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We will debate what A-Tier anime series (Any series that has gained massive views, so no Pop Team Epic, no Food Fight, No CITRUS! Etc.) We will debate the series we both choose based on the entire show. The plot, music, animation, fighting (if Shonen), and characters in the debate.

If I missed a series, ask me before you debate, just to make sure it's A-Tier

I will be debating that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the best A-Tier Anime.

Round 1
Thanks for debating this, Infake. I really hate that you aren't that far in Hunter x Hunter and that you just started it. If you'd seen it all, I would go all out. But it's fine, no worries. I'll try my hardest to refrain from spoilers as much as possible. I won't do blatant spoilers, but you may get light or minor spoilers that aren't a big deal or things that you know are coming. 

The anime I will be arguing that is the best A-tier anime, would be Hunter x Hunter (I will be putting HxH for short from now on) I won't even call it A-tier. Let's say S-tier. It's that legendary. With this being 5 rounds talking about one anime (especially one you haven't seen all of the way) I won't say too much in each round, I'll even them all out with certain categories and points. I will do 5 points in each round and I shall elaborate on them. In total, it will be 25 points I will make throughout the debate. You don't have to follow this same formula, but that's what I'm going to do. Good luck! I love anime debates, more and more of these should happen on DART. For the people viewing this who hasn't seen HxH, read at your own risk or don't read it all. It's up to you. If you haven't seen HxH, then I 100% recommend it. Out of any show (besides Naruto or Bleach) HxH is one very important recommendation. It's quite honestly a gem of an anime. 

Introduction: It took me a long time to even start watching HxH. My friends kept telling me to go ahead and watch it, it's amazing. I kept putting it off because I was watching other anime at the top + various other reasons. Just to put it off because of the length. Although I do have a knack for long running series, I felt as though had I started HxH, it would take forever to end. One day, after a dream and premonition I had telling me to just watch the series, I went ahead and watched Hunter x Hunter 2011. I was not disappointed. For me, it does start off slightly slow but in a good way. It all depends on the person. Some people who seen it from the beginning loved it right off the jump. Point I'm making is the beginning is nothing like what comes in future arcs. It goes from light (seeing this happy go lucky little boy sitting on a tree) to dark. After watching so much of HxH, you will be in disbelief from viewing back to episode 1 on how the tone just changes. 

On to my argument, let's get started. I will be discussing HxH 2011 version, not the 1999 version or the manga. 

1. Power System

Let's start with this right off the bat because this is what makes this show so S-tier. Out of any anime I have ever seen in my lifetime, I've never come across any that has the deepest and most intricate power system. HxH has got to have the best power system in all of anime, I'm sure many can agree to that. I may be making a big claim since I've only seen about 30+ anime, but I have watched pretty much the big ones. I don't know any other power system that can top this. I'll explain it. Characters in the series each obtain aura, also known as Nen. The nen system is split up into categories. The categories are well defined so you know what that specific category one can or can't do which makes fights more interesting, because one person specific in one category can't do the same things as someone as proficient in another. In fact they will probably have completely different fighting styles.
It's crazy that I'm re-watching HxH right now and I'm still confused and can't even grasp the power system. Plus, I usually catch on to things quick. That's how you know this power system is that excellent. 

2. Main Character

The main character of HxH is Gon Freecss. At first I disliked him because of his character design, but he grew on me and I took a liking to him. I also didn't like him at first because he's just a kid and he's so little. At the same time I see that as unique because other main characters are at least average height. It makes Gon different. He is just a kid but at the same time he is very strong. What I love throughout the series is people underestimate Gon and Killua (Gon's bestfriend. I will talk about Killua in R2) they underestimate them just because they are kids, when in reality they are actually dangerously strong especially from training and improving. The people that see Gon as a kid gets proved wrong because of his strength. At the same time he still has the mindset of a kid so he's still carefree. What I also like is that Gon has a purpose and a goal, just as other main characters in other series. Gon's goal is to find his father. He wants to know the reason why he became a Hunter, so he's following his path. It keeps you wondering, "Will he ever find his dad?" "I want to see him achieve it!" which makes you want to keep watching. I will elaborate on Gon in R2, however it will be parallel and philosophical. 

