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Attack on Titan has a bad ending.


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The ending refers to the last chapters (let's just say chapters 136~139) and the final movie episodes aired in Japanese TV in 11/4.

Attack on Titan, or AOT for short, refers to the manga series created by Hajime Isayama. Anything disconnected from the main storyline is disregarded.

"Bad" will be subjectively defined and settled in the rounds.

Round 1
1. Creates more questions than it answers.

  • At the end, Mikasa is seen visiting Eren's grave with an unspecified man. Some speculate the man to be Jean, but the fact we have to guess at all makes this ending subpar.
  • At the end, there was a boy visiting Eren's tree, let's call him Beren. We don't know his name, his intentions, where he came from and why he decided to come here after Paradis is bombed.
  • No one knows who is the father of Historia's kid. Some speculate farmer-kun to be a member of the Yeagerist faction and was just taking care of Eren's daughter, whereas others speculate that he basically had an affair with Eren knowing (obv).
  • How are Bertolt and Kruger convinced by Armin? I get the other dead Marleyan warriors working towards the goal of...not let the entire Marley die, but Bertolt...he himself is killed by Armin. The fact he is so easily moved makes barely any sense. We do not see the Isayama who created the "I'm the armoured titan and he is the colossal titan" and "Basement reveal" plot twists when they accelerate the story like this. Also, Kruger is an Eldian restorationist, a spy of Marley. There is no reason he is this easily moved by a traitor of Eldia. (see chapter 137)
  • More than that, How is Zeke, someone who made such an intricate plan on everything, lose his stance upon a 5 minute talk with Armin. Be reminded that he did not lose his stance even with "years" of waiting and reliving for Eren's life in chapter 121.
  • Mikasa knows Eren's head is in the titan's mouth. It actually is. Both of these are problems, yes.
  • "Ymir loved King Fritz". Read chapter 122 and you know how much bullshit this is.
  • "Only Ymir knows" The same problems.
2. Butchers perhaps every single main character
  • Eren behaving like a pussy in chapter 139. This is a mentality not even seen in chapter 138 or chapter 1. 
  • Armin holding such a vague view of morality even after agreeing with Eren, who supposedly gave up trying to justify his genocidal acts and just resorts to "No, I don't want Mikasa to find another man". His vague sense of morality, ironically, is what got no sides winning. Marley suffered rumbling losses, and Eldia got bombed. Nobody won, and he is talking as if he did. I won't go full schizo this time but be reminded Armin has access to the Paths, he should know what he is doing.
  • Mikasa being even more shallow than in S1 as all she did was miss Eren, miss Eren, hit Eren and hit Eren in the final chapters.
  • Reiner sniffing Historia's letters. We know he is suicidal but holy shit.
  • Historia, someone implied to be crucial to the story plotline (by showing her giving birth and talking with Eren, etc), eventually just became a stereotypical leader at the end with no special twists. She is less deep than in S3, or S2 for that matter.
  • Ymir, someone appearing to finally take the great step in chapter 122, resorted to "It was Mikasa" and "Only Ymir knows".
The ending benefits no one and raises more concerns than it resolves. I think I should call the day here as it is 12AM here. See you next round.

My opponent obviously didnt definne bad outside of "The ending benefits no one". 

I am not even sure what does that mean, but anyway.

Since my opponent said that bad will be subjectively defined, I will define bad as that which gives me discomfort. 

Obviously, the ending didnt give me discomfort as I didnt even watch it.

Now, my opponent may say that bad should be defined as that which gives discomfort to most people.

I agree.

Now, obviously, the ending doesnt give most people discomfort as most people didnt even watch it. Hell, most people never even heard of what my opponent talks about.

Since my side of resolution is upheld using definition that cannot be countered, voters are forced to either vote me or vote tie.
Round 2
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