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The federal minimum wage should be lowered


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Round 1

History of minimum wage
In order to understand why the minimum wage must be lowered or abolished, we must first understand why it was created. According to, "The concept behind the FLSA began in the 1930s as a response to the Great Depression, a time when about 25% of workers were unemployed, people lost their life savings due to bank failures, and many struggled to secure housing and food. In 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt responded with the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) and establishing the National Recovery Administration" As you can see, minimum wage was created during the Depression, a time when businesses were struggling and were therefore cutting pay to their employees. 

Minimum wage now
Now in 2023, the minimum wage is no longer required for multiple reasons.

1.It is easier to find a job: There have never been more businesses per capita than there are today. With a restaurant on every street corner and three gas stations right next to each other, there are more than enough place to find employment if you feel your employer is not paying you fairly. 

2. employers have incentives to raise wages: If the minimum wage is lowered to say $2 an hour, almost no employer is going to pay their employees $2/hr. Why? Because of very simple economics. If you have a Walmart a a Target and a Dicks right next to each other, most of the people in that plaza would prefer to work at the one that pays the most and would least prefer to work at the one who pays the least. Lets say the Walmart pays $15 the Target pays $12 and the dicks pays $10. Nobody is going to want to work at the Dicks and the store will eventually be either forced out of business or will have to raise its wages. Bottom line: a store that doesn't pay their employees is going to have no employees

3. Most of the workers and jobs work work/pay minimum wage are kids in school: This is significant because while they are earning money by doing these jobs, a large benefit is being able to put it on your resume. An employee straight out of collage with work experience is favores much more than one without. In addition, these college students often don't have the same expenses as adults. They may or may not have a car and rent, but they don't have a wife and kids they are trying to support

4. most blue collar adults make more than minimum wage: Most blue collar working adults make more than minimum wage. The demographic most likely to make minimum wage is teenagers and young adults who again don't have expenses. The blue collar adult make more than minimum wage often because they are good at their job and get a raise, get a promotion to a management position, or are working in a trade.

5.  an adult living on minimum wage would most likely need to work more than 40 hours a week: The federal minimum wage (7.25) calculated into a salary is about $15,000 before taxes. I don't know where you live, but if it is the US, you know you would be hard stretched to live on that. According to, south Dakota has the lowest living wage, at almost $14 per hour. So even in the cheapest state to live in, the minimum wage would only be half what you would need to support yourself and one other person such as a wife or a child. 

6. minimum wage is to hard for the federal government to regulate: If we want to keep minimum wage, it should be maintained by the states. The country as a whole has so many variables to cost of living. The federal minimum wage implies that one could live of it in California just as easily as in Alabama. Obviously these two states have very different costs of living, so lets let them decide what is best for the people of that state.
Round 2
As you can see, con shows a lack of commitment to his debate and should not be voted for.
Round 3
His intelligence is beyond anything I can comprehend.