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Imitation battle: K-Rino VS Sa-Roc


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Round 1
after the battle you'll see her atoms unravel
she's overshadowed by my shadow castin' a shadow
she can rock a mic but the rock (Roc) is smashed into gravel
I'll bend this bitch over and whoop her ass with a paddle

if this wasn't a competition I'd work beside ya...
put my lyrical penis inside your word vagina

she could have eighty sharks bite onto her lady parts
and still be hurt worse by my low-aimed remarks
so I'd suggest you don't make me start
cause' I'm the main character of the go crazy arc

I'll incinerate her skin away and then I bake and dinner plate her
integrate her into savory dishes made for exquisite tastes
when spittin' K's the innovator, a haters minced and ate
then gets saved in the refrigerator and finished later

brace your pen cause' I grace a pen with amazing splendor
make your pen cheat on you, cavin' in to your main contender
never say that K isn't clever, makin' her wetter
caught her rap folder and mine layin' together

Sample of her raps in a 'battle' sort of aura:

(DISCLAIMER: this battle wouldn't happen, both respect each other too much and have a similar fire that hates superficial mainstream just as much as over the top underground only focused on junk gangster lyricism).


Beat (let it build, put on loop, free if on computer or have premium on phone):

Sittin' on a perch, goddess with the wings spots a rodent thinkin' it can fly, that's a first,
One step to her, murked, maggots ingest potent insides that've burst,
I'm a prideful goddess you've approached me rehearsed,
Try your lines against my improvisation, you're hopeless, I can just bless your soul as your blood fills my thirst.

You spit 'bout the white man and the string-pullers on the label,
But you're here for black-on-black crime, guess your rappin' was a fable,
You're just a race-rat in a fast paced marathon, stumblin' unstable,
Talk 'bout how the industry's Satanic, I'll Cain your ass 'til you turn Abel,
Think you're hard? You're just a hardon on a dysfunctional a-hole,
You aint nothin' without the XY chromosome so let me mix it with a ladel,
Show your misogynistic schtick what real lyrics from an empress feel like; painful,
See, I could let you fuck me, then be a slut and feel so shameful,
You went from someone I respected to a man women all hate, fool.

Aint a single lady listenin' thinkin' damn Rino's desirable,
Even the easy one's don't want a bitch who'll kiss and tell, rat no one admires at all,
You're underground 'cause you're stuck spittin' 'bout how you hate life, you're small,
I was underground but I stood up tall,
I'm the one no label would hire at all, you had offers, turned 'em down and still act appaled,
If I had all the opportunities you did, stupid, I'd be big as Em,
You're too busy bitchin' at the man in a diss than tryna refine your style to finally be that gem,
I pity you Rino, just another example of toxic men that can't handle the hand life tossed to 'em,
All the whining 'bout everybody every album aint even masculine,
So, when you got somethin' to diss me for 'cept my V, then maybe you'll have a chance to win.
Round 2
(I'm severely under-inspired so I freestyle-typed this to force material out of my brain)

I'm going to counter-skankulize this bitch's repulsive pussy odor
reverse roles and make her hold the door for me like Hodor
no more shall the floor be dragged by her pussy lips
leaving a snail trail of drips quips cannot contend with this

I'll smack the cunt out of this whore
and rape her pussy with a sword
then rape her butt hole with her own vocal cords
I've gone postal towards toast records

sand the floor of a ghost ship with her bones
male horsefish release sperm into her home

fish like to gather underneath Piers Morgan for shelter
I'm sorry but pussies use a similar tactic
A confusing mass forms a sphere around my brain
Now I'm rapping like Lancelot without rhyming

let me try to rhyme magnificantiously
raps in the pantry bagged vegetables dandy dickweed

wtf this is nothing like K-Rino but I'll forfeit the round if I don't post something
flow-pumping robustly no country knows what we saying so abruptly linguistic clothes shopping
your brain cells go popping
sacrificially, no offering
closed-coffining lyrics bean pole my skin disorder
shitstained freestyles pop out of my no-noggining boggling stupidity

creamin' semen with green beans in my booty hole
my IQ is three years old

I'm going to wipe out your filthy skank cunt
and smoke an utmost dank blunt
maybe once I do I'll be able to make up
some actual lyrics, but for now they suck

give me a reason why I shouldn't kill myself after this
there isn't one, this is dizastrous
it sucks ass and dick
but hopefully voters get a laugh from it
and vote for me

Round 3
Pro is not acting like K-Rino at all, he would not keep up rape threat bars and misogyny as the only angle, that's 0% Rino's style. He's too sophisticated, creative and cares about high calibre rap to do that shit.

k-rino doesn't even know sir lancelot on DART to diss him...

Like he is not AT ALL imitating Rino.


Listen here, Rino, learn the badwoman discipline,
Riri aint around so your Rock hard dick's gonna gets its world Roc'd when the goddess Sa leaves fluid spurtin' glistenin',
Tellin' me about my pussy, put your clitty in a cage and then the kitty that you rage about's not quite what you're envisionin',
I'll show you claws with the meow to your neck, Rino the rat is shiverin',
You act like an entitled pharaoh so I'll leave you in a pyramid and got a case to put the liver in,
Think you funny, nigga, you're a clown with black skin tryna act so white it's belittlin',
Tellin' me how you're some Lancelot to some King Arthur, I'm the goddess to the nigga king,
What you know about me? Nothin', your bars are pig sties with nothin' livin' in,
Leave your barnyard arson-ridden, piggy tail left wigglin'.