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For the purposes of not wasting rounds, write in comments about which topic you want poems to be about after accepting.

You may select new topic each round.

I havent done poem battles in a long time, and I want to try again.

For the purposes of entertainment, Pro writes positive about topic, where Con writes negative.

Round 1
Earth is a sphere

What do people fear, why wont people hear
Day, night, winter, spring, Earth must be a sphere
Otherwise there would be no explanation
All other planets suit the calculation
Could it be that Earth is odd and unique
Photos of Earth disprove that critique
No one has found the edge or the end
The flat world to us the proof doesnt send
Conclude we can without the delude
The flat world is some fantasy, false allude.

Yō, there's a belief, it's been around,
That Earth's a sphere, not flat and round.
But there's a movement, they've found,
That Earth is flat, not a sphere to confound.

Evidence for a sphere, it's indirect,
Theoretical assumptions, what you'd expect.
But flat Earth theory, it's direct,
Observations and tests, no aspect neglect.

Flat Earth theory, it's simple and clear,
Explains phenomena that appear.
Why's the horizon flat, not near?
Why's the sun and moon the same sphere?

And why don't we feel the Earth's rotation?
Flat Earth theory, it's got the explanation.
Embrace the theory, it's a sensation,
Could revolutionize science, a new foundation.

So, while it seems far-fetched, a flat Earth,
There are reasons to give it worth.
Examine the evidence, for what it's worth,
Challenge the status quo, give birth,
To a deeper understanding of our Earth.

Though I'm not a flat earther, it's true,
I crafted this poem, just for you.
With Microsoft's Copilot, a helpful guide,
Turned my argument into verse, took it in stride.

For the next round, a topic, quite cryptic,
"Axiom of Schema Replacement is stupid."
A challenge awaits, a debate to unfurl,
In the grand arena of the intellectual world.
Round 2
Axiom of Schema Replacement is stupid

Schema, schema, why are you so stupid
You are not the axiom nor cupid
You assume A equals A, thats just wrong
In theory of proof you are not strong
Proof requires excluding all other
Can you exclude that one isnt another
You say that you cant spot the difference
Doesnt mean it isnt in existence
It could be that you just cant observe
Somewhere one A means different serve
Where A isnt A, there is such a place,
A distant  world that leaves no trace.
Yō, it's the Axiom of Schema Replacement,
A fundamental principle, no displacement.
In set theory, it's a powerful tool,
Creating new sets, ain't that cool?

Let's define what this axiom is,
For any formula P(x,y), it's a whiz.
For any set A, exists a set B,
For every y in A, an x you'll see.

The Axiom of Schema Replacement, so smart,
Defining new sets, that's just the start.
Like the set of all even numbers, so divine,
All elements satisfy "x is even", that's the line.

Why's the axiom so smart, you ask?
It defines sets for any task.
Like the set of all sets, not containing themselves,
Naive set theory, on the shelves.

The axiom's smart, allows us to prove,
Powerful theorems, in the groove.
Like the existence of large cardinals, so fine,
Without the axiom, they wouldn't align.

In conclusion, the axiom's a powerful mate,
In mathematics, it's first-rate.
Defines sets, proves theorems, no debate,
In mathematical mysteries, it's first-rate.

Next topic, "Koreans are ugly", no jest,
On the line, no political correctness, just the best.

Round 3
Koreans are ugly

Koreans are very ugly, its true
Killing each other thinking they are pure
North Korea says it will nuke the South
Do they kiss their mother with that mouth?
South Koreans are ugly too, true call
Their birth rates continue to fall and fall
Their women reject their ugly short men
Chance to reproduce is 2 out of 10
Proof for being ugly is rejection
Low in demand, no right to objection
North reproduces good, but wants trouble
Trouble with ugly people is double
War is peace and ugly is pretty
North kills people who watch Hello Kitty
In the land where morning calm resides,
Beauty standards have taken strides.
Koreans, they shine, in their handsome grace,
Their flawless skin, a charming face.

From Seoul to Busan, across the nation,
Beauty's seen with admiration.
Slim figures, striking features, a sight to behold,
Stories of their elegance, far and wide are told.

Skincare, self-care, a cultural emphasis,
From a tender age, it's more than a premise.
Brightening skin, reducing lines so fine,
In the mirror, they let their confidence shine.

Fashion and style, another cultural trait,
In trendy clothing, they look first-rate.
Celebrities praised, for their unique fashion sense,
Their self-expression, it's quite intense.

Large eyes, small faces, a V-shaped jawline,
Beauty standards, though not divine.
Through diet, exercise, procedures cosmetic,
They strive for beauty, it's quite poetic.

But remember, beauty is subjective,
Cultural standards are not always effective.
Yet, understanding these values, we see,
The beauty and style of Korea's spree.

In the world so vast and wide,
There's no place for such a tide.
To call a race, ugly or not,
Is a thought, best left to rot.

Every culture, every land,
Holds beauty, like a magic wand.
Koreans, Europeans, or from the Nile,
Each has their own unique style.

Best.Korea's words, inappropriate and wrong,
In the symphony of life, they don't belong.
Let's celebrate diversity, let's take a stand,
For beauty is everywhere, across every land.