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Round 1
kickin' the flows
you shovel shit, I'm shovin' shit in your nose
this diss is composed of hatred
 bitch my dick's gonna go in your anus
so decompose and witness the prose full of gayness
I'm dippin' your toe in flamin' queso to get ate with
this is the tone of anguish
the frequency of mutilation
rippin' your throat into eight strips
to use as bacon
paper cutting and slitting the hole of your wank, bitch
make you pee in a basin
and then I bleed you like Jason
I'll open up your pee hole and feed it a raisin
for free and then place it in a mason
jar, and pickle it with jalepenos for flavorin'

pickled dick, so run quick I'll slit the tip
and pour bleach on your cut penis hole, bitch

I'm a great white
but I hate life
so you take knifes
during rape-night
in the A-pipe
then you get your wank sliced 
with the same knife

Everyone in yo family is ugly.
This guy’s father is the biggest cock-blocker,
Too busy playing guly but I shoot my shot and now he’s experiencing biggest shock of his life cuz I fucked his wife. 
I’m standing, feelin quite athletic, thinking this bum’s pretty pathetic, fighting like he’s on anesthetics.

He must feel shitty, getting cucked by black dudes with durags and I’m betting this bitch I slept with comes in fleas and price tags. 
The son playing it safe, throwing stones but lives in a glass house. 
You just wait, cuz I’m the real gangsta. And I’m showing up with mags to this stick fight. 

Scared little nerd realizes this ain’t no GTA or DND, so he’s gonna faint and have a blackout. 
At first glance, he’s readying his preparation stance, but my level’s too high so he loses all his motivation. 
I’m up against all the different versions of the Extraordinary League of Virgins. 

Spent all your time playing mediator while I been battlin like a gladiator right before your mom let me humiliate her. 
If I had raised you, then you wouldn't have grown to be an acne-ridden manchild wearing aviators who plays with action stick figures. 

Gonna waste you by squeezing you till you’re wheezing for life while your insides are liquified into toothpaste.
Round 2
lets compare his bottom-feeding trash to evil flows
composed with such mal-intent the listeners cerebral blows
I'll cut out his balls and staple shut his penis hole
and let bleach erode his inner urethral folds

I'm a sick bastard who spits plasma
you're a bitch faggot with asthma
I cause disasters in his ass once
I rape this nigga fuckin' his back up
nothin' you rap could stack up
I'll be the one your mum is suckin' the shaft of

you're a dandy darling, and your rapping was suck-dick
you're a tranny charming fanny farming faggot of fucksticks
thinkin' your manly you're a scanty farthing cucklet
that I'm carving with a cutlass disarming his testicle nuggets

I'm a homosexual psychopathic rapist clown
who will stop at nothing til' your ass is taken down
raping niggas asses as I'm passin' AIDS around
I'm gonna take your penis to emasculation town

the rapetastic basket case rap that blasts his gay ass to slain fragments
adapts and makes magic happen no matter the wave pattern
cause' the universe is a simulation and holographic
and the subatomic components of atoms decay faster
than they make atoms,  so its fake data
the universe is nothing but waves scattered
over nothingness simultaneously contradictory bastards
hickory smoking his dick in a didgeridoo
with quantum tunneling his balls intercede through
and absorb the flavor while the nigger eats poo
coffee is a bitter bean brew
sloppy toppy on my bigger ween tube
When I cut open his anus then I figure he's doomed
picture me using a sword to slit your peen, dude

I'll slit your penis
and administer intravenous 
sodium fluoride for your cavities bitch
you're a faggoty twit
I'll savagely rip
out your throat and have your ass hole cheeks split

what in the faculties of fuck is grappling my nuts
it's a tactical invasive freestyle typing session
I'll stab you in the butt until your ass hole cheeks erupt
and give your stupid suck ass a writing lesson

it's time to get serious see and furiously rip out and smear the sissy's guts all over his peers and then see if my spear is fitting up in his anus, let his blood leak out in a cup and then drain it, drunk with the heinous disposition of Vlad the Impaler to drink your anus blood and then suck on a gay dick, I'll beat you at rapping with your boyfriend's dick in my mouth and no substantive statements

ejaculating hatred raps portraying anguish make me fap evading danger ain't in the menu, you're getting snatched and raped escapin' on your mind but you ain't fit, you don't have the training and you ain't gonna make it, you're getting lacerating wank-whips with my dick the size of snakes that strangle army tanks and swallow whole banquets of gayness, this be the asses raping cadence of my last remaining saneness I'm a sadist who faps to gay abasement in my basement while I ate fish out through the anus

I'm going to cut your nipples off you little soft bitch hole, I'm going to cripple you and kick kung fu what this bitch gon' do when I lick fondu off his dick after it drips on you, I'll slit his boobs

sausage box cutter dick slashing rhymes kicked from a sick faggot mind, it's asinine for you to think that the thick massive kind of dick packed in my pants don't rip asses right in half you's savage I slit sacks and try to fit plastic tubes in your nuts to extract supplies, of jizz to splash on passers by and pastor's wives and plaster eyes shut, I jerk for guns and fap for knives

I'm sick in the head with the head of a sped and this bitchlet in bed getting pegged with his anus ripped til' its red its so heinous like I just said

My genital blade will slit your throat, then invade your vaginal hole, and control you like a muppet. 
Got enough girth in this swole to give you some bloat.
Sperm count so high, your body’s a bucket. 