3. Storyline

Awesome storytelling, the narrator of the show makes it ten times better. I admit, I'm not a fan of narrators but I love the one in HxH. He makes everything interesting. As time passes, you don't even realize the narrator is there. It's like he's naturally apart of the show and you're waiting on him to speak. Each arc is like a stair step, helping to achieve Gon's goal, making him get stronger and learning things. This series reminds you so much of Hunger Games. 

4. Fights

Although this series doesn't have a lot of action, it's more so on the storytelling side, but the fights that do happen are amazing. As I said before, the Nen abilities that each character has makes the fight more entertaining. It isn't like Dragon Ball where if you're bigger and have more body mass, you win. When you watch a HxH fight, you won't even know who will win because of the intricate power system. A character that's huge and bulky can lose to a character that's smaller than them. Prime example, I'll use code names for people who have seen HxH (and so that Infake doesn't know who it is -- and don't look this up so you don't be spoiled) The fight is between the chain user vs a member from the Phantom Troupe. 
This fight I'm showing is not the chain user vs a member from Phantom Troupe, this is a different fight, I'm just demonstrating how spectacular the fights are in HxH. This is a non spoiler fight:

5. Villains

The villains in this series aren't the usual, "I'm gonna destroy the world!" The villains don't even focus on the protagonists in the show. Of course they have their own purpose and philosophies. Hisoka has to be one of the best, bad ass, and funniest and villains, I love Hisoka. What makes things more interesting is that Killua (Gon's bestfriend, the second protagonist) has a brother that is an antagonist, he's a villain. Him and Hisoka are connected. 
Round 2

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JJBA) is truly the best anime. We can take this from the main reasons that are within the show and I will extend this further.

First, the intro to JJBA "{[(Spoiler's Ahead.)]}"

JJBA begins with Jonathan Joestar from the mid-1800s. He lives a very wealthy and noble life. His father (And him as an infant) were saved by a poor family, known as the Brando's. Dio, (The Main Antagonist), is the son of the man who saved the Joestar's. As the only heritage, Dio's father gives him an invitation to the Joestar house, and to live there. Dio set's a goal from then on to be the owner of the massive Joestar wealth. He moves to the Joestar mansion, and begins harassing Jonathan, first attacking him, killing his dog, and then fighting him and making a better impression on his father than Jonathan.
Soon, Dio finds a mysterious mask. As Jonathan and Dio were fighting, blood spewed over the mask, which made it reveal hooks. Dio sets the plan to kill the family with it. As he tests it on thugs, he realizes, however, that the mask doesn't kill people. It turns them into vampires! After nearly dying, with the daylight saving his life, Dio now doesn't want to kill the Joestar's with the mask, but also begin conquest as a vampire.
So, after the family realizes what Dio has been scheming, Dio arrives, slits his wrist with the mask on, and becomes a vampire in front of the police, and the Joestar's.
Jonathan is forced to flee, and meets a man named Zeppelli. This man teaches Jonathan Hamon, a force people use to channel blood/energy to objects, or other people.
Jonathan, after training, decides to have a final showdown with Dio. After defeating Dio, Jonathan thinks that he is safe, until Dio survives the attack, due to his servant saving him. Dio, weak, decides to kill Jonathan, sever his head, and attach his head to Jonathan's body.

First Joestar, Dead.

(The second half, Battle Tendency, isn't as important) to Dio's plot.

Fast forward 100 years, and you have Jotaro Kujo. he thinks that he has a demon residing in him, and wants to stay in jail so that he can't harm anyone. His "Demon," has the precision to catch a bullet from a handgun, just inches away from his face, and one that He fired. Jotaro learns from his uncle, Joseph Joestar, that this is called a Stand, a physical manifestation of his body that not everyone can see, only those with Stands can see it. Every stand is unique, but most are generalized into main categories.

When confronted with Dio, he doesn't take anything to it. He doesn't change his mind toward any of his decisions at first, but changes them when his mother starts getting sick from Dio's stand. Because she never trained her Stand, and because she is so weak, it is slowly killing her. She has about 50 days to live.

However, Dio only gets stronger. His stand, called "The World" has a special ability, un-knowing to Jotaro, however. His can STOP TIME. And, as he grows stronger, he realizes his only weakness is that his Joestar body hasn't yet fully accepted Dio's blood. Dio's vampiric healing abilities are slower in Jonathan's body, and believes to overcome this, he needs time, and blood from Joestar's.

