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Transwoman vs a TERF woman Rap Battle


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I am transwoman. Con is TERF woman. We battle.

Round 1
Why you are a terf woman what now
Only thing that terf girl knows is pow pow

You creatures are corrupt and blazing
My eyes behind the gun are gazing

My eyes at your evil are staring
My gun serves for your call and daring

Listen to buddhists and do no harm
better that than to lose a right arm

Trans girl isnt after your holy ass
Attack her and you dont get the pass

My gun is ready for some killing
To die now tell me are you willing

Attack the trans girl and meet your end
As little dick when poked you will bend

Are you ready to become a ghost
Thats what happens to you people the most

Unlucky ones that live after me
I live in their head they are not free

My rights are whats proper good law
Your rule everyone already saw

You are a poor excuse for a brain
That shit goes to the history's drain

But if you want I will let you run
At least it will for me be more fun

Have you ever walked into a party afraid you'll get raped?
Ever been scared shit of what you did on tape?
Ever had the blood drip in your undergarments been used to erase your willpower and put you in your place?
Let me tell you what your lack of experience in life as a female means you've barely ever had to face.

What does it feel like to have to be weak and tender,
To sync with your homegirls as you experience gender?
Baby ripping a hole later as you bring life and the pain makes you lose your temper,
So men that murder, rape and assault far more than we do remind us how they both brutalise and defend us,
Imagine being shorter, more sensitive and empathetic and to be deemed no more than a baby-vender,
You know nothing of this struggle, yet you insert yourself into a movement where women seeking women need a Y chromosome in a rainbow blender.

You ever felt so much emotion that when the doctor offers you a potion,
A testosterone-filled explosion to make you less feminine and insecure, you set things in motion?
That's what trans men go for, but you? You're tired of your privilege so you cry and moan, son,
It's like you think you can appropriate our gender and make it seem so wholesome,
You will never be a woman and the truth is you're a victim of a potent omen,
The idea you can be one's where your deep-seeded insecurity's honed in.

Let me tell you a secret that I learned as a girl,
You are taught that looking good defines your worth in this world,
That being nice and meek goes with it, that you're in the dancehall to either be branded whore or do a dress-swivelling twirl,
Let me tell you a secret that you'll learn, wearing pearls,
The oestrogen you're pumping in you makes you feel hideous and comments like 'damn that bitch is fit' unfurl,
You were a born the gender that could build worth on what you bring, carry and hurl,
You took that pocket pair and folded it so pretty, who's a silly little gurl?

Round 2
Terf girls still study biology
Trans guns defend ideology

Why are you people so deluded
Trans girl wont get herself included

You want for trans to be all beaten
Make sure you dont get yourself eaten

Terf girl is slave to society
Trans girl brings all the variety

When words fail to protect there is gun
Of trans girl you really shouldnt make fun

I will shoot a new hole in your butt
and everyone will say thats sick what

Beauty of trans is in being free
You girls are bothered by unchained me

This war against trans that you girls wage
Better not be driven by dumb rage

You can try to make short peace and all
Will just take longer for you to fall

You say being woman is trouble
If I were man my pain would double

You dont know all of trans emotion
The hell that you have set in motion

You want to tell me of what are boys
I will tell you what they are not: toys

Person becomes what she wants to be
Only then we can be trully free

I go through lots of trouble and pain
Because I have something great to gain

You really hate your gender it seems
And you want to take away my dreams

Say being woman is so much bad
I am better at it than you sad

I deal with it good with no complain
Being woman is now my domain

You say that I take away from you
Do I take away your narrow view

What have I taken from you away
Maybe its trans girl you want to slay

If you attack, prepare to perish
I was a girl you could not cherish

You get offended by my own name
You destroy other people's good fame

You are driven by pure private hate
Cannot let trans girl have happy fate

In your world its all reputation
Class that cant deal with my radiation

You think trans woman attacks your name
What even is this your stupid game

Your view is that of a tribe monkey
Trans girl cares not for what is funky

When sees attacker, trans girl will slay
Another hater makes her fine day

You say to boy he cant be a girl
Watch what you done starting to unfurl

You meddle in other person's life
You are just another beaten wife

When you cause me pain you better watch
Gun carries the bullets you might catch

Teasing me wont help you now decide
Want to die in murder suicide


Tell me, is it feminine to threaten murder-suicide on one for opposition?
I can tell you're tremblin' with the weapon in your underwear, let's chop it off with precision,
You can now enter beauty pageants as a dickless proof that women can't be as good as men can at their own competitions,
Maybe enter sports and show us all how you're built different,
Preaching how gender isn't linked to DNA yet the future you envision has your body's blood rich with oestrogen swimming in the prison.