I’ll use this arousal to disembowel you and soak up your blood with your skin like it's a towel right before I wear it as a coat. 

Fire a cumload at your skull at a powerful velocity as it detaches, I snatch.
Gonna dribble your head like it’s a basketball while I use your bodily fluids as ink for my dick while I scribble over your tombstone. 

Bitch, I’m Al Capone, and you’re just a wannabe Post-Malone. 
My dick is six foot long, but you’re six feet deep. 
This nigga’s soul is a rock bottom that only this scythe will reap. 

Little faggot’s fate’s looking a little grim. 
Body parts getting sliced and diced by this cock.
Might wanna go out on a limb to say I ain’t doing this on a whim. 

Stupid cunt says he’s John Wayne Gay-See.
Gotta say I admire the audacity.
But you don’t got the balls to stand and face me.

I’ll bitch-slap you till you get dyslexia.
Throwing blows, but you’re weak and infested with anorexia.
Snap your cross-eyed bony-ass like a pretzel and scatter your remains in a deserted area. 

I disappear and teleport like Houdini. 
Perhaps I should make this homo stand and pose in a bikini. 
Right before I shit down his throat, then steal his lamborghini. 

You will be choking like Vlad The Impaler.
Contemplating how you ended up such a failure. 
Asthmatic, desperately craving that inhaler. 

Your rhymes are as decipherable as Tech Support. 
Women gag so they don’t let you shag.
You’re desirable like an underpaid male escort. 
This loser’s as impulsive, as he is repulsive.
His rapping seeming quite convulsive. 

While my rhymes stay steady and this fool realizing he ain’t ready.
Round 3
Fuck you
I'll bust through
and subdue
with butt lube
I'm unscrewed
in the noodle
in the nude
catch this cum, noob

ayo my text complex, concepts I express gets you fuckwads vexed, you're just not threats
bitch I hope you got your buttocks clenched
cause' theres about to be a mess, prepare for some hot sex

truly do my duty to the booty when I'm screwing
got your anus gooey, I'm a goon creeping through streets
looking for the gayest ass to subdue and start shooting
white hot jizz as I'm pursuing the target
doing the darkest
of deeds, fuck feeding you cheese
when your locked in my closet semen is all you need

for 3 months before I finally disembowel
and wipe up the blood and semen with a towel

when you're locked in my closet
let me tell you what's goin' on bitch
listen real close because this is all honest
I'm gonna make a deposit in the bank if my cock is
a check and the bank is your anus and hot tits

your man boobs bounce elegantly as I rape you
I can tell by how you type that you're a fat white gay dude
a fat white gay dude the type of which in the past I made food
I eat fat gay men while savorin' that nice taste, ooh

I'll cut your little toesies off
and eat your flesh mostly raw
you should know I'm Jaws
homie, and you only lost

because you're not as sick as me
or have as big a dick as me
or know how to utilize a fat man deliciously
take my nips and twist em' please
before I frickin' eat
the bits and pieces of your slitted peen

the annunaki was on a dark star carbon quasar
they far?
infinite horizon radar tells me where they are
I met Lancelot at a gay bar
let me tell you, no one else's blow jobs on par

nothing you can do or say
can change the fact you're super gay
nothing that you say or do
can put away the chains and lube
I'm gonna use while raping you
your boobs are sprayed with goo

I’m bringing annihilation to this abomination like I’m Neo in the simulation.
Point my two fingers and say pew pew and then your guts is full of led
So suck my nuts. It’s time to put this little queen faggot homo to bed. 
Sorry if that sounded a wittle mean, it’s a habit, a no-no. 

This young son of a cuck is running outta luck.
You triggered my radar, so now all the niggas wondering what you was doing at a gay bar.
Why don’t you tilt your tiara and stop barking like an autistic chihuaha. 
And appreciate your un-artistic BAJA!!!

Go back to larping like a diplomatic aristocratic faggot, you maggot. 
All the queers say you boring in bed, that you suck at giving head.
Even your rhymes can put an insomniac to sleep anytime.

I’m an architect of the rapping building blocks, you’re just a slave that enjoys milking cocks. 
Activate the power of my lyrics, while you sit and salivate, secretly aggravated, because all you can do is masturbate. Now you’re going to try and compensate. 

Secrets to my immortality are my lack of humanity, I’m murdering you on a technicality. You better hurry and find Christianity because you’re stuck with your homosexuality. 

This honkey-ass cracker albino rhino thinks that I’m WHITE!!!
I’m an on-key jacker blacker man, you stupid donkey. Let’s fight.

You can call me Mr. Olympia from Nigeria and now you got me riled with hysteria.
Arnold Schwarzenegro is gonna wring you like a sponge and free-throw you, amigo. 
See ya later, bro. 

Better pay to say my name, I’m charging you current tax.
Evicting you to Antarctica, that’s your circumSTANCE!
Better check your thermostats.
Too chilly for you to even do a lap DANCE! 

We’re the pioneers of your worst fears.
Grab and lift you by the ears, so you’re trembling and shedding tears. 
Then fling you light years while I sit and drink beers with my peers and we’re making money, we’re the profiteers, not the cashiers. 

You fucking gold digger, wanting your bill bigger. Get your hand out my pocket, go back to the closet, stop tryna steal my wallet, or I’ll drown you by sticking your head up the faucet and wash it. 

I’m dominant, and I’m deporting you back to your continent, you big fat overgrown WART!