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Rap Battle. RM vs That1User


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Round 1
Beat (right-click the video and click 'Loop' to play endlessly over a long/slow read):

What's the purpose for the lack nerves up in that1's nerveless brain? It's as if curtains close on senses, when's reality gon' surface?
You round, you gon' get hurt sis, Madman Ming the fucking Merc'less hit with some lethal spit; erode your ego, bitch, you're worthless!
I would say to bend over and do you and I a service but your profile implies you're just a kid and I don't want me on search-list,
Impotent little rodent runnin' round confused about your gender, confused about everything like you're just flesh in a blender,
That is not strategic patience, 'no informations' flood the page it's simply that you're terrified of admitting you just weren't built for dominatin',
Hesitatin' every stage of the thought-process, 'is this the right move?' black vs white, you gon' pick dalmation,
But you're just child up in here, say hi to this Rottweiler even at the height of your might you just a timid-bitch alsation.

Genderfluid, ageless being, are you adorned with divinity?
Are you a demigod here to beat over and over multiplied by infinity?
Na, you're a liar posing as unidentifiable,
But if I cant pin you down why's victory, here, viable?
You admitted I'm on your level by accepting me as a competitor,
But you're soon gonna wish you could go back in time with a wisdom-endowed editor,
Fool to accept this, you's gettin' reckless,
Type1's a user I chewed, spat out; is you the next wannabe '1' that'll dare to test this?
This shit aint fair, you'd best quit, pretty your hair, eat Nesquik,
Little schoolgirl fuckin' with a bumpy road; rusty bike, no helmet,
You think your poetry fairs well, kid?
You got barely any wins to begin with, such a precious record to hold onto, I warn you to avoid me in debates and protect it.

Your ego precedes you, should call you midnight blue
Because like midnight you'll end in a minute, adieu

RationalMadman, your name makes no sense man
Your name's a contradiction so let's dispel this fiction
That you are any good with diction 
Your mind's split on course with collision
Embrace either reason or insanity
Your duality will only bring you calamity
Nothing but my casualty, fatality 
I embrace insanity with totality
I cannot be defeated
You're depleted
Your mind's divided, coincided 
With my victory is your defeat
Take a seat, you can't compete
For my victory is now complete
Face it man, you're beat

Round 2
Beat (remember to Loop for longer reads):

Oh Lord, I was gonna say I was bored
But then I read that shit like when the Dunce is forced to write an answer up on the board,
And everyone knows he's gonna get it wrong, knows he's gonna struggle,
Like they're wizards with the magic and this tragic cuck's a muggle,
"your name makes no sense man" rhymes with what? madman?
'Man' with 'man' and the syllable highlights a bad plan,
You can be both, think about it; hero or villain what's Batman?
Good or bad president; what's Obama? It's not contradiction just depiction of facts, can you fathom an Adam and Eve in one? Well that's your gender, Miss Catman,
Oh and we aint done yet, you better learn what 'reasoning' is for; it's like a seasoning that when you're lacking and attacking someone with, your done for; hand your opponent an easy win,
So before you deplore me for bein' King, best you sit down, appreciate that this sexy beast eased your eyes before feasting on you, peeling skin,
You're not just prey, you're a lost soul no logic to feed your strategy; I chip away at you, weakening, the longer the fight goes on, the gap between us keeps deepening,
I'm not a madman you'll imprison kid, I'd fuckin' run the Asylum, you'd be my regular visitor, you can't alarm me, sweetheart, you're barmy if you think you can seduce this kingpin player, can't out-think or out-charm me, I'm vicious but delicious as properly pronounced 'sal-ah-mi' (Salami) this aint fictitious, this is big, blue, midnight silent killer o' millions Tsunami.