You think you're born in the wrong body, so the solution that you take as medicinical is that you're a clinical case of needing to eradicate your manhood and then your agony's minimal,
It's criminal the way they brand us feminists as misandric while the men are oh so brittle, 
Rigid in their manliness so they need to lash out our happiness as women and make us all feel little,
Short of murder, assault as men get to raping our cunt or shithole,
There's nothing as misogynistic as saying you can be a woman more so than a butch lesbian is, the queer agenda's been hijacked, the trans agenda is the missile...
boom bam goes everything butch women stood for, but what's any heroic progress good for if the villains don't rewrite propaganda on a swivel?

See it used to be I could wear hair short, dress in pants and still be a woman in entirety,
Now if I'm a masc-presenting woman who identifies as she/her there's people not so quietly screaming 'why' at me,
It used to be propriety for XX chromosome possessors to own womanhood, pretty much entirely,
I used to have vagina owners to idolise and aspire to be,
Now we have men in female spaces, telling us to shut up, be meek and neither dare fight nor see,
If sexual assault occurs, it's coincidence, they champion it so pridefully,
The question is if you're a female, why'd you need to knife your P?
Round 3
Bite us then say you are defending
Old class war is nearing its ending

You bully trans girls to suicide
To live by your rules better to die

No tell us your sad story again
Hearing you is like hearing drunk pain

You talk lot about trans violence
Simple truth is your brain lacks balance

Your hate is pathetic projection
Puked out by your whoring reflection

Play victim while being oppressor
You forgot you were the aggressor

You were the bully ruined the childhood
Now is different trans have brotherhood

What do you mockers get from your hate
I tell what you get your deserved fate

Dare you say that I overreact
This is just my justice's little act

You teach kids then ban them from choosing
Truth comes in time then you start losing

You sort people by some sorted name
When that fails who does girl like you blame

Nothing is ever your bad mistake
Blame men for all dicks you choose to take

Reject all good men and then wonder
How you end with bad men you fonder

Blame trans because you cant respect choice
You are the one with bitching loud voice

When its abortion, its your body
When its trans's you forget it how oddy

Cant stop her from moving the goalpost
Body is wasted to you as host

You talk bad of me who is meddling
What happens is now you are bending

Women always make bad decisions
Then blame others for self-incisions

Trans people are most peaceful as group
Keep sucking dicks eat your gender soup

Imagine thinking of exclusion
Your mind is sad little delusion

I am the one girl that drives you mad
Your class roles your little tribes how sad

In this battle I fought much longer
Your judgment only made me stronger

You could have kept peace and went away
You kept attacking dare me to slay

You are simple limited to class
Do you want me to shoot you in ass

If you didnt want to feel all this pain
You really shouldnt have stepped in my way

Common now dont be shy to step in
Feel the dark world pulling from within

Terf woman claims this girl is not real
Do you want to decide that with steel

Who gets to decide all these labels
To me you are rambling some fables

You talk about biology
Be remind it is all in the mind

In my life you want to do rigging
You are so bothered by my giggling

You wanted to control my whole life
But why you are not even my wife

Its not my fault you girls are so poor
You are just dumb keep sucking you whore

Your boyfriend hits you he was your choice
Blame us for your choice pretty voice

Pretty but not much of a thinker
dont blame us try being a drinker

Trans girl is best of all worlds that exist
Her pure voice will forever persist

I will bury you in dark abyss
Your gender you will not at all miss

Lives are all meaningless except mine
You could have lived well could have been fine

You chose to attack me chose to die
Forgot which life was yours which was mine

You thought you could get away with crime
Attack me now I am at my prime

Kept passing all laws against my kind
You suffer and die with that in mind

You fought with no brain and no honour
Of others you want to be fondler

Attack trans girl when she is mature
Dont pick on kids that are young and pure

In the dark world you will find allure
That cute little bullet will assure

You literally resort to misogyny while saying you're a woman too,
Calling me a whore taking dicks and blaming men? Bye felicia, toodle-loo,
Guess I'm getting Fred while you're getting boned by shaggy, misses scooby doo,
You're a trans-doggy bitch, barking up the wrong tree, guess you identify as stupid too,
Your only hope to win this shit was sticking to the victim script like super-glue,
It was a foolish move to abuse me, who in their right mind will still buy into your bullshit, boo?

If women always make bad decisions,
What are you? Wannabe moron on a phantom mission,
How the fuck can trans people have brotherhood? Are the sister missing?
You're stuck in sisterhood with disfigured clits for pissing,
Come to mama psychiatrist diagnose you as a person who to be happy needs a dick-aimed snipping,
You're constantly saying you're a serial killer should send this to the cops, enjoy men's prison.