So, Jotaro, Joseph, and Avdol set out to save Jotaro's mother. After some attacks from Dio's servants, Polnareff, a French fighter, and Kakyoin, a student, join the fight. And further in, a dog with a stand made of stand, Iggy joins the fight as well.

Jotaro Kujo: Star Platinum. A short-range fighter, it can only use fists, but has the precision to catch bullets and go fist-to-fist with other fighters. Also has binocular/microscopic vision. Jotaro learns that because his and Dio's stands are the same, he can also move in stopped time.
Jean-Pierre Polnareff: Silver Chariot. A mid-range fighter, using a rapier sword. It can take off it's armor, which gives Polnareff protection from attacks, to move quicker. And, can shoot its sword out as a bullet, but only once, as it only has one blade.
Muhammad Avdol: Magician's Red. A more mid-to long range fighter. It uses Fire as a weapon, and can heat the room several degrees Celsius. It can also shoot fire from its burn marks.
Noriaki Kakyoin: Hierophant Green. A long range fighter, it can shoot emerald-like stones as a weapon, and can inhabit bodies and nearly completely possess them.
Iggy: The Fool. A stand made of sand, one of the few Stand's that people without Stand's can see. It can manifest itself into anything, and is therefore short, long, and mid-range.
Dio: THE WORLD. A short-range fighter. Similar to Star Platinum, but, due to training, can move up to 10 seconds while time is stopped. he can float in this time, and can also throw objects, and move/attack people, where they will move and then grind to a halt from stopped time. Considered, "The Ultimate Stand," by Dio.

After nearly 50 days, Jotaro and company arrive in Cairo, where Dio is hiding. This is where the most death in the show occurs. Jotaro must overcome all of Dio's servants.
These servants kill Iggy and Avdol. After finding Dio, Dio kills Kakyoin and kills Joseph. Jotaro, after 6 episodes, kills Dio, and saves Joseph by putting Joestar blood into Joseph.

That's just Stardust Crusader's and Phantom Blood. The lore goes further in the next parts of the manga, with Diamond Unbreakable, Vento Aureo (known as Golden Wind in the anime,) Stone Ocean, Steel Ball Run, and JoJolion. The Anime, however, has only reached Golden Wind.

NOW begins the attacks:

Power System:

The power system very deep in JJBA. Because, unlike Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, or one-punch man, JJBA is different. JJBA has generalized character's and their Stand's, but each is special. Take Diamond Unbreakable and Stardust Crusaders. Josuke Higashikata (Main protagonist in DU) and Jotaro Kujo (Main protagonist in SC). Despite both being similar, having the same precision, speed, and power, Jotaro has the ability to move in stopped time, while Josuke can warp an object's or a person to a different appearance. Giorno Giovanna, from Golden Wind, also has a similar ability to both of these, but also has the ability to give life to inanimate objects, or change them to body parts, by sacrificing Stand power.

In JJBA Power System's, the power is spread to generalized stand's, but is then differentiated into certain aspects depending on the Stand. No 2 stand's are ever exactly the same, and most have very different uses in the Manga and Anime.

Second, Storyline:

Storyline, is definitely better than HxH. The story goes much further into lore, and allows for much more fan interaction, whether it be, "Who's the best Joestar?" To, "Who was the best antagonist?" or even, "Who has the Ultimate Stand?" The lore goes very far, and the story is very deep and SOOOOO binge-worthy. Any anime-fan could instantly be hooked onto the show, and then binge-watch the series. I did so myself, and even after watching other anime's, I re-watched the entire series (though more like Re-Binged.) due to how good it was and how deep the story went. 
The narrator is pretty good, and adds to some comic relief at times. Whether it be how the person retires, or the random funny line, "Desert sand is sterile. (XD I laughed so hard at how random it was.)"

Third: Fights

Fights are definitely not the extreme, get as much in as possible, styled fights. However, the fights leave the audience just as much on the edge of their seats. The JJBA styled-fights are wits based. The fights are about who can strategically win, and almost always end in the awesome, "ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA" ending to the fight.

Fourth. Villains:

JJBA obviously wins villains here. Each season contains a new, and special main villain. Whether It be Dio, Kars, or even just minor antagonists like D'Arby, it is much better. JJBA always has many minor antagonist's to contribute, and each always play a special role into our hearts. D'Arby brother's always show power in their gambling abilities. Pet Shop showed the sheer power an animal can have. The Sun had a very crucial role in the protagonist's wits. All the antagonist's, no matter how minor, always seem to show something special in the protagonist's that wouldn't have been shown otherwise.

