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Argument = Your opinion, no explanation required.
Sources = Puns, Metaphors, General Wordplay. Cite one word play to justify.
Grammar = Rhymes per word on average. no explanation required.
Conduct = Disses, Self Compliments, Anything that raises or diminishes one's "rep" (reputation for the normies.) Must cite one justify.

Round 1
( ) = Background Hype.     ((Semi-Coherent Crowd Hype.))  <Super Mic Drop Crowd Explosion>

You're a
Pagan progressive who's only life goal is power? Tight!    (Not really.)
So you'll sell your soul-to-the devil for the power of progress right?    {Wow!}
You're the quintessential archetype of The Antihero!  How -- Trite!     (Indeed!)
But I'm a true villain, I'll tangle in you in my cyber-net, My Web -- Site!     ((Whooo!!))

You're a Solipsist, So you can't even argue with yourself.    (True)
You're sitting on the sidelines, You're The Elf on The Shelf.    (Sure)
That makes you a Defeatist with no power or Wealth.    (*Boom*)
I would say I {Ralph} wasn't real too if I was up against Ralph.     ((Damn!!))

You're animated and witty --- but sometimes you're a jerk. 
Flaming me for syllogisms because you didn't do the proper work. 
Don't try to deny it, Wikipedia proves you're wrong while I smirk.
When contention turns into denial that destroys you're incredulous quirk.

I handle
Pseudo philosophical-type Madmen routinely 
I'll introduce you to the world -- boy just call me Mr. Feeny..    {(*90's sitcom laugh track*)}
I'll put some much needed knowledge in your brain-like zucchini.
And then you'll know the fact you lost this in the first round obscenely    <waoejf;alskjsalfas;flafj;>
Beat (wait 7 seconds or so for the beat to actually begin and right-click the video click 'Loop' and leave it at that):

Note: Click blue'd text for references, italics in parentheses isn't rapped, it's explaining a reference of the rapped text prior to it).

Ooh look at the noob, typing crowd-reactions in his fantasy,
This Gung Ho Dumbo (elephant avatar) debating proud with the fallacies,
Like he's a new age boy up against Adam, see I gobbled on that apple tree; I'm not just your father, Wrick, I'm the sinnin' daddy of humanity
Ralph from the Simpsons? Spaz with the symptoms of a clinically retarded kid with a rap style as evolved as the Flintstones,
Down with a syndrome, bow to your Pimp, son or I'll fuck your Confederacy of International Symptoms liked the Jedi Knight version of Abraham Lincoln, (He led the defeat of the Confederates and Ralph said I'm an antihero vs his 'true villain' nature),
Speaking proud of your 'pure evil' ass like a demon swallowing semen from the snake on Adam back in the Garden of Eden,
See this antihero you refer to aint a simple-minded rebel, pioneer of Biblical Evil itself; you can call him the Devil.

Layers to my metaphors getting you ever wetter, whore,
Your 'about me's just a bullshit story, mine's 'bout being a predator,
Before you twist that callin' me a sexual something-that-I-abhor,
By 'predatory' I simply implored you're prey living life as a banana-chomping herbivore (elephant avatar),
Your true villain Sidious-ass is sitting on pivotless, rigid-as-midget's-neck, seat on which you are fixed in place,
You think you can seriously defeat this insidious anti-imperious Syria-esque warborn Yuri Boyka with that Russian-cold-heart come let's go fight in Siberia,
Wanna Wikipedia syllogisms? Wikipedia the verb 'jerk', and kindly go do that to yourself as you realise being that shit at rapping and attracting women only has one perk.
Round 2
[[I used your beat to right this.... Oh....  that's write!!, Oh!, that was a Pungent Pun, gents!]]

Imma do this Hitchens style and crush you bottom to Top. 
I'm like gravity bitch, there ain't a beet I can't Drop. 
You cannot overcome my hurdles without a Hip or a Hop. (Person with injured leg and hip pun.  Allegory for my Opponent.)
I'll break you down so completely, they'll clean you up with a Mop.

You talk about my love life ignoring that I'm actually married. 
Got a tattoo for my wedding ring that I've constantly carried. 
If you want to see it, you can have the imprint when it's buried. 
In your forehead when I show you what it means to be harried. 


