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5g internet is a death grid


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Round 1
this debate is to get awareness out about  the new internet that is going to require them to put 5g death towers every 200 feet. these towers are going to slow kill us and screw are genetic structure completely up.all in the name of faster internet speeds.

i will first start with its effects on the human.

effects on the skin

Dr. Ben-Ishai of Hebrew University, Israel explains how the knew 5g internet will have terrible effects on the skin. are skin has these sweat ducts that are tiny little holes that allow are skin to breath. 5g screws with this in some terribly since way that i don't understand and because of that will lead to many skin diseases and cancers.

here what Dr Ben says about it straight from the article

Effects on the Skin
The biggest concern is how these new wavelengths will affect the skin. The human body has between two million to four million sweat ducts. Dr. Ben-Ishai of Hebrew University, Israel explains that our sweat ducts act like “an array of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths,” meaning that we become more conductive. A recent New York study which experimented with 60GHz waves stated that “the analyses of penetration depth show that more than 90% of the transmitted power is absorbed in the epidermis and dermis layer.
The effects of MMWs as studied by Dr. Yael Stein of Hebrew University is said to also cause humans physical pain as our nociceptors flare up in recognition of the wave as a damaging stimuli. So we’re looking at possibilities of many skin diseases and cancer as well as physical pain to our skin.

effects on the eyes

5g internet has some terrible effects on the eyes the internet radio waves at 60gh which is 5g level has been shown to penetrate the surface of the eye and cause cause thermal injuries.

also a Chinese study was done were they found that microwave radiation after 8 hours damaged lens epithelial cells of rabbits. microwave radiation is what 5g puts out.

5g technology has been in development for a long time and thy have used 5g level radio waves as military weapons for a long time.

alright to save time

it effects how fast the cells in our body grow

it bad for the heart its very bad

it makes are immune system really weak

and it does this to the brain
  • increased blood brain barrier permeability
  • melatonin reduction
  • disruption to brain glucose metabolism

  • effects how are body is able to resist bacteria.

    in the edge of wonders 5g expose video first part it talks about how it basically talks about how 240 scientist and doctors with published research from 41 nations sent an appeal to the united nations to Holt production of 5g. nothing came from that and they talk about how 5g screws your genetic structure and then they joke about growing another head and they talk about the advance surveillance capability it will have

    lisa haven made a video talks about 5g she says it damages your chromosomes and stuff

    the 240 doctors and scientist publish research from 41 nations can be found at video time 4 minutes and 7 seconds

    5g also causes

    learning and memory defects
    genetic damages
    cellular stress
    neurological disorders

    martin pall a the leading emf expert said at Washington state universe said
    emf radiation. did a speech at the national health association about the dangers of 5g were he says emf area threat to our survival

    2017 sep 13 another 180 scientist from 31 country warns of how freaking dangerous 5g is

    it is illegal to put up  anything that affects any of the organs. but because 5g effects the skin they had to reclassify the skin as an outer layer instead of an organ

    got this from one of lissa havens videos

    Burden of Proof:
    Pro is the one making a profound claim, to which he needs to support with profound evidence (not YouTube opinions, and not the same conspiracy site repeatedly). I shall show why any evidence he does present is insufficient to prove his case.

    0. NYC:
    Numbered prior to refuting pro's case, as it is my foundational counter case.
    That NYC (or sections thereof) is not a post-apocalyptic wasteland, disproves the death-grid assertion.

    1. Effects on the Skin:
    No fatalities.
    While they may be reviewing possibilities, they have yet to connect even one case of skin cancer to internet exposure.

    2. Effects on the Eyes:
    5th generation internet is not microwave ovens. Yes, experiments with humans in microwave ovens are fatal, but the lack of New Yorkers exploding has already proved there to be no valid comparison.

    3. Effects on the Brain:
    All that has been offered here is more fear mongering assertions. The primary site claims there's various studies, but said studies most often prove to be just more of its' own articles to sell people expensive doodads which will in no way improve their lives. I'm sorry pro fell for the scam of a snake-oil salesman, but his heavily plagiarized case implies that more than anything else.
    Round 2
    im am talking about 5g internet and its insane health risks. i am not talking about 4g 3g 2g or 1g

    2017 sep 13 another 180 scientist from 31 country warns of how freaking dangerous 5g is
    there have also been another 240 scientist and doctors with published research also talking about the risks.

    scientist even brought it to Washington dc to lawmakers.

    everything i said is true
    Extend arguments.

    With 5G internet already in parts of New York City, and pro unable to find any of his predicted deaths (nor even injuries), his case is firmly refuted.
    Round 3
    i am saying it would slow kill everyone the new yorkers are probably feeling the effects they just have not tied there symptoms to the internet.for example a 5g internet tower was placed next to a fire stations all of the fire men started to have migraine headaches. but luckily they were able to figure out that it was the 5g tower placed right next to them and they were able to get a bill to remove it

    if the fire men did not tie there headaches to the 5g towers would we hear of it. if they are getting sick i bet you they have not connected the dots and figured out that it is the 5g internet doing it to them. plus they  towers have not been installed for that long and the towers have been turned off for a long time to. sorry for the late uploads hideing from 5g. i don't think if the newyorkers got sick they would tie it to 5g

    news report on firefighter 5g and there testimony

    an article

    new yorkers are probably feeling the effects they just have not tied there symptoms to the internet.
    As hilarious as your claim is, that they died but are carrying on their normal lives having not noticed dying yet, you have not found any evidence to suggest it. Even the claimed migraines have no news articles, no doctors visits, not even the word of a single firefighter having a headache... All you have is a video of a crazy woman at a public hearing, repeating old conspiracies theories about sperm counts.

    The article is both fictional (tank warfare, but the tank was invisible so no one else in the world knows about it), and produced by a certifiably insane author whom claims things like NASA denies we ever went to the moon. Such ramblings are evidence of an unhinged mind, not of anything within the real world.