify as a woman or man and in the second one I will explain how even biology connected with psychology can prove that there are in fact more than two genders.

  1. It is natural for human society to have people that do not identify as a man or woman

People that do not identify as a man or woman have been with us for a long period of time. Which is good evidence on why it is not some nowadays idea and that it is normal for some people to feel that way.
For example in many cultures of native American people it is normal to have 3 and more gender identities. 

When we look for example at the history of native people from Hawaii there was created word called Māhū (translation: 'in the middle') that refers to the third gender. In their culture Māhū were particularly respected as teachers, usually of hula dance and chant. In pre-contact times māhū performed the roles of goddesses in hula dances that took place in temples which were off-limits to women. Māhū were also valued as the keepers of cultural traditions, such as the passing down of genealogies. Traditionally parents would ask māhū to name their children.
Another example could be that before the point of contact with European colonizers, it is thought that all indigenous societies in North America recognized five distinct genders amongst their people: Male, female, transgender, Two Spirit female, and Two Spirit male. The cultural legacy of these people was nearly erased by religious indoctrination and the imposition of laws criminalizing varied sexuality and gender expression.

  1. Most of the people on Earth are Cisgender (their gender identity matches their sex at birth)
Since there are three sexes in the world, that means that there are at least three gender identities.
Let me explain it more deeply:
We have here a female sex, which means that the person has xx chromosomes, they usually produce more estrogen and they have female reproductive organs.
Then we have male sex, which means that the person has xy chromosomes, they usually produce more testosterone and they have male reproductive organs.
And last is intersex person, which means that the person does not have xx or xy chromosomes but they do have their own combination of them (for example xxy and others), it depends if they produce more estrogen or testosterone and their reproductive organs usually are not female or male but combination of them. Since intersex people cannot be put neither as male or female we can tell that they are their own sex (not only we but even scientist say so).
This means that not even culturally and emotionally there are more than two genders but even biologically.
Even if gender was defined by the saying “you are defined by what is in your pants” this argument just proved that there would still be more than two genders.

In those two arguments we proved that recognizing more than two genders is natural for humans. Naturalness is really important for humans and it has great impacts on a person's mental health.

1) If you are interested in sources for some of my claims you can ask in the comments.
2) If some of my claims are hard to understand ( because my english is not the best), please ask in the comments also. (I am sorry that my english is not the best and that can cause some problems, hope you understand)

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