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Unrated Flow War NON-FAST raps only.


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If the rap is flowing primarily by utilising speed of delivery no matter how smooth it is, it is disqualified. It can be medium speed of course and slightly faster than average but there should be clear anunciation and slower words a decent amount in it, clear delivery being absolutely key here.

I don't care if you cheat and bypass as after all it is unrated.

I am doing this to showcase raps that most won't ever hear. I genuinely love rap and I think that slick flow needn't be high speed necessarily at all.

Voters should punish if the person keeps using too high speed raps.

This is as difficult for me as for whoever I predict will pick this up as usually slick flow is linked to high speed. I firmly believe that medium speed and slower speed raps can at times have impeccable flow by well-utilised pauses that hypnotise and let the slightly faster parts feel pure liquid in comparison.

I will copy-paste my description from a flow contest debate that allowed faster selections:

"Flow is defined as the elegance and slickness with which the lyrics, as delivered, slid over the beat. Pausing between bars can be perfect or terrible flow depending how and when it is done.

God tier flow is liquidlike, fluid, smooth.

Crap flow is jagged, dry, sharp, like sandpaper to the brain and ears when experiencing the lyrics."

4 Rounds, 4 per Round.

This is not just for competition, I want to really showcase good flow without chopper delivery or the level below that.

Many rappers I enjoy utilise faster rapping to flow well, this is not an unfair edge to me.

There are very lax rules here as repeating artists is inevitable if you have a king or queen of slower flow but let's try and make it no more than 3 from the same as a maximum.

Of course there's definitely a rule of no repeats of songs. Do not repeat songs you or your opponent posted.

Round 1
Round 1... UK Represent!!!

Mist - Notice Me

Bugzy Malone - M.E.N III

Ghetts - Microsoft Word
Not on Spotify

Chip - Light Work

Round 2
Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - Only

Avelino - Daily Duppy

Vinnie Paz - Monster’s Ball

Chris Webby - Euphoria

Round 3
I made an error.

There are 2 Daily Duppies from Avelino, the YT link is correct.

I do not wish to use/submit the other Daily Duppy for this debate, my opponent is free to do so. I wish you to use this Spotify link instead of the one I posted the Round before:

It was my mistake. I apologise sincerely. I slipped up due to the fact he has 2 Daily Duppies and it's not like one is called '2' or 'return' or something.

The youtube link was correct.


Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z - The Devil is a Lie

Skepta - Badman in Tivoli

Alternative YT link in case that vid is taken down due to copyright or isn't available to your region: 
^ higher quality sound but no visuals

Devlin - No Safety

Chip - 34 Shots (hybrid diss after he beefed Yungen and Bugzy Malone and 'won' against both, arguably)
Round 4
G-Eazy ft. Blackbear - Hate the Way

In case copyright or whatever restricts by region it here is the official music video (but it has interruption as in actual music video interrupting before and during it):

Ocean Wisdom - Voices in my Head

Sa-Roc - Hand of God

Russ - Utah Freestyle


I'd like to thank my opponent; this was a nice battle. Vote well.