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Federal gun control is the best way to reduce gun deaths in the US


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By best I mean most effective way to reduce gun deaths

Round 1
The US is by far the leader in per capita gun deaths of any first world nation on earth. All the countries with lower gun death rate have stricter gun control.  In fact you can not find a country on earth with guns laws even remotely as lax as ours with a low gun death rate
Thanks Vegasgaints, 

I will be providing one main contention that provides federal gun control is not the best way to reduce gun deaths in the US.

Burden is shared, but mostly on pro to completely regard that federal gun control is the best way, over any other ways, to reduce gun deaths in the US.

Complete Gun Ban
Specifically with gun deaths, if we had a complete gun ban for everyone in the United States, we would no longer have gun deaths.

If no one had a gun, specifically people outside if the police force, no shootings from a gun would occur.
Quite that easy, no one able to get a gun, no shootings at all.

Alternative - only police force
This contention speaks for itself, only people in the police force would be able to use a gun.

With this method, it would surely bring down death by gun way quicker than federal gun control. 

The US is by far the leader in per capita gun deaths of any first world nation on earth. All the countries with lower gun death rate have stricter gun control.  In fact you can not find a country on earth with guns laws even remotely as lax as ours with a low gun death rate
My contentions speak for "themselves". 
Round 2
Round 3
How does one have a complete gun ban or a only police gun state without federal gun control?
First off, this debate does not deal with "most easiest way to reduce deaths by gun." This debate deals with the "best way to reduce deaths by gun."

So, removing all guns would be the best way. If we did remove all guns, specifically with people outside of the police fource would be the best way.

Gun Bans

Specifically it says:
"Several additional countries stop short of banning firearms entirely, but restrict them very closely. For example, Japan allows gun ownership only for the purposes of hunting and sport shooting, and licenses require significant effort to obtain—including proficiency tests and a mental health evaluation complete with interviews of family and friends—and must be renewed every three years. Ammo sales are also tightly regulated. China has a similar approach, permitting only sportsmen's clubs and a few ethnic minorities to own firearms and prohibiting private gun ownership in all other cases. Djibouti prohibits all firearms possession except in cases in which the Head of State grants an exception.
In other countries, the law does not necessarily dictate the reality. In the Central African Republic, for instance, only members of Parliament are permitted to own firearms of any kind. However, this law is widely unenforced and a healthy illicit gun market exists. Similarly, Somalia has a total ban on the import, sale, and possession of firearms, but it is commonly ignored."

So even if it isn't fully banned, it would significantly reduce gun deaths in a even better way.

All these countries have banned guns so, is it possible and does it work? Yes.

"Of the G7, Japan has the lowest number of gun deaths per capita at 0.03 per 100,000 people. This is less than the UK and Germany and far below the seven deaths per 100,000 in the US. Over the years, gun laws have been amended to make them even stricter, partly in response to rare instances when guns have been used"

Centeral African Republic
1 (Centeral African Republic)
Ranked 146th.
88.8 (US)
Ranked 1st. 89 times more than Central African Republic"

As we can see in only two comparisons, there is a clear difference in gun deaths and would significantly help with gun deaths way more than your method of federal gun control.
Round 4
Removing guns is a form of gun control.  You are making my case for me.  

Those guns are removed thru federal gun control laws
I stated some areas only for the fact to show, an entire gun ban would be extremely helpful.

You haven't stated your idea of federal gun control, so when you say limiting, heres the thoughts:
  • Limiting to who?
  • Limiting to just people of crime?
Im suggesting not limiting it to people, but rather banning it for all people expect police force and military force.
Federal gun control does not suggest that.

If you wanted to dig that deep, i'm talking about Brunei's style of gun control. 
I'm talking about the ownership of firearms by civilians to be completely banned.

Federal gun control versus gun ban are completely different.
One is limiting, the other is a ban.

So unless federal gun control is completely banning, which it isn't, then the case still stands. 
Federal gun control regulates gun ownership to some degree, including restricting the ownership of certain types of firearms.

Your case is: The United States has many shootings and countries with stricter federal gun control have lower deaths.
And, you haven't even stated your idea of federal gun control. 

I'm suggesting a ban, your asking to limit.
Round 5
You can not ban guns without federal gun control.  Brunei does it by federal gun control.  Federal gun control means federal gun laws controlling guns.  You are simply supporting my case.  You don't want to ban guns completely.   You only want certain people to have them.  That requires federal gun control laws....very specific ones
Going to clear this up, no I don't.

I was showing examples of federal gun control in other countries that are much stricter.
My point was not to say to do the same as the other countries.

In fact let me clear this up even more. I want complete gun ban, take away the "police force having guns", it was mostly showing the differences betwen your idea of gun control and a complete ban.

Complete gun control was the main idea.

Main Point:
I just wanted to show examples. If they have stricter gun control and they had less death by gun, imagine if we did a complete gun control?