You're Rational like contradictions are factual. 
I slash and cull, mics on spot because I smash in full. 
You splash and blow, bubbles while I drown you like it's fashionable 
You're lasting though, but only cause I'm holding back til I cash this bowl

*puuuuuuuffff.   It's cashed* 

Call me Wrick It cause I know where to stick it. 
Metaphorically speaking, that is, it makes your argument pivot. 
Towards my position it's peaking, then I pin it down with a divot. 
Now just give in to this beating, Find your concession and give it. 


Same Note as earlier Round applies.

His profile as I see it (birth year included but note day or month, he wants to have a personal battle, this is not doxxing he put it on his profile):

NOTE FOR EARLIER ROUND: Confederacy of Independent Symptoms not international symptoms omg lol i typod
it was meant to be a pun with 'symptoms' linking to syndrome in place of systems.

Extra note this Round: I am aware from previous battles that if too much of the rap is in extended-written form people struggle picking up on the rhymes so i'll bold and italics the rhymes. There are more internal rhymes and slick flow semi-rhymes going on but i'm B+I the hugest rhymes.

Copycat pussy-twat, takin' my beat after I murdered it with lyrics as if there's shit a lil bitch' like you can do with that,
Here with the ruthless rap and the truth is whack antagonistic Hip-Hop gimmicks like you can mop  the floor with your hair before I beat you blue 'n' black? (hip and mop from his bars)
You done jacked my beat? Bitch I jacked your puns now run like elephants do with rats, mice and anything tiny and you're mopping piss still, pissed off that you ran from the rodent into my booby trap.

You “R” a “Peepee” and you smell of shit, look at the title of this; learn to spell a bit, (Rapp Battle instead of Rap Battle is the title)
Spit like the middle-aged man you are, you-rap-you-splash (reference to his third stanza) repetitive, the splashing's from the brittle spittle that you'll soon dribble, 40 going on 60; much loved vegetative relative,
This aint a case of respect your elders, it's noticing I got a young man's energy; I'm competitive, rank 1 debater and forum poster, and I boast the fact that I barely posted spam to get to it,
If you took me to a cell, made live through hell undernourished, filled with sedatives, the tiniest glimpses of me being lucid would be enough to make it clear; you downing Monster drinks vs wouldn't make you powerful; it'd make your heart race, cuckold you're tentative,
Me I'm the right kind of sensitive, pay attention to my environment; you better remember this, I've been the uncrowned alpha lion o' the pack here for years, when I'm diseased I'll be remembered as legend, your head on a stick beside statue; a commemorative.

Round 3
I liked your R1 Rap better, You're headed in the wrong direction 
You might have been the king before but it's time for an insurrection 
You make appeal to tradition fallacies, Just a shallow deflection. 
You might deny that you like my flow, but you can't hide your erection. 

You think my age is weakness?  That shows your lack of wisdom kid.
I've had the time do to things right, and you're still just watching the training vid.
You're a victim of your undeveloped brain and your blurry id.
You think your way's original, but you're doing the same thing all youngsters did.

Your raps are too drawn out, learn to write more succinctly
You're writing for you instead of sending a message distinctly
This ain't your mixtape, it's a battle you better get it in sync G.
My words have so much content, I send the whole story in blinks, See?

Because you're

Losing your grip and your, reality's slipping.
If you think you've tipped the scales then I. promise you're tripping.
I don't even need a pun no more, your argument's limping.
I'll just play with words off tops while I'm, easily ripping.  

Fuck it, I'm going full force skill-rap on this one... 

Click blue text to catch the reference.

^ Read the short-description. I will link to that battle in the reference to it, but short-desc doesn't show inside the debate:

This beast here is the Biblical Miracle that'll haunt,
This 40-plus minimalistic disser with the literal middle-school tier taunts,
Telling me I'm too drawn-out, bitch this precision I flaunt commits incisions meticulous like hitting ribs with this furious fist covered in a gauntlet,
After I'm done fistin' ya I'm gon' get kinky, this ride's far from jaunted, You're kneelin' with diligence, pleading with this rap-genius Savant,
Yes we can twist and revisit syllabuses as taught'nd but if if your pretty little pitiful intellect is filled with impotent curriculum; mind as tough as croissants,
Then it isn't mysterious why your taste prefers my Round 1, debutant.