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Is It Bad To Make or Create Fan-Fiction?


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In recent times, I have observed that society seems to have created a sort of stigma when encountered with the word 'Fan-Fiction'. People tend to shun and mock fan-fiction creators, which I see the treatment as unjust and one-sided. I for one believe that fan-fiction is not as bad as most people say it is. I am here to defend the creation of Fan-Fiction, and the opponent will attack the creation of fan-fiction. Simple, innit?

Round 1
I would like to thank Scoutmaster25 for giving me this opportunity to debate about the issues of fan fiction. I hope we can engage in an informative and progressive debate regarding the topic of creating fan fiction.

Fan fiction- A work of fiction based on characters or settings originating in another work, created by fans of the original work rather than by its creator. [1]

Fan-fiction has long existed since the creation of literature. From times of Shakespeare to Star Trek and now modern adaptations. Yet, fan-fiction in general has been given a bad name due to its countless works by fans of certain franchises that envision the story to go down another path or certain events taking place in a different or altered way. This kind of fan-fiction is the type that has set society's mind in a negative viewpoint regarding fan-fiction. People tend to think fan-fiction as ridiculous, full of plot holes and inconsistencies, and only served to fulfil the author's self-indulgence within said stories. Yet, many people do not realise, or tend to misunderstand that the creation of some fan-fiction as a way of wish fulfilment, and there are fan-fictions out there that are on par to original creations and even showcases an author's creativity and individual literature talent in regards to the fiction they had based their work on.

Argument 1:
I will explain the history of fan-fictions, as well as detail the reasons why fan-fictions have been stigmatised by the literature world nowadays. Through that I will try to prove that not all fan-fictions are created in such a way that is revolting or unpleasant to read and that good fan-fiction has only merely been drowned out by the sheer volumes of 'bad' fan-fiction.

Argument 2:
I will showcase examples of famous fan-fiction that exists today, as well as note the benefits in one trying their hand at writing fan-fiction.

These arguments will be explained in detail in the next round. But for now I will end my turn and pass the floor to my opponent.


Round 2
I don't know how to react to my opponent forfeiting, so I'll continue my argument as usual.

History of Fan-Fictions:
Fan-fictions existed longer than most people thought. Works of others being adapted to other's taste and preferred settings. While not called fan-fiction, one of the earliest famous fan-fictions belong to the William Shakespeare. Turns out famous works of his are actually adaptations of earlier plays. Examples include: Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, A Winter's Tale and more.

Modern fan-fiction began around the 1960's, when the Star Trek fandom reached its height and gained worldwide attention. It is also when the term 'Fan-Fiction' was first coined. At first called fanzines, these early fan-fictions led to the creation of the first Mary Sue, whom is ironically called Mary Sue. In fact, her name is what inspired the naming of a certain type of character that exists in literature and is the foundation of what is a Mary Sue.

With the creation of the World Wide Web, fan-fictions began to spread all over the world, and has led to more and more of the general public coming into contact with fan-fictions.

Now, on to the point of this round. The reason why fan-fictions has become somewhat despised or looked down upon by the general public is due to its content. Fan-fiction is the creation of fan-related content of a certain work by said work's fans, or fandom. The problem here is the fandom. You see, there is no criteria to keep fan-fiction writers in check. A fan-fiction writer could be of any age, of any standard of education, and any level of maturity. This can lead to the creation of some rather odd fan-fictions, due to the level of maturity a creator could have. The creation of fan-fiction from many children to teenager-oriented works (such as My Little Pony, certain video games, various anime) will result in rather poorly made, poorly structured and badly written fan works. Granted there are good works of fan-fiction out there, but the number of bad fan-fiction is overwhelming to the point it drowns out the odd good fan work and results in the general public coming into contact with the bad side of fan-fiction.

Another reason why there are 'bad' fan-fiction is due to the reasons of writing it. Some fans of a certain work write fan-fiction due to a multitude of factors. Some want to expand the universe said work is created in. Others want to further write spinoffs regarding certain minor characters in order to flesh them out and make them more unique. However, many fan works are created due to the need of self-inserting or their distaste of the work itself. Self-inserting is the act of the author inserting themselves into the work, replacing the actual main character or creating their own OC to fit their agenda or to fulfil their desire to be included in the work. The other case is that fans did not like the way the work was displayed and wanted to take matters into their own hands. Both situations lead to the creation of poorly made fan work. Like I said before there could be properly created fan work within the bunch, it is just that there is too much bad fan work for people to dig through to find the good one.

This has led to the stigmatism of fan-fiction from general society who believe that the term fan-fiction  must mean work that definitely contains a Mary Sue, is poorly written and is riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies.

In short, it is the massive amounts of bad quality fan-fiction that people come into contact with that results in the detesting of fan-fiction as a whole, even if there is a considerable amount of fan-fiction that could be likable to the general public. It is just that it is buried undr a mountain heap of revolting, disgusting, immature and poorly made fan work that turns down people from digging thorough it to find the good ones.

In my next round, if my opponent does not forfeit, I will continue to argument 2 (see round 1 argument) and conclude my argument. I hope my opponent does not forfeit himself again and wish to have an intellectual and meaningful dialogue with him.

I now pass the floor to ScoutMaster25.

Round 3
Round 2 Argument: 
I'll keep this short and simple considering my opponent would not answer.

Examples of Good Fan-Fiction:
William Shakespeare's works (see round 1)
Mortal Instruments Series (started out as Harry Potter Fan-fiction)
Point Pleasant (Fan-Fiction of Supernatural Series)
Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (Fan-fiction of Pride and Prejudice, obviously)
50 Shades of Grey (Started out as Twilight erotic fan-fiction, yes seriously)

There are more, but these are a few of the more famous examples. Onto the next point.

Benefits of Fan-fiction:
It allows the mind to flourish with creativity and imagination
Trains young writers to become fully fledged writers in adulthood. (Many writers started out writing fan-fiction believe it or not)
Adds ideas to the work that the creators themselves would not think off, therefore expanding the universe of road work.
Entertainment for both readers and writer.
Once again, I could go on. But I do not want to waste my time with an opponent that wastes my time and energy. I end my argument here.