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E-cigarettes should be banned for all children under the age of 16-17


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Pro must prove that e-cigarettes are dangerous for children
Since we are talking about banning, pro should propose for example a fine for children who smoke e-cigarettes while con must prove that a ban isn't necessary
Should this ban be put into action, if a child is caught using one, it faces repercussions but if a vendor is found selling one to a child, he faces bigger repercussions, possibly jail time depending on the nature of the crime
By e-cigarettes we mean vapes, iqos devices...
Burden of proof is shared

Round 1
Greetings Con
I would like to first clarify the structure of the ban i’m proposing even though i somewhat stated it in the descriptions
The ban applies to both children under 16-17 who are caught smoking e-cigarettes and also to vendors who are caught selling them to children under that age. The children are punished with fines while vendors are punished with either heavier fines than the ones imposed on children or possibly jail time depending on the nature of the crime they commit.

However the real question is: Why should we place a ban?
My answer to that question is that e-cigarettes for example vapes etc. are dangerous both for children’s physical and mental health. I will be talking about the impacts on both throughout my case.

Health risks
1. Cancer: E-cigarettes contain toxic substances such as nicotine and other chemicals that can directly cause cancer. The most common type of cancer associated with vapes and so on is lung cancer. I recently came across a video that told the story of 15 year old girl, who was addicted to vaping. According to the video, the girl’s lungs burst open due to the amount of nicotine in them so in other words there are two possibilities. Either you die in a matter of months due to excessive consumption of such substances or you are condemned to a long and excruciating battle with cancer that doesn’t even guarantee survival. 
According to the American cancer society, many devices also contain THC, a mind altering chemical also found in marijuana as well as Vitamin E acetate. These are mere examples of the dangerous substances found in smoking devices and the fact that the scientific world hasn’t yet recognised all these substances renders smoking them even more substances, especially when smoking cheap and low-quality products created and sold by shady companies
2. Variety of symptoms: Symptoms associated with e-cigarettes include but are not limited to coughing, trouble breathing, chest pains, nausea, vomiting. fatigue, fever and weight loss. Many of these symptoms require hospitalization depending on the vape or in general device the person is using
3. Harms brain development: E-cigarettes used during adolescence can lead to many problems in the brain of the adolescent for instance problems in their attention spans while they may also experience difficulty learning and controlling their impulses in the future.

These are examples of health risks associated with e-cigarettes. It is late at night for me in Europe and these are the findings of merely 30 minutes of research. Imagine the amount of problems and issues i would find should i conduct years of research

Sources used during this argument and following ones:

Round 2
My opponent has forfeited the first round, yet i will continue (next time i will remember to mention in the descriptions that we're here to debate and not forfeit rounds)

I analysed the healthrisks (physical danger) associated with e-cigarettes, now i will talk about effects on one's mental health
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are highly engineered drug delivery devices that create and sustain addiction. According to a study i found online-> in the brain, nicotine attaches to acetylcholine receptors and releases dopamine, which causes feelings of pleasure, upregulates acetylcholine receptors, and alters brain circuitry involved in learning, stress, and self-control, resulting in addiction and dependence. Adolescents and young adults are particularly susceptible to nicotine receptor upregulation and addiction because of enhanced brain plasticity. So addictive, in fact, that the National Institutes of Health call it as addictive heroin and cocaine. As a result of this addiction, vape users simply wake up in the morning and within 5 minutes of their waking, they start vaping and inhaling nicotine. As i previously mentioned, vapes and e-cigarettes contain tobacco, flavoring substances and a number of unknown to children. Tobacco can kill up to 8 million cigarette users each year which is quite scary considering that the number of users is increasing and the age of users is decreasing each year according to the statistics. Now let's about addiction itself is quite dangerous. When it comes to smoking, it can obviously drive you away from your friends and family, ruin you interpersonal relationships and also drive you away from your favorite activities and sports since you're too busy smoking all the time. Addiction to e-cigs can also affect performance in school negatively while it can also lead to a sedentary lifestyle
Sedentary lifestyles are basically the lifestyles that include sitting on the chair, looking endlessly at your computer, watching your life and precious time go by while you waste your health.  In these cases, you ruin your health by eating high-calorie foods and smoking in order to get pleasure. This is very dangerous for one's physical situation and can lead to types of obesity, diabetes etc.
There is another category which is basically dependance on these cigarettes due to the sentimental support they provide. What do i mean by that? When you smoke for the first time, it's nothing. It doesn't make you feel anyway special. But it can gradually beome a habit and you can become havily attached to it and nicotine as a whole and in these situations, e-cigarettes have been proven to relieve from stress and anxiety, helping people calm down etc. However this dependance is so dangerous that if you don't smoke cigarettes for a long time, you will get the exact opposite results from the ones you were getting smoking the cigarettes. This applies to every addiction involvng substances.
This is what makes giving drugs and substances up so hard to do. Once they become a habit, you can't just delete them. It takes lots of time and effort to recover while there are physical and mental side effects to quitting. For example, many people once they quit see themselves having giant appetites in order to make up for the cigarettes they didn't smoke.

Addiction is always dangerous but when it comes to nicotine it is especially dangerous. That's why children should be kept away from e-cigarettes and find other ways to cure their stress and anxieties because these substances can really ruin a person's life and it's not cool in any way to smoke them.


Round 3