Your words are monkey shit randomly thrown at a wall
Scribble with crayon in this chaos you shall surely fall
Even the Dunce's board word is better than yours
With strength born out of struggle,
Your in your apex so get ready to tumble
Even saw better writing back in Elementary
Think you’re all that but all you do is fall flat
On your face as you fail to give chase
True insanity has no room for rationality
Otherwise your mentality is just banality
Can’t go all out, mental drought
Your thoughts are blocked out
Because you’re boring, bland,
See you comparing yourself to Batman
Yet I see you in broad daylight seeking the illusion of power
Just like the rest of them everyday during every hour
Don’t you know power is merely perception?
And I perceive you as my reception
You receiving defeat, me receiving victory

No plan, no logic, no rhyme, no reason
Now you will see the lost soul’s season
But no don’t be fooled this is not treason
Swear no oaths, no loyalty
I overthrow royalty, an enemy of tyranny
So call me Legion cause there’s millions of me
Faceless, ageless, fearless, seamless
Watch as I spring up from a seed, a tree
Watch me as I am set free as you flee
Directionless as I attack you from all directions
The endless source of infinite trepidations

So you say you’ll run the asylum?
Think you’re the Joker,
Nothing but a jokester
Life, Domain, Kingdom, Phylum
Knife, Insane, Freedom, light ‘em
Take your Institution and light a match
Set it on fire, burn it down as I desire
Because simply you’re no match
Your reign has come to an end sire

You’re the tsunami, I’m the ocean that sets you in motion
I’m nothing but pure emotion, unending devotion
Devoted to your demise, don’t despise
As I unleash my pathological curse,
Afflicting you with my adverse verse
You see me as the androgynous nurse
Think you’re getting a healing? Surprise!
You’re Triton, I’m Poseidon, see me ridin’
On a dolphin, but for you it’s just Fin

Round 3

Hit you with the raw rap, you can't digest, so you profess that the best aint me like 'thank u next!',
Bitch are you sore from the awe that's just bored your soul via(vee-ah) text?
Imma sting you with the bars; it's a bamboo beating, the heat of each beat settles in like bee-stings when you done-stepped in a nest,
Monkey-shit thrown at a wall? ooh-lala your skill level's nowhere it's fucking unfair to compare with this pest,
Am I annoying you with the skill combined with talent? This baboon with the big banana's prepared to fuck, fight, kill anyone, anywhere no contest.

There was that one user who thought they stood chance vs Rational Madman after they had a fast glance,
Then he pursued to abuse and let loose the beast hidden within; Ava Kedavra, his thick wand makes pussies moist and ears waxed as they take in what makes them simple have a last dance,
Beats so brutal with resistance futile, like he's in the Kim-Jong Dynasty, not a foiled-plan Royal in France,
If this beast were French in history, it's not mystery he'd be the Napoleon foe's'd soon learn, when threatened, to wetten their pants,
His mind a weapon you'll never get better than; only try your best to later regret ever attempting to step in the ring with; get your knees on the floor or raise those hands,
Surrendering to this endless King's reign, aint cowardice; it's simply the only option that a botched abortion like you'll ever have, you pansy,
Fucking with me's like endless Jumanji, endless Jungle monsters chase you down serving this alpha Chimpanzee.
Holy Hell man, you call that a counter?
The stuff I get over the counter is stronger
Words so weak I don't even have to battle they battle for me
They're doing my bidding as I'm sitting 
Oh how it's so fitting how much I'm winning
Send your confused little head spinning 
Yes it's you I'm knitting, you're yarn
Making you into whatever I want 
Making you make a croquette  you're my marionette 
Just a puppet dangling from a string
As you sing something silly 
About freeing your willy
But that's the only freedom you're gonna be feeling
Under my control, pure vitriol under this ceiling
If you're the alpha I'm the omega 
You the beginning and me the end
And at the end I'll end ya 
Worse than when Nintendo ended Sega
As you fade away making things for me
So gotta go fast this is your last battle
As the self proclaimed king who sees me as an abortion 
But is too blind to see that I am leaving you in contortion
Clear to my eyes you're paralyzed, ceasing all motion
Your heart's stopped beating, your lungs stopped breathing
Brain dead, forever faded, fated to this end, I'm the end
Round 4
Beat for the rap (Loop it if you read for a long time):

