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Is it impossible for you as an individual to decide you're good?


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Disclaimer : Regardless of the setup for voting win or lose, The aim of this interaction, Is for those that view it, Learn and or take away anything that will amount to any constructive value ultimately. So that counts as anything that'll cause one to reconsider an idea, Understand a subject better, Help build a greater wealth of knowledge getting closer to truth. When either of us has accomplished that with any individual here, That's who the victor of the debate becomes.

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Round 1
This topic came about based on this following individual's input below. This individual expressed points that communicated that oneself cannot identify as good but other people can identify you in particular as such.

If this individual was so convinced in the points made, why not entertain them in this topic?

Perhaps there's doubt that the points are not as strong as touted in the forum.

Question I have is if individually we can't identify ourselves as good, how are we able to to do so of others?

No wonder this individual ducked out of this one.

Really case closed.

03.19.2024 10:21PM
" "Good" is obviously subjective. I am reliable, consistent, trustworthy and dependable. Those are objective truths about me. I am not a good person.  I have differing opinions. Merely having a differing opinion can make you a bad person. For instance: Not supporting a political narrative or voting  for  the wrong  political candidate.   So with that said, it doesn't matter if you think you are a good person half the population hates your fucking guts for having independent thoughts and opinions."

Good being subjective doesn't mean an individual can't decide for his or herself according to them that they're good. It's subjective to that individual. Double talk and conflicting on this individual's part in the post.

Saying you're reliable, consistent, trustworthy and dependable is making judgements about yourself. How's this any different from making a judgment of goodness?

Saying they're objective truths are according to you therefore, you guessed it, subjective again.

Saying you're not a good person is a judgment made about yourself. If that is possible, why wouldn't the other be possible deciding you're good?

See these are all counters to this input but the forum is not a debate platform.

Having an opinion that you're good is deciding that you're a good person.

Your opinion matters to you. If it doesn't, why have it?

Regardless of others, regardless of others, regardless of others. I say that over and over until it drills in .

What do you think of yourself? What do you believe, know and assess of yourself in anything?

I'll give a " for instance" of my own.

I have decided from evaluation and diligent research of MY OWN trusting my own information, I'm trustworthy, that's my assessment of trustworthiness and I've concluded about myself that I'm good in a particular field or specialty.

Someone says "ohh no, it doesn't matter because the employer you interviewed with says you're not good for the job of specialty".

Doesn't mean it's impossible for me to make judgement of myself because it doesn't matter to others. I think folks are struggling to understand that 

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. You're struggling to see that, struggling to call yourself good. Well if you're don't call yourself that, you're indirectly calling yourself something else.

Furthermore the judgment and knowledge of myself matters to me as well as somebody else because that somebody saw fit to hire me instead based on the consonance.

I don't know what the opposing side is working with or wants to bring forth in argument against my side. 

Looks like a new individual on the site. My guess is the topic will be forfeited. 

Nevertheless I've made and proved my point.

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