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Does global warming fuel the clash of culture or civilization ?


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Round 1
Best.Korea,   thank you for accepting the debate.  Some people may wonder why global warming fuel the clash of civilization or culture. 
However, I believe that serious climate change facing us these days contributes to causing the clash of culture or civilization.   As we already know, many developing countries what we call Global South and Sub-Sahara countries are facing unusual  high temperature, flood, mountain fire, shortage of water, sea rise and hurricane. 
These life threatening weather are damaging their survival and industry, mainly agriculture. Facing this dire situation, those living in the affected regions or countries 
are leaving their homes to survive.  Their destination is highly developed countries like the U.S. and European countries.  They are seeking for shelters desperately.

 We must pay much attention to the fact that the number of climate refugees who have been compelled to leave their countries are as large as ten-times of refugees 
who left countries triggered by civil war or regional conflict in recent years. ( Preface in ` Nomad century- how to survive the climate upheaval`, by Gaia Vince)
As I mentioned before, they are heading for wealthy countries of the West. Because they regard those countries are politically , socially and economically  stable.
However, unfortunately serious problem emerges. Many of them find it difficult to adapt to counties where they have immigrated into. 
The reason is that religion, way of life, social value is very different from that of their home countries behind. 

 And the most important problem is that lack of dialog between new comers and people of the developed countries fuels misunderstanding and hatred feelings. 
It is high possibility that it may develop into social unrest and trigger violence and terrorism toward local people from among the climate- refugees. 
So, these days we can see serious clash of culture or civilization are taking place not only in Europe but in the U.S..

 In Frace, many people from Islamic countries are immigrating into the country. In this situation many women are wearing traditional Islamic clothes. 
However, many public schools have introduced the policy of prohibiting wearing Islamic clothes in public places.  Many Islamists are against this unreasonable policy 
imposed by the government. 
In the U.S., the idea of white supremacy and privilege is spreading these days. In various areas like education, employment and social policy, non-white are discriminated so often. The spirit of freedom, equality and philanthropy is collapsed in American society reflecting the growing number of immigrants  triggered 
by global warming and in some cases by the social disruption in their home countries. 

 Taking those situation into consideration, the governments of wealthy countries are urgently required to introduce reasonable and humanitarian measures to cope 
with the clash of culture or civilization as soon as possible.   

If temperature increases by 0.00000000001 degrees, that is still global warming, but it makes no difference to anyone.
Round 2
 Con`s argument for Round 1 is right.  But the most important thing that we must pay much attention to is the rate of drastic and unprecedented increase in temperature in human history since the end of 20th century. This dramatic and unbelievable increase has contributed to damaging human life , agriculture and survival of human beings in many parts of the world. 
 ``Climate scientists have concluded that we must limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040 if we are to avoid a future in which everyday life around the 
world is marked by its worst, most devastating effects``1)  which I have pointed out in Round 1. 
And economically, marginalized, people of color and underprivileged people are experiencing poverty, hunger, displacement and social unrest caused by climate change.  2)     Therefore, mitigating the global warming is urgently required to prevent the clash of culture in many developed countries. 
For example, one Swiss company named `Climeworks` invented the technology to absorb carbon dioxide from the air directly.
However, unfortunately global warming is accelerating so rapidly that many people who are being affected by global warming can not get the fruit of technological 
innovation to mitigate the catastrophe  in the near future.     
 From above arguments I believe that global warming fuels the clash of culture or civilization.   
People of the developed countries must explore new way of life and thinking in the 21 century.   The reason is that global warming triggers the coexistence with people 
who have different culture or civilization. 

    References: 1),2)  `Global Warming 101`,       

I think Global warning is fake news.