People should not be allowed to make personal attacks on mods

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We need to stop applying the rules inconsistently
. The reason Airmax allowed personal attacks on himself was because they amused him and because he was not a pussy. All of the mods on this site are pussies, cucks and one is even a Nigger. These are not the type of people who can handle criticism. People should be banned for insulting them, because it affects these niggers, kikes  and cucks on an emotional level and is probably doing irreversible damage to their weak faggy self esteem. 
--> @Ragnar @Speedrace @Virtuoso
Please consider not allowing personal attacks on mods, for the reasons stated above.
Also not racist. I have an N word pass because I have fucked black chicks and voted for Obama
--> @Wylted
It must be really difficult to be funny when you need to say the n-word to do so. 
im depressed:( boo hooooo
--> @Wylted
*Says people should not be allowed to make personal attacks on mods*
*Calls the mods [female private parts], [weak, servile men], and [people of African origin]*


--> @Wylted
I have an N word pass because I have fucked black chicks...
A 3 dollar ho behind a truck stop doesn't count.

--> @PressF4Respect
--> @ethang5
It was speeds mom and it was 3 bucks plus a pack of menthols. Do around 10 bucks
Hmm, I wanna check out Dart, see what I've been missing...

this thread
Alright that's enough for me
--> @Vaarka
Glad we agree with each other 100%
--> @Wylted
The "behind a truck" stop part still disqualifies you.

But there is a special exemption for really low IQ whites. I suspect you may qualify under that.

But I've seen you, and you look as if one of your grandparents caught a little jungle fever themselves. The low IQ exemption is given only to pure bred whites, so sorry, you will have to be tested.

Till then you will be considered just another self-hating racist. Sorry man.
It's pretty clear I have an exceptional IQ. Your just some retard who thinks anybody who disagrees with you is stupid. 
--> @Wylted
No need for anger you self-hating racist. I didn't make the rules. You should have made sure you had an N-Word pass before you used the word.

You shouldn't be behind truck stops anyway, those places are famous as hangouts for trans hookers, so its doubtful you met Speeds mom there anyway.

Who is your IQ "exceptional" to? You're bragging about shagging trans "niggers" behind truck stops for less than 10 bucks.

Your exceptional IQ is supposed to mean something isn't it?
--> @ethang5 @Wylted
Aww my goodness. Why was this thread even created to begin with? If anyone has an issue with someone making personal attacks they should talk to a moderator about it privately.
--> @ethang5
--> @Christen
I made the thread to defend the mods from personal attacks. 
After tax it was more than ten bucks. 
--> @Wylted
Lol. What did you report? That I quoted you?

And to whom did you report it? The "nigger" mod?

After tax it was more than ten bucks
You paid tax on a sordid romp behind a sleazy truck stop with what you call a trans "nigger" chick?

Tell us another one.
I think I count four different points where I'm not sure why this thread still exists. Seem right to everyone else?
--> @Wylted
You do realize that you would be punished if your idea was implemented

--> @Speedrace
He's trolling Speed, but doesn't seem to like being trolled as much.
--> @ethang5
I know lol
--> @Zaradi
The thread exists because the mods think that insults to then provide people a free pass to say what they want. If this threads existence seems absurd it is because there are absurd rules that allow it