Fifth: The main Character

Again, JJBA wins this one. Each main character is very unique. Take Stardust Crusader's, for instance

Jotaro Kujo (Main protagonist of them): Cool-headed, smart, well witted.
Joseph Joestar: Old man, very outside-the-box thinker. Pretty much comic relief. "OH GOD"
Noriaki Kakyoin: Student, shy, but very strong.

Each main character from each sub-series is very special and unique to the show itself, and each character is at the worst similar to another, let alone the exact same.

Now, for some you missed:


Not much to say, other than literally every JJBA intro theme was AMAZING.


The dub in JJBA is clearly better.
Thanks for your response.

Brief rebuttals

Every stand is unique, but most are generalized into main categories.
This reminds me of Nen from HxH. I assume there are some similarities. I have not seen JJBA by the way. I've slowly gotten into more and more anime later on in my life. I didn't start watching anime from the womb (lol) I grew up on Naruto though but I've honestly been stuck on Naruto for most of my life until I finally finished it, since it's long. During that time I've been getting into other anime. JJBA sounds very interesting and I'd love to watch, but I just have so much on my list that I want to watch. Plus I'm watching a lot of series at once (which I don't like). I prefer at least one (or two) anime at a time, that way it's neat and I'm not watching too many. Currently I'm watching One piece [up to date], Boruto [up to date], HxH (dub) [up to date, rewatch. it's almost complete], Fairy Tail, FMAB, Death note [rewatch], Boruto (dub) [rewatch], One punch man S2 [up to date]. Ah! Lol.

Storyline, is definitely better than HxH.
Just wait until you finish HxH bro. ;) I know you're early on but just wait. Even so, I know you may not be easily swayed because of the love you have for JJBA, but I assure you HxH will essentially climb up your roster. I can't speak on JJBA since I haven't seen it but HxH is just a masterpiece. 

The power system very deep in JJBA. Because, unlike Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, or one-punch man, JJBA is different.
Hmm, take HxH out of that sentence! ;) The vibes I'm getting from your explanation is JJBA and HxH power systems are alike too. MHA and OPM are much more simplistic. As much as I love Naruto, I could replace it with HxH in that sentence since, yes the power system in Naruto is great and I love it, but it's more on the simple side rather than JJBA. Plus the power system in Naruto is straight forward and easy to understand. This is a picture explaining the HxH power system:


1. Animation

Hunter x Hunter 2011 is very beautifully animated. Madhouse did an excellent job. That key thing is also what makes the series great. It also makes the fight scenes and the action so fluid.

2. Plot

The story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his father, whom he was told was dead, is actually alive. He learns that his father Ging, is a legendary Hunter, an individual who has proven themselves an elite member of humanity and who specializes in finding rare creatures, secret treasures, and other individuals. Despite Ging having left his son with his relatives in order to pursue his own dreams. Gon is determined to follow in his father's footsteps, pass the Hunter Exam, and eventually find his father to become a Hunter in his own right. He comes across friends that not only help him along his journey, but they have their own paths and dreams as well.

3. Entertainment

At first glance, HxH does have the average tropey thing like other Shonen have, but the farther you get into it, it proves wrong. There's a lot of intricate layers of storytelling and arcs.