Yes, I am your yarn but the darnedest of events is that pretty that1's bidding is I win at his-or-her expense,
Ooh baby you control me with the strings to spit unholy, yes the Pope would not approach these bars, he and I will not be friends,
This shit here's on a level that your rebel-brain is telling you to melt into an ever-benevolent state of obedi-ence,
You've been sitting on the fence too long, held no opinions strong so you joined a site like this to start playing against not just playing along,
But the issue with the shit you envisioned yourself doing is that you're high while you're down blowing my bong, is that you find being unkind too hard, the attraction is too strong,
Just a fraction of a second and you go from my main rival to Naomi Watts with a hot spot for this King or are you a more a homo Kong-loving Bobby Rydell? I don't know much about you, so it's hard to diss you vicious, but my bars are not just Mars-born they're star-burn-tier malicious, you're basic not so smart, art's punchlines are all suspicious, like they're straight outta your anus(Uranus) soft bark, bitch, I'm a shark, and I'm hungry, biting on you fishes, so come and control me, tell me you own me, sell me your soul so I don't wanna go free, then realise you owe me, slowly get to know me and realise your puppet-strings may pull my limbs but my tongue's mind-altering venom and my spit's slaughtering your holes gaped open for this OG.
Asking for obedience yet doing nothing worthy of respect, oblivious
You think I will obey you? No way in Hell, Heaven, Earth, delirious
Deliriously demolishing you as you try to take over my rebel mind
So come on in as I steal the eyes you use to see,  you're blind
To the fact that I've stolen away all of your senses using just sentences 
You're waging a war you can never win,  my mind's Viet Cong strong
As you get lost in the darkness of the jungle you hit that bong as I sing my song, so long
Enduring every single attack as I fight back with the arrest of your cardiac 
This is a war of heart and mind and you lack the mental and emotional capacity to face me
No solace of sleep no peace of dreams only a living nightmare, insomniac
Maniac throwing you down into disorder where only chaos is reigning endlessly in the sea
Of pain but for you there's no gain because Bane is in my gang, bang!
Shot  you through your thick skull, breaking bones, it's over, life signs null
And void, devoid of life, chop you up with a knife, finish you off with Death's scythe

Round 5

Who in the hell you think you're reppin?
Am I the kinda guy you want your bitch ass steppin' to? I threaten you to wield my weapons,
You can't feel the way I'm feelin' for a single second, you're not deep enough to even breathe my breath in,
I'm the madman, try to tame me; shit aint pleasant,. as I said I'm King and you sleep in a pigsty, peasant,
This is a goodbye present to your shook mind, get on yoru knees and worship the one who raps from high heaven,
Legend has it that you'd kill yourself in eleven milliseconds if it ever were evident that you get this skill as a blessing.
Bullet to my head now I'm dead but only to be ascended to the Heavenly plain
Plane's descending down to Hell , get my gun, shoot, bang! ending your pain
Forever, final death, no more breathe, out of time to rhyme due to my crime
But no this is not cold blooded murdering this divine retribution you're receiving
For your sinning, best be believing I am currently redeeming, you're bleeding
Your death is my blessing no more confessing as the blooding is letting
Enduring the fires of Hell, waiting for Satan to come so I can start overthrowing
The old because I'm the new, ideas are bulletproof, revolutionary in my thinking
I will start sinking this all down including the crown, killing the king as a mime
He's mine, plant a mine inside the king of Hell watch him yell as he's exploding
Floating through the air in millions of pieces, peace is what I'm achieving
Achievement unlocked-Killing Two as I flew out of here, hear your heart screaming
Then silence, ended forever by the guidance of my violence, this is me winning