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Transwoman vs Transphobic man Rap Battle


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I rap as transwoman. You rap as transphobic man.

Round 1
Transwoman takes the floor
Round 1

I am a girl, you are very sad
You cannot accept me
You are hurt by me so bad
You dont have to cry, why

Of course its my body rights
You want to violate much
Maybe I slightly remind
of your father's dirty touch

If your childhood was good
If you werent a hating fool
You wouldnt ruin my good mood
We would be fine and cool

You thought I will be nice
I will shoot your balls twice
You want to have this fight
You better learn how to bite

I am the hunter, you are prey
My, you make the way with bitching
You come to attack me today
My trigger finger starts itching

I'll cut you a new pussy
now you have a few pussies
one pussy, two pussy, you pussy
who could be
less good at one I knew could be
I'll spank your lyrics til' they have a bruised tushie

your vagina looking sad, botched
you look like a sasquatch
bet you have thoughts
of suicide, can my ass watch?
I have eyeballs in my ass 
and every rhyme falls in a class
of being abject trash
when your tranny raps drop

you're a hypocrite to say
my childhood defines my ways
when trans kids are getting shamed
and they all turn out okay
with a mutilated dick and high suicide rates
and bitch you started this debate

who's got a problem with who?
all cause' I choose

to state your true sex
you wanna shoot my balls, shit, what you gonna do next?
say it's your "body rights" to police other's language
while you rape them in the anus
in a fact-proof vest?

you're fucking sick
and you don't need to be a girl to suck my dick
whats the list
of reasons that you shouldn't cut your wrist?
I won't say your pussy real just cause' you smell so much of fish

Round 2
Round 2

Against trans girl, you have no hope to win
Better stop touching your little tiny pin
When you fap, you search for big dick trans porn
It helps compensate, for your little horn

You are mad that I cut off my big dick
Do you want me to teach you a new trick
I will make you suck it all, hating prick
And the audience will say: fucking sick

My ideas belong in the future
Where the justice is always being cast
Your ideas are stupid, ancient past,
Learn the trans rights, they will forever last

You want to make this girl suicidal
Hope it wont be a murder-suicide
You now better stop right there, and decide
Is this how you want to drop down and die

You say that I am that a bit crazy, mad
Thats because of all your little sick hate
Today, I will end your pathetic fate
With your little dick on the dinner plate

When I come for you now, you better run
Thats how you will make this a lot more fun
You are loser, at the aim of my gun
Cry now, you will soon be completely done

I'm going to kick your testicles back onto your body
and strike your pussy inside out using karate
slice your prolapsed pussy, dip it in wasabi
then eat it with chopsticks while you call for mommy

If trans rights are human rights then name the trait
cause' you're a filthy animal and shameless skank
anus basting brainless ape, your lyrics ain't as based
You de-wankulated gay disgrace to wastes of space

dash across the snow on a one horse open sleigh
singing throughout the land that you're so very gay

because trans men are just super-gays because gay men are effeminate
it's the same disorder genetically, but twice as degenerate

genetically degenerate, pathetically effeminate
mentally defective twit, less than even sentient

I'll cut your potatoes up its an anal fuck but when I bust its a facial
leave you covered in cream like the stuff on a bagel
what can ya say hoe, there's nothin' your able ta'
say cause' I just dissed on gays but I'm gay though

I'll pound your pooper and use a scant amount of lubricant
so shoot a glance at the porn I make off of your tube thats ran
through, the pants screwed off of you enhanced 

boner material
floats in ethereal
through your pants like a bowl full of cereal
milky white on your cheerio
lyrics go through your stereo
they're very so very eerie scary flows
carry loads

of semen into the bowels
too much for towels
blew up your ass hole
with ghost plasma blastules
Round 3
Round 3

You say that you merely speak
You stopped me from reaching my peak
You wanted laws against my rights
You are sick abuser that bites

You want to rig my decision
Pay with the blood of incision
You beat me, break and insult me
You are about to pay the fee

You thought you could abuse trans much
Now get ready to be the lunch
Make your compulsive denials
Such choices bring you to finals

You were abused lot as a kid
Now you want to be abuser
Your mistake was going too far
And messing with trans gun user

Your world is done and depleted
Revenge makes all wrath completed
You wanted your domination
Should have stuck to masturbation

When you abuse trans girl for fun
Make sure she doesnt have bigger one
You have no place under this Sun
Abuser meets his date with gun

This is where your actions have led
When I put the gun to your head
Finger holding onto trigger
In this life you were the rigger

Hear the sound that my justice makes
the justice that finally wakes
This is when your twisted act stops
My smile after bullet drops