4. Side Characters
  • HxH has such amazing and creative character designs. Just take a look at Hisoka. Also a lot of amazing character development.
  • Gon's friends are the other three main characters, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio.
  • Killua Zoldyck is from a famous family of assassins that is known throughout the world. His childhood was horrible. He dislikes his family, so he escapes and that's when he came across Gon in the Hunter exams and they instantly became friends. Killua is very smart, thinks things through, he doesn't jump to things so quickly. He is also a strategist. He's a natural killer too, he has a very dark and evil side to him. He would kill someone in a heartbeat, no pun intended lol. Light spoiler (since you don't mind) in the Hunter exam, he took out a guy's heart in .3 seconds lol. Keep in mind, this guy was huge, bulky and strong and he actually murdered a whole town with just his hands. Killua is that strong. At the same time, he cares deeply about his friends. Killua's goal is to just travel with Gon to help him achieve his goal in finding his father. In the beginning, Killua didn't even want to become a Hunter, he just took the exam just to take it. Gon is the one who actually changed his mind and made him want to become a Hunter at a certain point. What also makes the show amazing is their friendship. It's actually very genuine and they want the best for eachother and they're glad that they met. They are always together as well. There's no jealousy or competitive competition or fighting like Goku and Vegeta, Naruto and Sasuke, or Natsu and Grey. Sure there are some light moments of playful arguing or competitiveness but it's nothing extremely serious. I'd argue that they have one of the best friendships in all of anime. They're just two kids together having fun. Out of all three characters, I mentioned in the bullet-point above this one, Killua is the closest to Gon. They are really good friends. 
  • Kurapika Kurta is also a smart character and he analyzes things just as Killua does. Both Kurapika and Killua has the typical "bad ass" vibe. Kurapika's goal is to catch the bandits who murdered his brethren, the Kurta clan so he can obtain the scarlet eyes. (I'm sure you know this, since this was said in the first episode)
  • Leorio is the typical comedic relief character. His goal is to become a doctor some day. 
  • What's awesome about this series as well is that each arc is centered around each character. For example in the Yorknew city arc, it revolved around Kurapika achieving his goal, and it was as though he is the main character.
5. Gon's other side. (Parallel and Philosophical)
This point will contain really light spoilers but I will be extremely vague. I won't be specific. What also makes this series a masterpiece is the despair that's shown. HxH does a really good job on displaying emotions, especially anger. As you are watching, you can just feel it. The lesson I take from this is that no matter who you are, no matter how quiet you are, no matter how nice you are, everyone has their moments. Remember when I told you how happy go lucky Gon is? He's just a happy kid right? Imagine him having a dark side. Gon has experienced the harsh realities of the world and would react how a kid would. Fans are surprised that Gon can become so mad and enraged. Some people don't even like it, and others do. Some think "It's not like Gon." But, I love it. Not only because it's so good and that certain scenes are groundbreaking but I can relate. In my personal life, people see me as quiet, don't mess with anyone and all this other stuff and they assume "Oh he's weak, oh he won't say anything or do anything". You know the saying, the quietest ones are the most deadliest. I usually don't even mess with a lot of people, I keep my distance and I only keep a small circle of friends. I'm cool and I'm nice to everyone but I also have a bad side that people don't know about or people don't think I have. Well, I have quite a temper and a huge anger problem (which I'm trying to work on) and when I'm disrespected, I snap and that's it end of story. Online or real life. Whoever comes at me rude is going to get put in their place. The message I am trying to convey is no matter who you are or the type of person you are, you are allowed to feel emotions, it's human nature. It's all about perspective. Remember how I told you how dark Killua was? Well, Gon becomes the dark and Killua becomes the light. In a certain arc abbreviated (CA) in HxH which is far into the story, Gon becomes the dark and the main villain becomes the light. As to how the villain becomes the light, I won't explain because it's a spoiler. I know you said you don't care about spoilers but it's so many amazing things in HxH (especially about the anger thing) that just can't be ruined for you. To end this point off, you know a show is doing something right when you are literally scared of the protagonist. 

Your suggestions


You have the W on this one. HxH only has one opening for the entire series (2011 version), just different visuals for each arc. I dont know about the 1999 version openings though, but I just took a listen to it and it's really good. But most likely, you probably have me beat in this category. But HxH has a one of a kind OST's. No need to even elaborate, just listen: That is just one out of many, and that one is legendary.

And this is also my favorite. Love this so much................. Makes no sense how good that is. 

Unsure about this one since I haven't seen JJBA but I am a dub person anyways, so regardless dub will be better in my book. You may have me beat on this one too but man the dub of HxH is so good, look at Hisoka's voice it fits him perfectly. 

Round 3
Opponent forfeited. Awaiting an argument
Round 4
Due to recent, uncalled events in my life, I'm sorry to say I can not continue the debate. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and wish to you that we can do this debate again soon.

Also, because I have a character limit:

It's fine, life happens. I get it. I'm not one of those people that will condemn you for not responding because you don't have time. Had our debate continued, I would have forfeited Round 5 anyways making it an equal amount of our arguments. That way it's fair. Oh well. We can have a debate about this some other time. If we do, I'm choosing a different anime. Thanks for the debate, I had fun anyways. 
Round 5